AB PPP 2015 TOP 12 at the Palomino Smokehouse!


Join us and 95.3 The PEAK at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club on Saturday July 18th for an afternoon of BBQ and performances by the #PPP2015 Top 12!

Discover some new music and get your FREE download of the Alberta Top 12 songs!

1:00pm – The Velveteins
1:25pm – Braden Gates
1:50pm – Beach Season
2:15pm – miesha & the spanks
2:40pm – Leeroy Stagger
3:05pm – The Northern Beauties
3:30pm – The Royal Foundry
3:55pm – The Wisers
4:20pm – Layten Kramer
4:45pm – Two Bears North
5:10pm – Transit
5:35pm – Cowpuncher

No cover!


Come on down and have a happy Saturday, getting to know the Top 12 bands and eating some delicious BBQ.