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10 Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado: In-depth Reviews [2022]

If you’re on the lookout for the Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado, a brand you can trust is all you need to take your mind away from worries concerning the sound, ease of installation, and power of the exhaust.

There are many options available to you, each with different peculiarities to the 5.3L engine option of Silverado.

Whether you want an OEM exhaust solution, there are various options to choose from in this article.

One thing still stands at the top of our priority, however, and it is quality. So, check out our top picks for your vehicle and why we put them on the list.

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What is the best performance exhaust for 5.3 silverado?

Choosing the Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw as the best exhaust for the 5.3L engine Silverado wasn’t hard.

This is because, among other products listed, the Flowmaster offers a buyer the most impressive boost to the vehicle’s engine sound, which is, at the same time, contained enough not to deafen the driver of the vehicle.

We recommend Flowmaster 817689 for its exceptional stainless steel build and performance, which distinguishes it from the other products featured here.

Top 10 Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado Reviews

01. Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Exhaust –  Best for improved power


Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 65.4 pounds
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Features a painted exterior
  • Made in the USA

When it comes to offering users a non-burdensome auditory experience, the best exhaust for the 5.3L engine of the Silverado is easily the Flowmaster.

What makes it a preferred option for many drivers of the 5.3 Silverado is how the aggressive roaring sound is contained on the outside, such that while sitting inside, clutching the stereo, it seems like a lot isn’t going on outside.

It is compatible with the classic 2014 – 2018 and 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Silverado models. Are you riding any of these? Check out the Flowmaster today.

Another brand’s high end is that their exhausts are emission-legal.

They also offer buyers a wide range of choices, including a rear bumper or behind rear wheels. Interestingly, both exhausts come with dual pipes.

The pipes are 2.5 inches wide and designed using mandrel-bent stainless steel, with a 3.5-inch exhaust tip polished outside.

Purchasing the Flowmaster, each product comes with a complete kit to have the exhaust installed.

The excellent design of the Flowmaster includes a full bolt-on fitment, a dyno positioned at the bend for effective performance, and black tips made of ceramic.


  • Great aesthetic
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price
  • Great for heavy-duty


  • Noisy for quiet neighborhoods
  • Non-durable hanger

02. Rough Country Dual Cat-Back Exhaust – Best for enhanced airflow


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 2009-2013 Silverado trucks
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Features a machined exterior
  • Built for rear position
  • Weighs 62 pound

If you’re looking for that exhaust that will give your truck a moderate throaty growl and that, at the same time, improves your engine’s airflow, we recommend you give Rough Country a try today.

It features a dual cat-back exhaust system, which is popular in the market for its durability, and an impeccable aftermarket exhaust note that’ll keep you smiling throughout your drive time.

Rough Country comes with rear exits and side exit pipes, offering buyers the luxury of choosing their preferred look.

Another amazing feature that makes it a great pick is each kit arrives with high temperature-resistant stainless tips.

A buyer looking to upgrade his exhaust note doesn’t have to go through a hassle to get that done.

The manufacturers essentially engineered each kit to easily install onto the factory hangers, which is why it takes the 2nd spot of the best cat back exhaust for 5.3 silverado.

To improve the ease of use and installation, they included stainless clamps that remove drilling during assembly.

“A customer complained of the black tips of the exhaust chipping off after just a few months of use.”

Are you worried about the metal degrading under extreme weather?

Another awesome thing about Rough Country is that the stainless steel is designed to be resistant to corrosion; hence even under constant exposure to moisture, you can still bank on the durability mantra of this brand.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • No drilling required
  • At high speeds, rumble is controlled
  • Impressive design


  • Scanty product reviews

03. Borla Exhaust for Silverado- Top choice for controlled sound


Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 54.2 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Features cat-back exhaust system
  • Fit type is universal

Everything from the design to the product testing and user experience of the Borla exhaust scream perfection. The Borla exhaust note is simply magical.

Driving enthusiasts would find an exhaust like this resourceful, as it is common knowledge that the sound of an exhaust provides some interaction conduit between the vehicle and the driver.

The Borla exhaust sound provides smooth acoustic feedback of your Silverado engine rpm, which is vital in helping the driver in decisions of gear selection or rev-match shifting.

You can rely on what the brand offers, as they present customers with patented technology, paired with precise computer modeling with excellent sound analysis tools to arrive at their product’s masterpiece.

How does this translate to product effectiveness? Well, it’s simple. You stand to enjoy an improved driving experience.

The Borla exhaust also helps a driver maintain a certain safe and realistic powerband when driving in turbulent sections.

How does it achieve this? It provides sensory sound feedback that keeps you aware of your driving conditions.


  • Impressive quality and a great finish
  • Low rumble sound
  • Easy to install
  • Provides sensory sound feedback


  • The product has scanty reviews

04. MagnaFlow Exhaust – The best option for lightweight


Highlighted Features:

  • Clamp-on inlet connection style
  • Polished muffler finish
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Round tip shape
  • Cat-back design

The MagnaFlow was built specifically for Silverado 1500 and GMC car models from 2015-to 2019. Are you riding any of these vehicles?

