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10 Best Chevy Colorado Mods: An Eye-Opening Reviews! [2022]

Thinking of the right mod to get for your Chevy Colorado? We have a list of the best performance upgrades for your Chevy Colorado truck. Our list will help you get to know which mods to buy into your Chevy Colorado for better performance.

If you’re looking for a way to make your truck to perform better than it already is, then you should consider getting accessories that will not only beautify or enhance your truck, but it’ll also make you feel comfortable and feel at home in your truck.

Shopping Table for Chevy Colorado Top Upgrades Mods

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Let’s jump into the list of the best Chevy Colorado accessories you need to get in the year 2022.

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Top 10 Best Mods for Chevy Colorado Reviews

There are a lot of Chevy Colorado performance mods and accessories out there, and it might be confusing for you to decide on the exact one to get for your truck.

Which is why we’ve compiled this list of 10 best Chevy Colorado mods you should get below.

01. PIMCAR Centre Console:best Center console tray for Colorado


Key Features

  • Double function
  • ABS plastic material
  • Has two chambers
  • Beautiful design

Reason why we picked this exact centre console from the other existing centre consoles is its performance in your Chevy Colorado.

PIMCAR manufacturers worked so well to enhance this product so that it stands out from other products.

PIMCAR Centre console performs the function of not just an arm rest but also an organizer for valuable items or small items.

Manufacturer of this product designed it in such a way that it has two units in which you can keep valuable stuff or things you  don’t want to be seen when you close the lid, making it an armrest again.

The centre console is divided into two units, the top, and the inner unit. Inner unit is so deep that the top part of it is hardly ever used.

Top and bottom are well divided or organized so that there are specific places you can drop things e.g. phones, pen, coin, etc.

There is no need to worry about small items. Also, PIMCAR centre console comes with a USB port, which you can use to charge phones, tablets, etc.

No wonder it is part of the best Chevy Colorado performance mods.

They are also made to be very strong and durable as it is made with ABS plastic material with matte finish, and the edges are made in such a way that it prevents breaking.

To top it up, this product is made in such a unique way that it’s easy to install. What can possible beat that?

Product has been complained to be too long, and might not fit every model of the Chevy Colorado.”

What we like

  • Very spacious
  • Good organizer
  • Strong and Durable
  • Easy to install

What we don’t like

  • Not a fit for every Colorado 

02. DEE ZEE D287009 Heavy weight bed mat:best bed/floor mats


Key Features

  • Rubber Cleats
  • Contour design
  • Durable
  • Tear and crack resistant

Next on the list for best Chevy Colorado accessories is the DEE ZEE heavy weight bed mat. Reason why this made it to our top 10 best is because of the amazing features it has.

From the way it is made, what it is made of, the function it performs.

Clearly, this bed mat does deserve a place here. Manufacturer has been in business for a long time now, it’s no wonder why their product is so unique.

One great this us that first of all made in a custom fit design. Plus you the contours make it sit well around the wheel area, the heavyweight allow it to keep cargos in place during movement.

Contours plus the heavyweight allows your cargo to be safe during any journey.

DEE ZEE heavy weight bed mat is also made of rubber cleats underneath. Allowing it to keep cargo in place. Aside from keeping your cargo in place.

The rubber material of the mat prevents water from damaging your truck bed. Manufacturer also made the bed mat with a rubber material that is UV ray resistant.

Aside from all these, the bed mat is also durable because the rubber makes it to be tear and crack resistant. No doubt this is indeed an accessory you will want to get for your Chevy Colorado.

“Unfortunately this product won’t be a fit into your truck if your truck bed is not the length of it. It is length specified.”

What we like:

  • Doesn’t need trimming
  • Prevents truck bed from water damage
  • Keeps cargo in place
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • Isn’t made for every model

03. APS Drop steps running boards rocker slider:best side step upgrades


Key Features

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Carries heavy weight
  • Durable

Looking of how to make your Chevy Colorado have a tough look? The APS Drop step is one of the best Chevy Colorado performance mods you should look forward to adding into your truck.

