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7 Best Catalytic Converter for Chevy Silverado 1500: (Buying Guide)

If you are on this page, chances are you are searching for more information about the Best Catalytic Converter for Chevy Silverado 1500.

A catalytic converter breaks down the hazardous exhaust gases generated by your Chevy’s engine into less polluting gases before they exit the exhaust system.

When it has to do with Chevy Silverado 1500, it is ideal to get parts and products only from trusted brands and sources.

Without the right after-market product from the right brand, your car may not function properly.

For that reason, after extensive research, we selected the 7 best catalytic converters for every Chevy Silverado 1500.

But the question we get asked all the time is – what is the best high flow catalytic converter brand for Chevy Silverado?

What is The Best Catalytic Converter Brand for Chevy Silverado 1500?

After experimenting with a variety of catalytic converter brands, and considering distinct factors, we found that the MagnaFlow brand makes the best catalytic converters.

Our opinion is based on our personal experience on its performance compared to other catalytic converters on the market.

Other brands will do as well as the MagnaFlow, but the MagnaFlow stands out.

Why do We Choose MagnaFlow as The Best Catalytic Converter Brand?

MagnaFlow catalytic converters are made with technologies and processes that are among the best in the world, and they cost less than other brands of the same quality.

Most high-quality catalytic converters are “direct-fit,” which means that they can be put in without any changes.

We highly recommend you to read how to bypass catalytic converter check engine light on your chevy truck.

Top 7 Best Catalytic Converter for Chevy Silverado 1500 Reviews

01. MagnaFlow 93419 Catalytic Converter– Best Overall


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Oxygen Storage Capacity
  • Enhance Thermal Stability
  • High Precious Metal
  • 2.5-inch Pipe Diameter

A direct-fit MagnaFlow catalytic converter is made to fit the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 from 1999 to 2006, the Chevrolet Tahoe from 2000 to 2006, and other vehicles.

The included gaskets and hardware make it less likely that the seal will leak and keep you from having to use factory parts that have rusted over time.

MagnaFlow is designed to keep the “Check Engine” light off, is made of stainless steel for the best durability and finish, does not need to be cut or bent, and is made for cars with Federal emissions standards.

Because the Magnaflow 51356 Catalytic Converter can be used in gasoline & diesel trucks makes it a popular candidate among car owners.

It has a body that opens like a clamshell and is made of high-quality stainless steel that used CNC robotics to make it durable.

The main benefit of the Magnaflow is that it can help you get more power and use less gas. It has an inlet and an outlet of 2.5 inches and a ceramic surface.


  •  Reduces harmful emissions
  • easy bolt-on installation
  • heat shield body
  • Does not require bending


  •  Cat problem

02. AUTOSAVER88 Catalytic Converter– Good Value for the Money


Highlighted Features

  • ‎13.25 pounds of weight
  • Direct fit design
  • Stainless steel shell
  • Attached are hardware and gaskets

AUTOSAVER88’S outer shell is made of heavy-duty stainless steel to make it as durable as possible.

The inner substrates and loading of precious metals have been carefully designed to be as effective as possible.

AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter is made to meet or even exceed OEM standards for quality and performance.

This brand works with Toyota Prius 1.5L 2004 – 2009. The first thing that stands out about this catalytic converter is that it is made from strong, heavy-duty steel.

For this reason, the internal parts are always safe. Its catalyst coating and the ceramic base on the inside have also been designed to make sure the product works as well as possible.

There is a wide choice of products available at AUTOSAVER88 – from headlights – to LED light bars – to taillights, and everything in between.

With OEM-standard nuts and flanges, the AUTOSAVER88 catalytic converter may be installed without requiring any modification.

One of the reasons the EPA approved this catalytic converter is because of its unique and cutting-edge design.