Your 5.3L V8 or V6 engine would benefit from the exhaust’s superior performance. It derives from its optimized weight and stainless steel design, making it a lot of users’ favorite durability.

Also, with a dyno-proven power and a moderate interior sound, you can’t go wrong with a product like this.

The exit style of the exhaust is a single passenger side rear, and the tip is welded, featuring a double-wall design, a rolled edge, and an angle cut.

We placed this product in the 4th place in this review for some special reasons, including the unusual use of high-performance 3D scanning technology used in testing the exhaust to make sure it’s a perfect fit for the vehicle model it’s designed for.

In addition to that, the deliberate mandrel-bent tubing makes bolt-on installation as seamless as it can be.

Since vehicle exhaust is always exposed to the element, the manufacturers of the MagnaFlow were mindful enough to make the construction metal highly resistant to corrosion, as they incorporated CNC robotic manufacturing in the design of the stainless steel exhaust built from.

So, what’s in this for you? With the improved power and exterior sound of your 5.3 Silverado, bearable interior noise levels aren’t sacrificed at all, offering you comfortable drive time for your journey.


  • Throaty and yet bearable sound production
  • Excellent design
  • Easy installation
  • Improved mileage


  • Chrome seems to peel off the tip

05. Flowmaster Cat-Back Doss Exhaust – Best for easy installation


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 2014-2018 Silverado 1500
  • Lightweight (41.6 pounds)
  • Painted exterior
  • Universal fit

Here is another powerful exhaust from Flowmaster’s line of recent Cat-Back exhaust. It is only compatible with the 2014-2018 Silverado 1500; it is currently making waves in the automobile industry for Chevy users.

The Flowmaster Doss exhaust features a dual tailpipe system with a length of 2.5 inches, just long enough for a Silverado 1500 user looking for a mildly aggressive exterior and interior sound production.

Like most other exhaust from the Flowmaster brand, this lacks nothing in terms of the impressive design the brand is known for, and this includes a 409S stainless steel mandrel of bent tubing that flows through its performance muffler delivering a deep growl matched with exceptional power.

“Users complained of drilling into the frame to link and mount a new exhaust hanger during installation.”

It also makes a bold statement in its finishing, as the exhaust comes coated with a black I ceramic of about 4.0 inches.

Worried about how long it’ll take you to assemble and install the Flowmaster Doss exhaust?

All parts are deliberately crafted with precision and user-friendly to make installation easy for buyers. Moreover, each product comes with the necessary instructions and guides to installing it onto your vehicle.


  • Moderate sound level
  • Easy to install
  • Great design
  • Affordable


  • During takeoff, it sounds a bit loud

06. MBRP S5085AL Cat-Back – Top choice for heavy-duty


Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight(weighs 35 pounds)
  • Features a milled exterior
  • Made from aluminized steel
  • Features mandrel-bent tubing

Are you looking for an affordable exhaust compatible with your Silverado 1500 that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability?

You may have to consider the MBRP Cat-Back. Every exhaust component is built with quality materials that match its performance needs.

The MBRP exhaust was manufactured using heavy-duty aluminized steel, making it a top choice for off-roaders, as it is one exhaust that can stand the test of time, even when subjected to rigged and harsh driving conditions.

A common worry for buyers is the seams rusting over a short to mid usage period for many exhaust systems. For the MBRP, this is not something to worry about.

This is one of the high points of the products, which is why we considered it, among a couple of other reasons, to be on our top 6 spots of recommendations for Silverado 5.3L exhaust.

The tubing is completely sealed, extending the years of usage beyond what’s obtainable for an average exhaust system.

What do we say about the sound? The sound of the MBRP is just as moderate as you would like; it offers a 34.4 % increased flow on use. It also features factory exhaust bezels and 2.5″ inch mandrel-bent tubing.


  • Easy to install
  • Mild throaty sound tone
  • Awesome performance
  • Supports heavy-duty usage


  • Reviews are scanty and don’t say much about the product.

07. Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder – Best pick for an aggressive tone


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 62.5 pounds
  • Features a painted exterior
  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

The Flowmaster American Thunder is yet another product from the Flowmaster automobile brand.

Designed with a 409S cat-back system that thunders aggressively, users who want to feel their Silverado truck’s power and tonic outburst would find this an interesting pick.

It is designed from stainless steel metal and a unique patented delta flow technology, making it one of a kind, among other exhausts of similar performance. It also features a painted exterior and weighs just a little above 60 pounds.

“Many users who left reviews complained of the exhaust’s clamps being ineffective and loose.”


  • Easy to install
  • Great sound
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Reasonable price


  • Issues with fitment

08. Borla 140546 Cat-Back exhaust – Excellent resistance to corrosion


Highlighted Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs 53.1 pounds
  • Compatible with Silverado 1500
  • CNC manufacturing for a perfect fit

The Borla 140546, like the 140537 above, features a patented straight-through technology m, designed to unleash your engine’s dormant horsepower.

Talking about exhaust systems that can be relied upon, the Borla 140546 makes a list very conveniently, as it is designed to provide a user with maximum power and flow.

It is built with a cash-back system model and features a dual exhaust and a dual split side exit.

