#PPP2015 Launches March 30th

#PPP2015 Applications open Monday, March 30th.

Here is what you’ll need to get ready:

A Live Video – The video must be a live performance, with no audio edits or lip syncing, but does not necessarily have to be in front of an audience, and may contain multiple angles… LIKE THIS or THIS

2 Original Professionally Recorded Songs  – When Choosing your songs, consider which are the strongest, which you get the best response from and could imagine hearing on The PEAK Vancouver or The PEAK Calgary?

A Bio –  Biographies need to be short, but informative. If the artist does not have a big track record, then tell a compelling story about the artist.

A Professional Photo – that does not mean that the artist needs to use a high price photographer, but should be the best possible reflection of the artist and their music.

An Essay about why you want to be in the #PPP2015 – use this as an opportunity to explain to the jurors why you should be in the top 12!

For more examples, check out the PPPBC Alumni or PPPAB Alumni pages!

Rock on!