  • Increased surface area
  • Built to match OEM specs without modification
  • In general, you get a lot for your money
  • Flanges were right and level


  • Installation takes a little longer

03. MOSTPLUS 674-659 Exhaust Manifold Catalytic Converter– Best for Long-Term Performance


Highlighted Features

  • ‎39.5 x 19.4 x 10.1 inches
  • Stainless steel
  • Compatible with most cars

MOSTPLUS is an amazing catalytic converter brand that has been around and doing a wonderful job of producing quality after-market products but has been highly underexplored.

To understand how powerful this brand is, the MOSTPLUS catalytic converter is manufactured to fit a variety of cars such as the Cadillac Escalade, GM Silverado Suburban, Chevy 1500-2500, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon, GMC Sierra 1500 – 2500, and much more.

The MOSTPLUS catalytic converter is a lightweight cat that weighs 25 pounds.

When it comes to long-term performance, MOSTPLUS is the best catalytic converter for Chevy truck

But it is a non-CAB Compliant cat converter and cannot be used in California.

Because it is illegal to drive a vehicle that does not comply with the California Air Resources Board’s emissions regulations.


  • Works great
  • Easy to fix
  • Can be replaced easily


  • Must be welded to fit well

04. AUTOSAVER88 Catalytic Converter– Best Choice for Rust Resistance


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • ‎8 x 13 x 26.5 inches
  • ‎10.49 pounds
  • laser-cutting tech
  • Direct fit design

Now, this is another catalytic converter that is a perfect choice for automakers. That statement is supported by the product’s lofty standards of build, functionality, and marketability.

AUTOSAVER88 will make your car more efficient and environmentally friendly by improving its performance. For optimal durability, the outer shell is made of stainless steel.

AUTOSAVER88 has been meticulously built for optimal performance and to minimize MIL code concerns with the precious metal loading in the interior substrates.

Metal catalysts are abundant in internal ceramic substrates, which provide a higher surface area for reaction.

Longer service life thanks to a T409 stainless frame that is resistant to bending or melting due to its excellent heat and rust resistance.

The internal honeycomb structure provides the most efficient flow and surface area.

Reduces backpressure by allowing the catalysis to completely react with the exhaust gases without losing flow rate.

Your engine’s output is boosted because of the higher exhaust flow. It is compatible with the 2012-15 Captiva Sport, and the 2010-14 GMC Chevy Equinox. Non-California Air Resources Board-compliant.

“Non-compliant vehicles are not permitted to use this product.”


  • Firm installation holes
  • Long-term reliability
  • Large substrate size
  • Enhanced metal loading


  • Bolts are not a direct fit

05. Mophorn Catalytic Converter– Best Universal Choice


Highlighted Features

  • 20 x 12 x 8 inches
  • ‎22 pounds
  • High Flow Design
  • Stainless Steel Structure

Mophorn Catalytic Converter will improve the performance of the entire exhaust system.

Heavy-duty stainless steel is used to manufacture this universal catalytic converter, so it will not rust and will last longer.

The honeycomb structures inside the car are also made to clean the exhaust gases.

Also, every part is well-designed, so MIL code problems that are common with converters of a lower quality are avoided.

Heavy-duty stainless-steel structure of these high flow catalytic converters gives them the most durability.

Mophorn catalytic converters are made to meet OEM standards and are certified by the EPA.

They are also made to have a high flow rate, which increases the efficiency of the conversion and the power of the vehicle without reducing the flow rate.

This cat converter comes with standard flanges that make it easy to install.

There are direct bolts inside the exhaust system that do not need to be changed. But they cannot be used in the city of California because they do not meet CARB rules.

Compatible with – 2007-10 Saturn Outlook 3.6L, 2007-17 GMC Acadia 3.6L, 2008-17 Buick Enclave 3.6L, 2009-17 Chevrolet Traverse 3.6L, etc., this brand is universal.


  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Vehicle Compatibility
  • Standard OBD III


  • The bracket requires a little tweak

06. MAYASAF Catalytic Converter– Best Choice More Oxygen 


Highlighted Features

  • Measures ‎26.25 x 12.45 x 7.5 inches
  • Weighs ‎10.83 pounds
  • HD-Stainless steel
  • Universal Fit
  • Durable and heat-resistant

Made of HD-stainless steel, MAYASAF catalytic converter has a high flow design to give your engine more oxygen and has been fully tested for service life under extreme conditions.

