BC Top 12 Announced!

Congratulations to our BC Top 12 Artists for 2014!

The Tourist Company
David Newberry
Miss Quincy & The Showdown
Altered By Mom
The Wild Romantics
Damn Fools
Jodi Pederson
Shred Kelly
Jon Bryant
Good For Grapes

The BC Top 12 will be performing live at the 4th annual Khatsahlano Street Party Saturday July 12th. Links to free downloads of the artist’s songs will be available on site.

The Alberta Top 12 artists will be announced on Saturday, June 21st at 3:15pm in Olympic Plaza as part of Sled Island.

While the projects are run as separate programs in each province, there is an incredible opportunity to create bridges between BC and Alberta though the shared educational experience at the Rockridge Canyon Bootcamp. Top Prizes this year for the BC Project include a 102.7 thousand dollar top prize, $75,000 second prize, $50,000 third prize, as well as a $5,000 base camp award given to each Top 12 band to help them with their career development.

For more information on the Top 12, visit bc.peakperformanceproject.com