The Alberta PEAK Performance Project 2015 Finale
…And The Winner Is:

At the end of an incredible night of music, the Alberta PEAK Performance Project is overjoyed to announce winning order of the Top 3 in this years project. Taking home the top prize of $100,953.00 is Leeroy Stagger!
First Place ($100.953): Leeroy Stagger
Second Place ($75,000):The Royal Foundry
Third Place ($50,000): TRANSIT

Each bands prize goes towards their ongoing musical career. Cumulatively the program brings nearly three quarters of a million dollars to the infrastructure of the music scene in Alberta every year.

“It’s been such a great experience to be involved with all of these incredible artists and everyone at 95.3 The PEAK this year,” says Alberta Music Executive Director Chris Wynters. “In five short months, twelve of this province’s best bands have committed to a rigorous program of professional development, taking on challenges ranging in scope from coming up with a unique merchandise item, to working with a charity of their choice to raise funds. They’ve performed in 3 separate showcases, co-written a song with a band from the Peak Performance Project in BC, and participated in a music boot camp led by top members of the Canadian music industry. This year in Alberta there are twelve more bands who have gained so much to flourish in their careers, and now three of them are coming away with a significant investment in their continued success.”

During the course of the project all the Top 12 artists took part in video interviews, and each produced unique video introduction to their music. Alberta and BC finalists were also paired together at boot camp to write and record a song, check out all twelve songs on the PEAK Performance Project’s SoundCloud Account.

Alberta Music, 95.3 The PEAK, and all of those involved wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank the entire group of Top 12 finalists and their teams for their hard work, spirit, and dedication at this year’s PEAK Performance Project:

Transit (Calgary)
The Velveteins (Edmonton)
The Wisers (Calgary)
Braden Gates (Fort Saskatchewan)
Two Bears North (Edmonton)
Northern Beauties (Calgary)
Miesha & The Spanks (Calgary)
The Royal Foundry (Sherwood Park)
Leeroy Stagger (Lethbridge)
Layten Kramer (Canmore)
Beach Season (Calgary)
Cowpuncher (Calgary)

The PEAK Performance Project is designed to educate, promote, develop and launch the careers of some of Alberta’s up and coming artists. It also hopes to foster the Alberta music industry and create a sense of community amongst artists and music professionals. In addition to the $100,953 top prize, $75,000 second prize, and $50,000 third prize, a $5,000 base camp award is given to each Top 12 band to help them with their career development.

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2015 finishes year two for the Alberta PEAK Performance Project, a seven year, $4.9 million program designed to kick-start the international music careers of 3 emerging Alberta artists annually. In 2014 the project awarded The Wet Secrets of Edmonton with first place, while Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, and 36? took second and third respectively. The project is administered by Alberta Music (Alberta Music Industry Association) and funded by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group through CRTC approved Canadian Content Development Funding.
The BC PEAK Performance Project just finished its seventh and final year in 2015, and past winners include We Are the City, Kyprios, Current Swell, Dear Rouge, Rykka, Good for Grapes and Bed of Stars.

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