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5 Best Ball Joints for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd Reviews

If you need the heavy duty ball joints for Chevy Silverado , we have created this guide for you. Ball joints are some of the most hardworking car components.

They bear the car’s weight by providing a turning and pivoting mechanism that works like the human ball and socket joint. If your ball joints stop working, you will notice some symptoms.

First, a vehicle with damaged ball joints can pull to the left or the right side. Then, the steering wheel might feel looser.

Lastly, you might hear grinding noises if the control arm has malfunctioned. If you have noticed these signs, the following are the best five ball joints you could use for replacement.

What are the best ball joints for Chevy Silverado?

We have chosen the Moog RK80670 as the top ball joint product.

Why is Moog RK80670 the best Chevy Silverado 1500 ball joint?

Moog delivers the best-performing ball joints in the industry. We have no problem making Moog RK80670 the winner because most people love its excellent features.

Moog control joint assembly is durable and silent during operation. Since you receive installation hardware and guidelines, mounting may take a short while.

Moog control arms boast high structural strength that promotes their performance and longevity.

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Top 5 Best Ball Joints for Chevy Silverado 1500 Reviews

01. MOOG RK80670 – Best Product Overall 


 Highlighted Features

  • Carbon fiber bearing
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable
  • Heat-treated
  • Rust-resistant
  • Installation hardware

If you need a new control arms assembly for a Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, Moog RK80670 might be your solution.

“Control arms connect the front wheel to the car’s framework. They allow the car to turn and pivot. While one end of the arm connects to the wheel system, the other arm attaches to the car’s frame.” 

A Moog control arm features carbon fiber ball bearings that work with induction hardened studs to minimize socket friction.

Expertly engineered bushings do not only ensure silent operation. They can also resist salt, grease, grime, and wear and tear.

Heat treatment leads to arms with high structural strength and lower odds of premature failure. They can resist high impact and handle heavy loads regularly.

Moog control arms have e-coated cast iron and steel, the two most durable materials.

Also, the studs have a coating that resists corrosion. Installation is quick because you get essential hardware and an item that fits directly.

Besides trucks, this product is ideal for passenger vehicles and SUVs. So, you might need to figure out which Chevy Colorado 2-inch lift kit suits you best.


  • Durable E-coating prevents rust
  • Suitable for trucks and other vehicles
  • Guided and easy installation
  • A product from the most reputable chassis manufacturer.


  • Some people got the material they did not request.

02. ACDelco 46DO103A – Best Front Upper Suspension Ball Joint


 Highlighted Features

  • Front upper suspension
  • Forged housing
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • ISO 9001-certified
  • Machined shell

Another suitable ball joint assembly for a Chevy Silverado model is ACDelco 46DO103A. Choose this item if you need to replace the front ball joint assembly.

Besides Chevy and GM trucks, the ACDelco ball joint can suit other autos.

One of the components that boost its longevity is forged housing. Moreover, the premium quality coat prevents corrosion and makes the part durable.

ACDelco 46DO113A has a forged and machined shell that offers strength and longevity.

According to the manufacturer, this ball joint has undergone fatigue, wear, and impact testing to ensure high quality and sturdiness.

As the production of this unit takes place at an ISO 9001-certified factory, it is a high-quality product.

Also, the ACDelco Advantage ball joints are easy to install. They directly attach the stock control arm to the steering knuckle.

As one of the most reliable front ball joint assemblies, ACDelco assures quality and good performance.


  • Provides superior quality and longevity
  • A quality polyurethane boot
  • Offers reliable performance


  • Requires prior machining not to tear the boot.

03. Moog K6539 – Best Greasable Socket ball joint


Highlighted Features

  • Metal-to-metal design
  • Heat-treated studs
  • Corrosion-free
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Resists water

One of the best ball joints for Chevy is Moog K6539. Another Problem Solver ball joint from Moog, this product might be just what you require.

Like most other Moog products, the K6539 item features heat-treated ball studs.

Thus, the studs can stop early failure and enhance fatigue strength. Another feature we liked is the pressed-in cover plate, which locks out debris and reduces looseness.