Also the drop/side step is more than just a step because the manufacturer has made it specially with a mechanism that helps to improve the fuel efficiency of the Chevy Colorado.

When you’re talking about durability or a long lasting product, this APS drop step is for sure a mod you want your truck to have.

Designed for durability the product is made from aluminium square tube, with an addition of black powder, this protects the product from rust.

When you’re looking for a drop step that can carry a heavy weight, this drop step has been said to carry weight with 300lbs.

Lastly, the product doesn’t need any drilling when installing it.

Comes with all the necessary tools attached to it for installation on the side of your Chevy Colorado, it also comes with a manual written carefully with illustrations for you to do it yourself.

“APS Drops steps might be viable to rusting if you park your truck outside, leaving the drop steps for elements to take action on it.”

What we like

  • It’s easy installation
  • Black colour for tough look
  • Strength
  • They extend out well enough

What we don’t like

  • Elements damages it easily

04. BAK box 2:Best Utility Box for Chevy Colorado


Key Features

  • Different tray for organizing
  • Strong and durable

Finding a proper storage unit to keep your cargo, whether valuable or just not to make your truck bed look all messy might be a tough decision to make, especially because there’s a lot of option out there.

BAK box2 is one of the best Chevy Colorado accessories for this purpose.

One very good thing with this box is that it can be kept anywhere on the rail of your truck bed, hence making this tool box very flexible.

If you have a BAK flip tonneau cover, this BAK box is a perfect fit.

Another amazing thing is that it’s a perfect organizer for smaller items you may want to keep in your truck bed. It’s build to have strength as it can hold up weight up to 200 lbs.

When you’re looking for a durable tool box, the manufacturers of this product have made sure that this box is your top choice because it is made from plastic that’s scratch and dent resistant.

Designed with no drilling, because the design makes it easy to install into your truck bed.

“Product is manufactured by BAK and so does not fit with any other tonneau cover except the BAK tonneau cover. Even if you want to fix it to another cover, it may require you fabricating the tool box.”

What we like

  • Easy to install
  • Made trays for organizing
  • Build sturdy and neatly
  • Provides security

What we don’t like

  • Only compactable with BAK tonneau cover

05. Covercraft carhartt seatsaver:best seat covers for chevy colorado


Key Features

  • Water resistant material
  • Durable
  • Custom made
  • Pillow for extra comfort

Chevy Colorado are always used to pack different types of cargo and at times when the truck bed is not enough, we end up dumping some of our cargo or tools in the truck, on the seats.

Leaving the seat cover of your Chevy Colorado exposed to different kind of damage from tools, water, drool, etc. Can make your seat cover die out immediately.

No wonder why Covercraft is our best pick when you want to save your seat covers.

Specifically it has a beautiful design that can sewed with a heavy-duty firm hand, Carhatt duck fabric and it is stitched in a triple manner, so it doesn’t tear easily.

Making it to take what ever tool or thing is thrown at it, without it damaging it.

Another feature is it’s also designed to be water resistant, so you can be sure that water does not make your seat to damage or smell.

Covercraft also made along with the seatsaver, headrest cover which is adjustable and armrest cover so you can be sure of a full protection.

If you’re wondering whether it might give you a tough time to wear on your chair, no need to be worried because it’s an easy-to-install kind of product.

Pillow that this seatsaver comes with give even better comfort when you land on your seat.

“Most people complained about installation of this product.”

What we like

  • Great fabric for durability
  • Water resistant
  • Custom made

What we don’t like

  • Product is quite pricey

06. Undercover Swing Case Truck bed storage box:


Key Features

  • ABS plastic for durability
  • 180° swing for easy access
  • Lockable key

Another box accessory on our list is the Undercover Swingcase truck. Unlike BAK-Box2, which is only compatible with  BAK bed cover, this particular product is compatible with almost all covers available.

