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Comparing a 4 inch Lift vs 6 inch Lift Silverado:(Choose Perfect Chevy Lift Kits)

Suppose you’re caught between giving your truck a 4-inch lift or a 6-inch lift and wondering which would be most suitable or aesthetically appealing after the modification has been done.

In that case, the chances are that there are a thousand other Chevy users bogged with the same dilemma.

In this post, we have taken the time to compare what a 4 inch Lift vs 6 inch Lift Silverado looks like and what you might be missing in one if you go for the other. Here is a snippet – A 4-inch lift would serve your aesthetic value, as you don’t get to haul around an awkwardly looking tall truck, whereas a 6-inch lift would provide you more ground clearance and ride aggression.

So, which would it be for you if you’re still flirting with picking a lift kit but don’t know exactly what height? Here is a rundown of everything that may enable you to settle for one finally.

Should I Lift My Truck 4 or 6 Inches?

Before you settle for a 4-inch or 6-inch lift to your truck, here is what you should consider to help you make a solid decision.

6-inch lifts don’t always provide extra 6 inches

Many truck users are ignorant of the precise implication or value you get from installing a 4-inch or a 6-inch lift.

And for the most part, it dawns on them after installation that it doesn’t seem precisely what they’ve imagined it to be.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that the lift you have in mind may not offer you that precise height gain as advertised.

This is not to say there aren’t lift kits with precisely 6inch height; we’re suggesting that other factors too may raise the height or drop it.

A good example is that you may now require bigger tires to balance your taller vehicle,  which seems less stable.

This large tire addition can now contribute to the overall height of your truck. With this new look, fitting your truck into your garage at home may be a task.

Driving experience

Most people fail to consider how it’ll feel for them to drive a now taller truck. Before choosing either a 4-inch or 6-inch lift, you should remember that your truck’s driveability is significantly impacted after the lift.

For one, you now have to deal with a higher center of gravity on your truck. This means you need to cut down your speed, especially when making a turn. Of course, a 6-inch creates this impact more than a 4-inch.

Cost of the lift

Another thing to consider before choosing a 4-inch or 6-inch lift is how much it’ll cost you to acquire one. The price difference between a 4-inch lift and a 6-inch lift is enormous.

High-stakes lifts, which the 6 inches fall under, would cost you nothing less than $1500 to purchase. This is several bucks higher than you pay to get a 4-inch lift.

Difference Between 4 inch & 6 inch Lift: 4-inch Lift vs 6-inch Lift:

4-inch lift:


Provides overall fitting

Because your truck is lifted, as high a 6-inch would, you stand to gain more access to many places. This means you can easily drive into a garage and pack there and car washes and other parking spots.

This reason may amuse you slightly, but from many customer reviews we’ve gathered, this is one of the top reasons many people prefer a 4-inch lift to a 6-inch.

Well, think about this. If your truck doesn’t fit into your garage, where would you park it?

Easy to use

It takes very little effort to gain access to a truck that only has a 4-inch lift.

Again, this may sound inconsequential, but if you’d be accessing your truck’s bed and getting in and out of the vehicle, this counts as much as everything else.

Consumes lesser fuel

As a truck owner, regardless of how unconcerned you are about this advantage, it still has a say in how much time a gas station attendant would be seeing your face.

Look at it this way. A 6-inch lift needs larger tires than a 4-inch to even out the new aesthetic look and drive ability.

Bigger tires also require more power to move them, and more power will cause your fuel economy to drop.


  • 4 inches isn’t an ideal deal for offroading or Overlanding. This is because large tires and height are needed most times to get through hard terrains.
  • Some people find 4-inch-lifted trucks less intimidating than 6-inch.

6-inch Lift:


Better off-ground clearance

For a driver looking to gain more off-ground clearance and capability, your ideal lift is a 6-inch one.

Size may matter

Some people appreciate the much bigger-looking appearance of their now lifted truck when it’s a 6-inch.

Let’s call this some show-off tendency, but as far as this height appeals to a sect of truck owners, it’s an advantage.


  • They create handling issues that have more to do with maneuvering.
  • They’re more expensive
  • 6-inch lifts have seen more constitutionally unfavorable pushbacks, as more states prohibit 6-inch lifted trucks than 4-inch ones.
  • You’ll find it difficult to fit into garages and parking spaces when you drive around.

Silverado 4 inch Kit Before and After

Let’s start with this – 4-inch lifts are not much of a modification to your vehicle. True, the aesthetic appeal it brings your vehicle is significant.

However, that isn’t a great improvement in your vehicle’s performance.

Generally, after installing your 4-inch lift on your Chevy Silverado, you’ll notice the maintenance of bearable fuel economy.

With the right wheel choices, you would also experience improved fuel efficiency.

Also, with the advantage of being legal in most parts of countries like the United States, finding a garage to accommodate the truck wouldn’t be difficult when you drive around.

How much is a 4-inch lift?