As a result, the plate reduces the rate at which the bearing wears down. Moreover, this Moog ball joint has a rust-resistant socket.

Greasing the socket will reduce corrosion and wear and tear by flushing debris.

Moog’s Problem Solver includes a gusher bearing featuring a metal-to-metal design.

For that reason, it offers strength and enables grease to reach the bearing surface and minimize friction.

“We all know that metal components perform well and last longer where there is no friction.”


  • Entails hardware for hassle-free installation
  • Coated to resist corrosion
  • Restores the pivoting movement and wheel alignment


  • Not super affordable.

04. TRQ PSA63179 – Best upper and lower ball joint suspension kit


Highlighted Features

  • Broad compatibility
  • Front upper ball joints
  • Lower ball joints
  • Four Piece
  • Easy to install

Your truck has ruined both its upper and lower ball joints, and you are searching for both. If that is the case, we highly recommend assessing the TRQ PSA6317.

“We do not appreciate the product having very minimal information. However, it is one of the best front upper and lower ball joint suspension kits we have ever seen.”

If you place an order, you will receive four items. So far, many people easily installed the front upper ball joint.

We cannot say the same thing about the lower ones, but if you manage to install them, the whole assembly works perfectly.

If you drive a 2000 to 2006 Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade, Express 1500, Silverado, or Sierra 4WD, the TRQ PSA6317 can fit your truck.

Get a Chevy Colorado lift kit 2WD as this model offers comprehensive compatibility.


  • A suitable match for most trucks
  • Works well after installation
  • Solves front upper and lower ball joint issues


  • Has incomplete information
  • Some users did not appreciate the riveted lower ball joints.

05. Kryptonite Products KR6292 – Best for aftermarket control arms


Highlighted Features

  • Broad compatibility
  • Bolt-in style
  • Upper ball joint
  • Aftermarket control arms
  • Heavy duty

Some of you need the best quality upper ball joint. Aftermarket control arms will go well with Kryptonite Products KR6292.

We like Kryptonite Products’ upper arm ball joint because it suits several models. So, getting your Chevy Colorado 2-inch lift kit makes perfect sense.

Anyone driving a Chevrolet or GMC 1500HD, 2500HD, or 3500 made from 2001 to 2020 can choose this product.

A bolt-on-style upper ball joint, Kryptonite Products KR6292 can also fit a Toyota or Jeep with aftermarket control arms.

If you own a GM 1500HD, this ball joint will only work if you have the original aluminum or steel control arms.

If you prefer not to install the Moog K6292 ball joint, you can select this one instead.

Since you will receive the appropriate installation hardware kit, this item will be easy to assemble.

Also, this ball joint will fit Kryptonite upper control arms and CST, Cognito, Fabtech, and many others.

Thus, consider buying a Chevy Colorado 4-inch lift kit to simplify the process.

A vital consideration is to ensure that your arms can accept a bolt-in ball joint. Protection from weather elements to ensure the longevity of the ball joint comes from the thick rubber boot.

Still, to ensure longevity, this product has a grease relief port that ensures constant joint lubrication. Lastly, the item consists of an oversized ball stud.


  • Ideal for aftermarket control arms
  • Uses high-quality ball studs
  • Boasts protection from elements


  • Someone received a ripped rubber boot
  • Not a cheap product.

Buying Considerations of Chevy Silverado Ball Joints

Ball joints withstand a lot of stress because of repeated turning and pivoting. They also bear up the truck’s weight when it is empty or loaded.

For that reason, you should select only the best ball joints for Chevy Silverado 1500. Focus on the following factors to choose the most durable and high-performance ball joints.

Correct specifications

Before purchasing any replacement part, including a Chevy Colorado 2-inch lift kit, read the owner’s manual.

Every truck comes with an owner’s manual that shows the exact specifications for the upper and lower ball joints.

If you cannot find yours, visits your manufacturer’s website or call their customer help desk for guidance.

Best quality and longevity

No one wants to buy new ball joints too soon after the first purchase. In your case, read customer reviews to determine if a ball joint assembly has superior quality components.