Easy to install and access, it is the ultimate cargo space solution. You can count yourself luck if you have one of these because it is one of its kind on the market.

Quick release system allows the case to swing almost 180 ° towards the tailgate and return to its locked position on the wheel for easy access to the bed. You don’t need to climb the bed to access this box.

Built properly because it is made of ABS plastic material, so it is durable. SwingCase is powerful yet lightweight and can support up to 75 pounds. Of freight.

Let’s not forget it has a removable sliding tool tray inside and a cup holder on  top of the lid, making it a great tailgate accessory.

Removable sliding tool tray allows it to be completely removed  from the tailgate and easily reinserted. Lockable key allows you to store valuables in the storage box.

“Small size restricts the products storage space.”

What we like

  • Installation is easy
  • Made from strong plastic
  • Easy to access
  • Secures cargo

What we don’t like

  • Small size doesn’t give it a perfect fit

07. Pedal Commander:best Throttle Response Controller upgrade


Key Features

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Different modes available
  • Improves your acceleration
  • Economizes gas

Making it to our list is this performance mod for Chevy Colorado is pedal commander. Are you wondering why your truck’s pedal (accelerate) is not as effective as you want it to be?

Perhaps when you step on the brake, it take a while before it’s responsive. See the reason why you need this Chevy Colorado mod?

What this performance mod does is that it removes response delays from the throttle through the amplification of the signal transmitted from the sensor of the accelerator pedal to the  ECU (computer) of the vehicle.

One beautiful thing about this accessory is that it comes in 4-modes so you can switch up your driving style, plus it is Bluetooth compatible and helps you to economize your gas.

Indeed a mod you want to give your Chevy Colorado a better performance rate. Also easy to install, so you have nothing to worry about when you purchase the product.

What we like

  • Helps boost acceleration
  • DIY installation
  • Several modes available
  • Easy programming display

What we don’t like

  • Gives issues to your truck if it isn’t compatible

08. KENPENRI tail gate insert letters:


If you really want your Chevy Colorado to stand out, to be an eye-catcher, to be admired by you, family , friends and passers-by, a tail gate insert letter is one of the best Chevy Colorado accessories to purchase for your truck.

KENPENRI went the extra mile into making sure that this product stands out of all the other tail gate insert letters that are in market.

Beautiful 3D raised design makes it have a shiny look. Made to last a long time, the tail gate insert letters will not fade easily.

Plus it’s 3M long tape is very strong. When put on the truck, it’s tape is very strong and when you want to take it off, it comes off easily and doesn’t damage the truck in any way.

You’re probably wondering why you will want to get one of these because of rain or water. You don’t need to worry because it is made water resistant.

If you’re someone that goes to a car wash, no need to worry as well.

What we like

  • It’s very easy to install
  • Beautiful design
  • Brings change to your truck

What we don’t like

  • Adhesive stain

09. JDMCAR Custom liner:


Key Features

  • Strong grip
  • Offers beauty

Is your Chevy Colorado looking too basic and you want to spice the intro of your truck? Or do you want something that’ll help prevent dust from settling in corners and on surfaces?

This is exactly what the JDMCAR custom liner is for. These custom liners are small trim items that  help maintain the value of the new Colorado by adding nice pop colours to the corners and crevices of your car.

Product offers protection to your interior, including parts like Pockets, cup holders, door pockets,  centre consoles.

They provide protection from crumbs, small splatters, candies, scratches, and rattling coins in hard plastic slots, which makes driving smooth and quiet, especially when driving through a rough road. Lastly, the rubber is easy to wash and easy to install.

What we like

  • Easy to install
  • Custom designed
  • Keeps dust away
  • Water resistant

What we don’t like

  • Pieces are quite confusing

10. Goodyear Shatterproof window deflectors:


Key Features

  • Durable
  • Protects window
  • Weather resistant

Making it to the last number on the Chevy Colorado mods is Goodyear Shatterproof window deflectors.

Being one of the best window deflectors in market, your Chevy Colorado deserves to have these installed in it.

