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Air Conditioning Problems in Chevy Silverado: Exclusive Solution [2022]

If you are worried about your Air Conditioning Problems in Chevy Silverado then you are in the exact place to fix your problems. One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the air conditioner, especially when the weather becomes too hot.

But, if your air conditioning system is no longer cooling properly or you’re sweating when driving, there is a problem with the system.

A poorly working air conditioning system can be caused by different reasons, from dirty cabin filters to a faulty compressor.

Sometimes, all you need is cleaning, and in other cases, you would need to fix the electrical system or visit a mechanic.

If your Chevy Silverado AC not blowing well, we’ve put together possible problems and how you can fix them.

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What You Should Do First When Chevy Silverado 1500 AC not working ?

If you notice that your Silverado AC is not working, you can choose one of these two options at first.

You can either call the mechanic if you’re not good with tools, or you can check the refrigerant levels.

Low refrigerant level in the system is a common and obvious cause of damage. If this isn’t the problem, you can move on to check other parts.

When You Need Professional Help !

In some cases, you might require professional help in fixing your air conditioning system.

For one, if you’re not good with tools at all, you would need to hire a mechanic once you suspect that there’s something wrong with your AC system.

Also, if you have tried to fix the problem but didn’t get it right, then you can also hire a professional mechanic.

This is important if you want to avoid further damage to your system, as this would make the costs more expensive.

Averagely, it costs about $250 to fix your Silverado AC problem. Although the price depends on the exact fault of your Silverado and the mechanic you visit, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Keep in mind that there have also been issues with a Chevy Silverado AC condenser recall, so you can always call your dealer to ask if you can get it replaced without extra cost.

Air Conditioning Problems in Chevy Silverado & How to Fix Them

After well research we have find out the actual issues and possible quick solutions. The following issues are mentioned as bellow and the video will also help you to find the problems.

  1. Dirty cabin air filter
  2. Refrigerant leak
  3. Failure of compressor
  4. Damaged blend door actuator
  5. Clogged condenser
  6. Dirty Evaporator
  7. Blown motor

01. The Cabin Air Filter is Dirty

You might also know this as the microfilter or the pollen filter, and it’s an important part of the Chevy Silverado’s ventilation system.

Thus, the air conditioner might not be working if the filter is dirty.

Not only this, but the entire ventilation system can deteriorate if you don’t clean the filter regularly, leading to poor airflow, cooling, and heating.

Having a dirty cabin air filter places a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s fuel consumption, so you’ll be dealing with a hot car and increased spending on gas.

There’s no set time for removing your cabin air filter, as it depends on the manufacturer. And, if you drive in dusty places regularly, you would have to replace the filter even earlier.

How to Fix This

If you want to check for a dirty cabin filter, you should start by checking its condition.

Although it’s possible to replace the filter outright, you can start by cleaning it first, especially if you’re working with a budget.

You can clean it with a compressed air system or vacuum cleaner, as this would remove a significant part of the dust.

Keep in mind that cleaning it might not remove the dirt deep in the filter, and it also doesn’t solve the problem permanently. You’ll have to replace the air filter completely after a while.

02. A Leak from the Refrigerant

If the refrigerant in the air conditioning system is leaking or no longer enough, it might not be working.

Although you should be expected to lose up to 15 percent of the refrigerant per year in your Silverado, it is important to check this, so it doesn’t drop too low.

When it drops too low, the AC system loses its cooling capacity. Keep in mind that if the refrigerant level drops quickly, this isn’t normal but indicates a leak instead.

If the condenser is damaged or the sealing ring is defective, this can happen, leading to a poor AC system.

How to Fix This

If the refrigerant levels have reduced as normal, you simply need to refill it, and you can enjoy using your AC again.

But, if it reduces too early, you would have to find the root of the leak. If it’s a small leak, it’s difficult to find, but larger holes would be evident.

Once you find the cause of the leak, you can close it by repairing or replacing the faulty component. You can also find them with a leak detection spray.

Also, if you’re not familiar with these parts of your car, it’s best to turn to a professional mechanic to find the leak and fix it.

03. Compressor Failure

One of the main parts of the AC system on the Chevy Silverado is the compressor, and if it doesn’t work properly, the entire system would be faulty.

The compressor is used to transform the gaseous coolant into liquid, which is what cools your vehicle.

When you turn on the air conditioning system regularly, the parts of your compressor are easy to remove.

But, if you hardly use it, they become stiff and can no longer be repaired when damaged.

Also, the compressor can completely break down because of poor lubrication or production.

How to Fix This

Usually, it’s practically impossible to repair a broken compressor, especially if all the parts become stiff.

So, you would have to remove the old one and put in a new one altogether.

But, if the compressor completely breaks down, as mentioned earlier, you might have to do way more than replace the compressor.

The compressor damage can cause faults in the chip, and if you install a new compressor, that one also becomes damaged.

When this happens, you would have to replace the entire air conditioning system instead. Although this is more expensive, it is always better to do it once and for all.