Your choice of kit positively correlates to the cost of the kit. Generally speaking, most 4-inch lift kits cost between $400 – $2000.

The price you find for the brand you’re looking at purchasing would depend on the features offered.

But generally, lift kits cost more to purchase than leveling kits. This is because they have a higher impact on the entire part of the vehicle.

What changes do you see by giving your Silverado a 6-inch lift?

6 inches might not be the better option when considering that the extra 2 inches are considered illegal in many states in the US.

This is what makes the 4-inches more common around many places. A more conservative option, however, is the 6 inches.

Also, with the 6-inch lifts, you’ll begin to notice a considerable difference in fuel consumption. A difference of 2 inches is enough to cause the MPG of your truck to increase by 2 to 3.

The wind, though, contributes to this, but the tire has a much more effect on this.

For a 6-inch lifted truck, you’ll also need larger tires that can be anywhere between 25s’ to 35s’. With this new height, expect not to be able to fit your truck just anywhere.

6 inch vs. 4 inches Lifted Silverado

Now, let’s finally nail the comparison between these two lifts. Both lifts vary in function, purpose, and many other aspects, and it is important to look into how each of these factors affects the usability of your truck.

Performance gaps

Many people consider performance when it comes to choosing a lift kit. If we’re considering the performance of a 4-inch lift kit and an inch one, the experiences are quite dissimilar.

The 4-inch lift kits seem to be more durable in that they don’t wear out or rust easily. Also, when running at high speeds, they help improve your steering.

Plus, their noiseless working doesn’t make tires run unevenly when in motion appeals to many users.

They also offer a user better handling and ride improvement.

The 6-inch alternative may be bad or inefficient at maneuvering, which you’d find quite frustrating if you’re plying off-road on a routine basis.

Ease of use

If you fail to consider this factor when choosing a lift kit, you may end up regretting your choice. When it comes to the ease of use of the 4-inch and 6-inch lifts, they vary greatly in their use.

The 4-inch lifts are simpler to work with, as most people consider them the best option for ride quality. They also come in handy when you’re looking at getting your derided handling feel.

They may not be the ideal left kits for rocky paths, but they are great for the Silverado trucks.

Also, many people find them easy to install, as it doesn’t take up to 10 hours to have all the karts affixed to your truck, plus they provide supporting ground clearance.

On the other hand, the 6-inch lifts are more efficient for rough driving terrains.

They are better options because after upgrading your truck by this height, you wouldn’t have to worry about your truck bumping or scraping rocks and pebbles, as you won’t have to deal with vibration or shock.

However, many users frown at the fact that you need about 15 hours to install them on your vehicle.


When it comes to the protection of the 4-inch kit and the 6 lift, they both have large differences as measured by user experience.

The 4-inch lift kits are designed with durable materials to serve you for a reasonably long time. Also, most brands offer high-quality products of the 4-inch lift type.

However, a few users consider the 4-inch lift as only appropriate for an on-ride experience. They don’t just seem enough for bumpy rides and gravel riding.

In contrast, having installed the 6-inch lift, you automatically notice the off-road driving feel it brings.

Many users find them ideal for both off-road and on-road riding. They also offer better protection to your vehicle’s tires and would shield them from damage.

Tuck lifting ability

The lift truck lifting ability is essential when it comes to riding improvement. And the surprising thing is that both lifts are excellent at this for different purposes than giving us a winner.

The 4-inch lifts have lower lifting ability, which then provides better ground clearance.

This is just enough for on-roaders and people okay with the daily life experience the 33-inch or 35-inch new tires can offer.

Conversely, this is a dull experience for people who prefer more adventurous or aggressive riding. The 6-inch brings a riding experience that feels more powerful and exhilarating to a user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I lift my truck myself?

The installation procedure incurs more cost than the price of purchase. Nonetheless, you can either choose to do it yourself or hire a professional to help you out.

If you choose to go with the former, bear in mind that this requires some expertise. Hence, if you lack this, you need to use the service of a professional to ensure safety and correct installation.

Does a lifted truck affect the gas mileage of my Silverado?

As a general rule of thumb, you’re bound to experience lesser fuel mileage when you lift your truck. This is because more power is needed to move a lifted truck.

This means more fuel will ultimately be consumed. Also, the more aggressive your tires are, the higher the resistance, which causes a reduction in fuel mileage.

Do lifting and leveling kits mean the same?

The easiest way to differentiate a lift kit from a leveling kit is how they lift your truck.

The function of a leveling kit is basically to provide a height balance between the front end of your car and the stock rear height.

On the other hand, a lift kit can offer protection to your running boards, bumpers, and shocks by lifting them above points where they don’t get impacted.

Final Thoughts

We have provided all the information you need to settle for a lift kit. There are several peculiarities between the 4- inch and 6-inch lifts, which is why the preference is split between users.

The article also answers important questions about the advantages and downsides of both lifts. We hope this takes you out of your indecisiveness.

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