Goodyear Window Deflector allows you to roll your windows in rain, strong winds and snow. To be exact, this accessory keeps you from getting wet while enjoying the fresh air.

Product is made of high quality and durable material to prevent shattering. Window deflector prevents your window screen from getting damaged.

Easy tape on assembly allows for smooth installation the  window visors in just minutes, without tools or tedious instructions.

Comes with a super strong 3MV HB adhesive tape that guarantees a secure hold. Outdoor mount is water resistant and durable in all weather conditions.

The product features beautiful  colour for sunscreen making sure it goes well with your Colorado no matter the paint your truck has.

Colour of the outdoor mount is long lasting so you can be sure of that fresh newly bought look.

“Product’s adhesive doesn’t seem to last long. Customers have complained weeks after purchase of the deflector.”

What we like

  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Designed beautifully
  • Protects window from shattering

What we don’t like

  • Adhesive not strong enough

Factors to Consider When Shopping The Best Chevy Colorado Mods

A number of things you need to look out for Chevy Colorado mods. When you go to the market or whether you’re getting from an online store best mods for Chevy Colorado, it is important to put somethings to mind, so you can be satisfied with the mod you have decided on to buy.


When buying a mod or accessory for your Chevy Colorado, it is important that you know the function you want it to perform for you and in your truck.

Mods have different functions that they perform.

Some are used to protect parts of your Chevy Colorado, some for beautification, some mods even help in the performance of your truck making your truck better, stronger, and faster.

Once you know the function you want to enhance in your truck, then you can go ahead purchase a mod for your truck.


Mods can be model specific, so when you want to get a mod into your car, try and make sure that the mod is compatible with your Chevy Colorado model.

Compatibility of the mod with your truck will determine its use and function for your truck.

Carry out a proper research on your car and the mod, read reviews and watch videos to be sure you’re  purchasing the right mod for your truck.


Just to be clear there are a lot of models of mods in market. Another important factor to consider is when you’re buying a mod is it’s durability.

You need to get a product that you are sure is strong and will last you for a long period of time.


You want to make sure that the mod is easy to install. You need to know that this is very important because it won’t cost you extra calling an expert and it’s something you can do on your own.

Also, if you’re perhaps tired of the mod you can also take it off on your own. Installation procedure of a mode is something you most put in consideration before making a purchase of a Chevy Colorado mod.

Design and style

Mod and accessories are meant to make the Chevy Colorado look even more elegant and stand out. Getting a mod for your Chevy Colorado must mean that it makes it to look finer, more neat, and standout.

What it means is to say that when you have your truck placed side by side another Chevy Colorado of perhaps the same year, yours is able to look different because of how much you’ve kit it up.

So if you’re getting a mod, you need to make sure that it really gives your Chevy Colorado a different feel, look, and style.

Weather resistant

If the Chevy Colorado mod that is being purchased is an exterior type  you need to make sure that it is weather resistant.

In fact, this means that it should be able to withstand elements, including rain, snow, and strong wind. Weather resistant products are long lasting.

Why:The pro Tips?

An important question you will want to ask yourself is the reason behind your purchasing the mod.

Maybe your Chevy Colorado is an old model and you want to make it have this new and modern look, a mod of your truck would not be a bad idea.

Or perhaps some parts of the Chevy Colorado doesn’t seem to function to your expectation, say the headlights, the throttle pedal, the exhaust, or even the engine.

A mod would not be such a bad idea because it’ll help your truck’s performance for sure. Your reason for modifying your Colorado might be for various reasons, so you just need to decide which it is and why


You must consider whether the mod you’re getting can be easily maintained. Can you wash it? In case of damage, can you easily repair it?

Is it easily maintained? You do not want to buy a product that will prove head to maintain.

Take for example the JDMCAR Custom liner which is made from a very fine rubber, it doesn’t easily crack or break and when you put wash it, it remains the same for a long time.

A wonderful example of an accessory that can be properly maintained.