Being a perfect match for the original car, it can be easily attached to the exhaust system without any extra work, but a professional should do the installation.

“It cannot be sold in states like California that have adopted the same emission standards for cars. Check the rules for aftermarket converters in your state.”

MAYASAF is a company in America that produces and sells auto parts. They have a wide variety of replacement parts.

All the auto parts this brand sells are made with the latest state-of-the-art technology and global equipment to meet OEM standards.

This means you can replace your old, broken, or worn-out parts with a direct fit replacement.


  • Best price for the quality
  • Fits and works well
  • Nice and easy installation
  • Nice sound


  • The welds at the level of the flange easily break

07. Motorhot Catalytic Converter– Best for Durability and Dynamism


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs ‎27.2 pounds
  • ‎Measures 39.96 x 18.89 x 9.44 inches
  • Quality Stainless Steel
  • Durable
  • Direct Replacement

Motorhot catalytic converter is compatible with over 12 different cars, giving this brand very dynamic and durable aility.

Made of high-quality stainless steel that is strong, long-lasting, and can handle high temperatures.

Motorhot also reduces the exhaust resistance and keeps the cylinders from getting in each other’s way and will improve how well the engine works due to its high quality and well-done work.

Motorhot is an online store in the United States that sells aftermarket parts for cars.

Has access to more than 100,000 high-quality auto parts that can be used to fix both American and foreign cars.

They are mostly dedicated to making high-quality replacement parts for cars.

This includes ATV and UTV tires and rims, pickup truck loading ramps, wheelchair ramps, wheel hubs, ignition coils and distributors, brake rotors and pads, etc.

Motorhot has re-set the standard for expedited delivery and technical expertise for more than 10 years.

Since the start, they’ve stuck to a simple plan: give clients the parts they need at a fair price, deliver those parts quickly, and back them up with the greatest service on the globe.

“Unfortunately, cannot be sent to California because it does not meet C.A.R.B. emissions rules.”


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality Material
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Three ways + air catalytic converter


  • Pieces of broken catalyst get stuck in the muffler

Buying Consideration of best catalytic converter.

Before you bring out your wallet to buy the best catalytic converter for Chevy Silverado 1500, you need to do your research.

Because the market is saturated, and there are factors you must consider. This will not only help you save time, but it will also narrow down your options in some ways.

So, let us get to it.

Check to see if it works two or three-ways

Two-way and three-way converters are the two major categories of catalytic converters you can find on the market right now.

The two-way is a regular catalytic converter, while the three-way also controls the release of nitrous oxide, which is dangerous to the environment and humans.

So, the best thing to do is to think about both options and the emission regulations in your state to figure out which one will work best for you.


Check to make sure that your chosen catalytic converter will work with your car. Also, it is important to check how much pollution your car will give off.

If your chosen catalytic converter can be controlled in the way that state law says it should be.

Converter Grade

Based on the country where they were made, what model they are, etc., vehicles have distinct levels of pollution.

Because of this, it is important to figure out what grade of converter your car can use. Most catalytic converters, for example, come with two different choices.

In this case, it is a clever idea to keep track of how much pollution your car puts out.



Think about whether you want a universal fit converter or a direct fit converter.

The direct fit model can be put on your car without any welding or other extra work, but the universal fit does need some work.

Both can be put together by yourself, but the second one needs more materials.

Also, both models have their positives and negatives, so it is best to talk to an expert to figure out which one will work best for your car.

You can check  this video and learn some quick tips about catalytic converter characteristics and comparison to understand better.


[FAQs] On Best Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

01. How do aftermarket catalytic converters enhance horsepower?

If your car’s engine does not have a lot of things that improve performance, you might not boost the HP of your car.

  • Only vehicles with a lot of changes will get an HP boost
  • On average, the most HP you can gain is between 6 and 50
  • With high flow cat-cons, the emissions rating will go up
  • How long do aftermarket catalytic converters tend to last?