04. Blend Door Actuator is damaged.

Another important part of the air conditioner is the blend door actuator, which is meant to control the airflow and temperature in your Chevy Silverado.

If the air temperature coming out of the system is abnormal, it might be because the blend door actuator is faulty.

You can identify problems with your blend door actuator with a few symptoms.

For one, there might be a clicking sound coming from the dashboard, lasting a few moments when you change the temperature of the air conditioning.

It might also be a knocking sound instead and turn off when you put off the engine or change the AC temperature.

How to Fix This

If your blend door actuator is damaged, it’s usually better to call on a professional than try to fix it yourself, especially when you’re not handy with tools.

This is because it is a sensitive part of the AC system and can lead to more expensive repairs.

05. Condenser is Clogged

Another reason why you might have Chevy Silverado climate control problems is that the condenser is clogged.

The condenser in a Chevy Silverado is located at the front of the vehicle, and its job is to release the heat into the ambient air from the refrigerant.

But as you use your air conditioning system, particles, grime, dust, bugs, and others can build up in the mesh and on the surface.

This would reduce 5the functioning of the air conditioner because less air would pass through the mesh. Thus, your air conditioning would function poorly.

How to Fix This

When your condenser is dirty and clogged, the simplest way to fix it is by cleaning it.

You’ll need to remove the front bumper to get to it, so use a low-pressure power washer to clean it properly. Using a high-pressure washer can cause damage instead.

But, if it is completely blocked, the refrigerant can also leak. To solve this problem, you should replace the condenser completely for the AC to work properly.

You can also turn to a professional mechanic to check the condenser and fix the problem.

06. Dirty Evaporator

Another cause of AC problems in your Chevy Silverado is a dirty evaporator, which leads to poor cooling.

However, the cabin air filter stops most of the dirt from passing through; a few escapes and build upon the evaporator.

With a buildup of dirt on your evaporator, the airflow becomes blocked, and the AC does not cool properly.

If the airflow from your AC vents is not smooth, this is one sign that the evaporator is dirty and clogged up.

In worse cases, the vehicle’s interior would have a moldy smell because of the buildup of dirt on the evaporator.

How to Fix This

It’s not very simple to clean your evaporator when it’s dirty, as you might even have to remove the dashboard completely to get to it. In some cases, the evaporator might not be working because of a refrigerant leak.

Despite the problem, you should take your Silverado to a workshop to get it fixed.

This would make it easier to remove the needed parts, clean them properly, and put them all back together.

You might also have to replace the evaporator completely if it causes a refrigerant leak.

07. Faulty Blower Motor

Another possible culprit of a Chevy Silverado air conditioning problem is a damaged blower motor. This can cause reduced or lack of airflow from the vents.

Sometimes, the blower motor might be old and worn out, and you can identify the problems with the abnormal sounds you hear when you use the AC.

How to Fix This

If your blower motor is damaged, it’s practically impossible to repair it. Instead, you should replace it with a new one.

Also, you should check if the damage is because you have blown a fuse, as this can lead to the next motor also failing.

Why You Should Have an Idea of Silverado A/C Circuit Diagram( Video on Chevy Relay, Fuse)

Compressor Does Not Engage !!

If your Chevy Silverado compressor is not properly engaging, you might either have to fix it by checking the refrigerant or damages to the electric component.

Or, you might need to hire a professional technician for more serious problems.

If the compressor is not engaging with the electrical system on your Silverado, you should first check the relays and fuses.

The Chevy fuse box can be found under the hood, and you can check your manual to easily locate it. If the fuse looks broken or burnt, you should replace it and try out the air conditioning system then.

Sometimes, the fuse might not be the problem. When this happens, you should check the relay in the air conditioner instead.

The relay can also be found in the fuse box, although it’s quite difficult to tell if it is damaged or not.

You might have to go to a mechanic to test the relay for you, although you might not have to spend more than $30 on a new part.

Once you’ve checked the fuses and relay, and they are both working properly, you can move on to check the refrigerant.

The refrigerant might not be enough, and this causes your compressor to disengage from the AC. You can fix the problem with the tips outlined earlier in this guide.

But, even after checking the fuses, relays, and refrigerant, and the compressor refuses to disengage, you need to seek professional help.

This is because the problems with your AC system could lie with the pressure sensors, HVAC control module, and wiring. The mechanic would use a diagnostic scan tool to check the problem and fix it immediately.

To replace an AC compressor on your Chevy Silverado, you need to spend as high as $500.

This wholly depends on your mechanic and how serious the problem is, but fixing or replacing it once and for all is the best thing to do to avoid dealing with the same faults over and over again.

How to Replace GM(Silverado) A/C Pressure Switch(Video)

Final Thoughts of- Silverado AC Problems

There can be different reasons why your Silverado AC is not working, and in the worst-case scenario, you would have to replace the entire system completely.

Whatever the problem is, it’s important to check it out quickly and avoid further damage. Or, check out a reliable mechanic to start repairing it on time.

Regardless, you can use this complete guide to assist you in fixing Chevy Silverado air conditioning problems.

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