What do others say about the quality of the spring, bearings, washer, housing, ball stud, and cover plate?

If ball joints feature coated steel and cast-iron components, they are likely to last long.

Premium coating increases the durability of a ball joint assembly. Make sure you select a coated component as it cannot rust.

Fitment and installation

Did you note that most of our recommendations are fit for different truck models? Fitment is vital even when selecting the right Chevy Colorado 4-inch lift kit.

Do not risk wasting your money by selecting a ball joint suspension kit that does not match your Silverado 1500.

If you are not sure what to choose, call the manufacturer for assistance. Installation steps are these:

  • Use your pry bar to remove the hubcap
  • Loosen lug caps with your 22mm socket and remove the center cap
  • Loosen lug nuts with your 22mm socket and breaker bar
  • Lift the truck with your jack and jack stand
  • Use your breaker bar and 18mm socket to remove the brake caliper
  • With your side cutters remove the whole knuckle off
  • Pry down the upper control arm and remove the nut and undo the lower ball joint
  • Attach new ball joints. To learn how to do that, continue watching the following YouTube video:

Frequently Asked Questions 

01. What are the three sections of a ball joint?

A ball joint has three different sections, and they include the following:

Ball and stud

Normally, the ball stays in a spherical bearing located in the socket. When the ball stud moves in proportion to the bearing, the ball joint works.

Due to exposure to endless pressure and force, the ball eventually wears down. Once the clearance between the ball joint and the bearing surface increases, the joint stops working.


As we have noted, the ball suspends from the socket. If the socket cannot resist contaminants and heat from the ball stud, its internal and external parts begin to wear down.


Usually, the boot features a rubber material and contains the grease within the ball joint. Also, the boot blocks contaminants like dust, water, and debris from polluting the grease.

When it raptures due to normal wear and tear, it can let these pollutants into the ball joint housing. After that, it can rust, wear down, and fail.

02. What is the difference between sealed and serviceable ball joints?

As you search for the best ball jointsconsider sealed and serviceable ball joints. Ensure that you understand their differences before selecting one of them. See below:

Sealed Vs. Serviceable ball joints-differences

  • While sealed ball joints are pre-lubricated parts with lifetime grease, serviceable options are not. Hence, you must grease them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Sealed ball joints are low-maintenance replacement parts requiring no grease. On the other hand, serviceable joints will cause the owner to spend on grease regularly to keep the joint working perfectly. Also called greaseable ball joints, these parts can last long only if you lubricate them often.

03. Can I replace ball joints individually?

Ball joint styles vary widely, just like the best Chevy Colorado lift kit 2wd products. As you try to locate the most appropriate ball joints, consider their mounting style. Options include:

Unitized ball joint assembly

If you have one of these and it is faulty, you cannot replace it alone. Instead, purchase new control arms and mount the assembly.

Press-in and riveted ball joints

Like unitized ball joint assemblies, you cannot replace some of these ball joints separately. Instead, you need a whole control arm assembly with a ball joint.

Furthermore, these are the hardest to replace as you need a hydraulic press to remove the older ones.


They are the easiest to replace and most of our picks offer this mounting style.

04. What Ball joint does my vehicle require?

Trucks have front upper ball joints and lower ball joints. So, to determine the type to buy, consider the following:

  • Ball joint location in the car
  • Specifications on the owner’s manual
  • Whether your front suspension contains both lower and upper ball joints.

05. Which is the best brand to choose for new ball joints?

Ball joint replacements can be too expensive if you fail to select the best brands. OE ball joint manufacturers are the best choice. They include:

  • Moog
  • ACDelco
  • TRQ
  • Kryptonite Products.

06. Should I buy a ball join kit? 

Yes, choose a suitable Chevy Colorado 2-inch kit if you are:

  • Repairing a truck, you do not understand
  • Not sure which ball joint component you need to replace
  • Replacing different components at once and do not want to visit the store again.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed five of the ball joints for Silverado 1500. After reading this guide, select the ball joint assembly that best matches your Silverado model. If you are unsure, seek professional help from your local mechanic shop.

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