Alberta Top 12 Announced!

Congratulations to our AB Top 12 Artists for 2014!

Boreal Sons – Calgary
The Royal Foundry – Sherwood Park
36? – Calgary
Mitchmatic – Edmonton
SAVK – Calgary
Nuela Charles – Edmonton
PORT JUVEE – Calgary
The Wet Secrets – Edmonton
Sidney York – Calgary
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk – Brooks
Scenic Route To Alaska – Edmonton
Samantha Savage Smith – Calgary

The Alberta Top 12 will be performing live at the first ever all-day PEAK Performance Project BBQ at the Palomino Smokehouse in Calgary, on Saturday July 19th. Links to free downloads of the artist’s songs will be available on site.

The PEAK Performance Project is designed to educate, promote, develop and launch the careers of some of Alberta and British Columbia’s up and coming artists. It also hopes to foster the Alberta and BC music industries and create a sense of community amongst artists and music professionals. While the projects are run as separate programs in each province, there is an incredible opportunity to create bridges between Alberta and BC though the shared educational experience at the Rockridge Canyon Bootcamp. Top Prizes this year for the Alberta Project include a $100,953 top prize, $75,000 second prize, $50,000 third prize, as well as a $5,000 base camp award given to each Top 12 band to help them with their career development.

For more information on the Top 12, visit

Get Ready for 2014!

It’s time to get ready for the 2014 PEAK Performance Project!

We’re excited to announce that the project will be launching in Alberta for the first time this year, through 95.3 The PEAK Calgary!

Artists from BC and Alberta will compete in separate, provincial based projects, however what you need to apply with is the same!

So, here is what you will need to get your applications ready:

  • 2 of your best mastered, radio ready songs
  • A live performance video
  • A biography and promotional photo
  • An essay on how the PEAK Performance Project would impact your career

And stay tuned for the application launch on April 1st 2014!

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