Most aftermarket catalytic converters only last for 50,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first. But if they are taken care of properly, the cat-con models on the list can last up to 7 years.

So, check aftermarket CC regularly and act quickly if you find any harm or cracks.

02. What is Substrate Used For?

Most of the time, the substrate material is used to make the inner shells of catalytic converters. There are two diverse kinds of substrate found inside the catalytic converter.

What are they and what is their purpose?

  • Monolithic substrate
  • Pelletized substrate

The pelletized substrate turns toxic gas into water and CO2 is made from thousands of ceramic pellets. A honeycomb-style catalytic converter, on the other hand, uses a Monolithic substrate.

The monolithic substrate is a single, yet solid substrate. It works the same way as the pelletized substrate that goes with it.

03. Should I replace both of my car’s catalytic converters?

Most cars only come with one catalytic converter, but some have two. The second is usually a backup.

But if something goes wrong, you should talk to a mechanic before spending hundreds of dollars to replace both.

Something to keep in mind

If you have a newer car with O2 sensors in the front and back, the back O2 sensor checks to see if your cat is working.

If it is working, the front sensor would therefore show a voltage between.01 and 1 volt that changes quickly. The O2 at the back should be flat.

When your catalytic converter begins to break down, the voltage of the rear O2 sensor will start to match that of the front O2 sensor.

If the voltage starts to change on the other converter’s rear O2 sensor, you should do something.

04. How Do I Protect My Catalytic Converter?

A broken catalytic converter makes the air dirty and can hurt the way your engine works. Because of this, it is important to care for your catalytic converter.

Here are some things you can do to protect your car’s catalytic converter.

  • Use only gas without lead in your car. The catalytic converter will break down if you use gasoline with lead in it, and it can send out harmful emissions into the air.
  • Keep your truck`s engine in decent shape so it can run well. If the engine does not run well, the catalytic converter can get too hot, which can hurt the converter or the car. The temperature of where the catalytic converter is located is extremely hot. If the engine gets too hot, the temperature can go up and harm the converter.
  • If your engine misfires, backfires, stalls, or does not run right in any other way, stop driving and turn off your engine. Get your car worked on as soon as you can.

05. What Will Happen If My Catalytic Converter Fails?

When your car`s catalytic converter fails, you will notice the following signs which are, in some cases, a problem.

Make sure you pay attention to these signals to avoid further Chevy Silverado catalytic converter problems.

You cannot get your car to start

One sign that the liver is failing is being tired or having trouble getting up in the morning.

The same thing can happen to your car if the catalytic converter gets clogged up. It will be hard to start the car if it will start at all.

What does this mean?

If your car’s catalytic converter is clogged, the exhaust gases stay in the car. This causes the engine to stop because the exhaust pressure is too high.

If your car runs fine at first but then starts to sputter or stop, it could be because of a problem with the catalytic converter.

Bad Fuel Efficiency

Do you realize that you are not getting as good of gas mileage as you used to? Did this occur suddenly? This might be another sign that the catalytic converter is not working properly.

When your engine gets less oxygen, it must work harder. The more fuel it needs, the tougher it must work.

The fewer miles per gallon you get out of your fuel, the more it uses fuel.

Your engine`s check light automatically turns on

Your car’s alert system will inform you when something is wrong. If your car was made in 1996 or later, it has an onboard screening system that automatically checks the catalytic converter.

Air-to-fuel ratio sensors can turn on the check engine light if your car’s tailpipe is putting out too much pollution.

Sometimes, a bad catalytic converter does not work because another part of the car, like a spark plug, does not work.

So, make sure to replace any spark plugs that are not working and set up a test if you think something might be wrong.


The car is among the most important parts of the carbon footprint. With little work and the best catalytic converter for Silverado 1500, users can effectively solve this puzzle.

We know it is not a straightforward process since there are thousands of products. So, if you do not want to buy something you will not use, make sure to follow our tips to the end.

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