(FAQs) of The Chevy Colorado Performance Mods

Is it worth it to modify my Chevy Colorado?

Truth is there’s almost no one who’s regret modifying their Colorado with mods and accessories. Mods can make your Chevy Colorado what you never thought of.

Beautifying your ride and improving its performance. One great thing about modes is that if you’re having a Colorado they does not come with certain things when you bought it, these babies can be a total game changer in your truck and in for you.

What is the best Chevy Colorado mod to get?

Picking the best Chevy Colorado mod can be a difficult choice to make, because every mod has it’s unique function that it performs in your truck.

If you want to get a mod into your truck, you consider the PIMCAR centre console, if you’re the kind of person that places small item in your car.

Picking a Chevy Colorado mod really just depends on what function you want it to perform. You can pick from our list we have complied above, all the accessories perform different functions in your truck.

Where can I get mods for my Chevy Colorado?

You can either order it directly from the manufacturers or you may decide to purchase them through sales platforms like Amazon. Which ever choice you make, they are both good choices.

Can I install a mod by myself?

Most of these mods are DIY kinds. They already come with all the necessary tools you need to mount them.

Plus they come with a manual with all the proper illustrations that will enable an easy installation of the mode. You will notice that all the mods we have on the list are easy installation types.

How can I make my Chevy Colorado look better?

Making your Chevy Colorado look better is not a problem because there are mods out there like the KENPENRI tail gate insert letters, that beautifies the exterior or your Colorado.

There is also the JDMCAR custom liner that that beautifies the interior of your Chevy Colorado.

Does mod increase the value of my car if I want to sell?

Of course,  mods add that extra value to your truck. Selling your Chevy Colorado with mods add on will help make it add an extra cash on top.

Attractive, aggressive, sturdy, and comfortable, anyone would love to pay more for your Colorado with mod.

I bought a 2019 Chevy Colorado. Will the mod I put in my 2015 model work well in the 2019?

Car accessories are usually not just made for a particular year. They are designed and created so you can install it in any model of the Chevy Colorado you have.

Only problem you may face is it taking some time in the installation, but don’t worry, mod you got in your 2015 Colorado should fit perfectly into your 2019 model.

Are there other mods I can get or that I should get?

Yes, there are a number of other mods from you can get and install into your truck. Tonneau covers for example help preserve the bed of your truck.

Aside from it protecting the bed of your truck, it also keeps your cargo safe and protected from theft and elements. Another great mod you should consider is cold air intakes.

Cold air intakes allows for cool air flow in the engine of your Chevy Colorado. Also there’s mod that can increase your vehicle’s headlight, improving your night journey.

Are pedal commanders useful?

You won’t know the usefulness of this mod until you’re carrying a heavy load in the bed of your truck.

In situations where your throttle is not strong enough or it doesn’t provide enough power to move you’re Chevy Colorado, especially if you’re climbing a hill.

Pedal commander can be of good help in those situations when you have heavy good at the back of your truck.

Can’t I just drive my truck without mod?

Truth is you can drive your Chevy Colorado without mod and accessories. Your truck can even work perfectly without mod.

You should think about getting your truck mod as a way to improve your truck, protect it and give is that more stunning look.

Mods are very useful in Chevy Colorado and sometimes, you can only enjoy your truck really well when you buy and install mod into your truck.

Are mods cheap?

Yes and no. What determines the prices of mod depends. You also have to put in consideration is longevity, durability and function. All these are price determinants to mod for the Chevy Colorado.


We hope that after going through the list of best Chevy Colorado upgrades we’ve complied in this article, it’ll help you to decide on which of them you really want for your truck.

Mods are awesome for your truck and can make you have a 100% joy when you’re driving your Chevy Colorado truck around town.

If you’re looking to start pimping up your ride and don’t know where to begin from this article should give you exactly which mods you should get for your truck.

Pimp your ride today from any of the Chevy Colorado performance mods and enjoy comfort, security, and pleasure.

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