The tail-type material is made of stainless steel, which takes a user’s worry about the corroding under moisture exposure. In addition to this, it is also a perfect 2.25 inch.


  • Extremely easy installation
  • Aggressive tone
  • Improved aesthetic
  • Great fitment


  • Product description is not informative

09. Parts-Dryer Exhaust – Best environmental-friendly exhaust


Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight(26.6 pounds)
  • Designed using reinforced welding
  • Compatible with Cadillac
  • Compatible with Silverado 1500 and 2500

With growing concern about the emission of greenhouse gases and global warming, you definitely want to do this planet some good by joining the league of Silverado users who are beginning to look the way of Parts-DIYer.

In this review, this exhaust is the most environmentally-friendly system, as greenhouse gases like CO, HC, and NO are suppressed to safe levels.

Credit to the unconventional catalytic converter embedded in the exhaust, which converts these harmful gases to mere water and carbon dioxide via oxidation and reduction.

It also features a high flow catalytic converter that serves to reduce the backpressure of the exhaust.

This catalytic converter is also constructed from a high-end and durable aluminum alloy.

The Parts-Diyer was also very easy to install, with a comprehensive pictorial guide included in each pack.


  • Great design
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • Scanty product reviews

10. aFe MACH FORCE XP – Best choice for improved horsepower


Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 2014 GM Silverado 1500
  • Weighs 53 pounds
  • Features a high flow muffler
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

aFe Mach force is a cat-back constructed using a mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel of length 3 inches. Its design incorporates band clamps whose function is to provide stability when the engine is experiencing vibration and heat.

Its impeccable design is again reflected in its smooth curves and increased diameter that provides improved horsepower, as they ensure the exhaust flows smoothly during driving.

In addition to the aggressive sound tone it provides users, the installation is very smooth and straight to the point.


  • Great sound
  • Affordable
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to install


  • Clamps loosen occasionally

Shopping Guide of Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado

So you’ve looked up our top 10 recommendations but are still not sure what kind of exhaust your Silverado model needs.

In this section, we have drafted a few things you should consider before purchasing one, especially if you’re looking at buying the best sounding exhaust for 5.3 silverado.

As much as a lot of drivers like to have fun with their vehicle exhaust choice and usually just go for any random affordable one, it is a risky purchase behavior.

This is because choosing what matches your vehicle’s needs and may cause it to underperform is always the case.

You don’t want to be caught up in a mess like this, so you should consider these few factors.

Quality of Steel

This is the first thing you should be on the lookout for if you wish to end up with an exhaust that’ll serve you reasonably long.

Most of the exhaust available in the auto market is made of stainless steel, but you want to be sure of the quality of the stainless steel.

In general, stainless steel is a great option for resistance to corrosion, which is why many users go for it.

You should, however, be mindful of getting an ingenuine one. The T304L seems to be the most reliable currently.


To have a trouble-free installation, you should be wary of most manufacturers’ fitment guarantees and promises.

Be sure to have the product examined carefully to see if it’s compatible with your truck model and the dimensions.

A great fitment contributes to the overall performance of your exhaust and durability, as all the parts or components are bound to stay in their place for a long period.

Sound level

Ideally, manufacturers dose out sound bites for users to work with. Nonetheless, determining the real sound of an exhaust system is difficult for many people.

Due to this, some manufacturers use verbal descriptions or number scales to describe how their exhaust systems sound.

Get acquainted with terms like an aggressive, mild growl, throaty notes, etc.

It’ll help you decide what you want your engine to sound like, hence the right system. Check out these sound bites below.

Magnaflow exhaust for 5.3L Silverado installation and sound clips

Top Questions On Silverado Exhaust System

What are the different kinds of exhaust for 5.3 Silverdo?

The 5.3 Silverdo, featuring different models that support different exhaust build types, has a number of exhausts that can fit into it.

Single Exit pipe

The simple exit pipe is quite common among a few models of the Chevy Silverdo.

Being that they aren’t as efficient as other types of exhausts featured in the 5.3 Silverado,  they’re quite affordable and very easy to install.

The pipe exit is located at the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Dual-rear exit

5.3 Silverdo is also compatible with the dual rear exit exhausts. They make models that support this exhaust type look sportier than models that feature the single exhaust.

They also offer a user deeper notes, giving the engine a more powerful sound. The adapted system of this exhaust type consists of two pipes, positioned at opposite sides of the vehicle.

The unique thing about the dual rear exit is that they don’t bed around the wheels, which is a clear distinction among other types.

Opposite dual exhaust

Opposite dual exhausts, unlike dual rear exit exhausts, have a slightly different working mode.

For Chevy Silverado vehicles that have this kind of exhaust installed on them, you will find them wrapped around the vehicle’s wheel while using the bend as an additional filtering mechanism.

Dual side exhaust

From the name, it simply means that this system supports two exhausts that lie side by side next to each other, rather than on opposite ends.

This double exhaust system expels gases more efficiently than single exhausts.

They also offer some performance enhancements. Dual exhaust systems have also been reported by buyers to better performance gains, thereby providing additional power gains.

The 5.3 Silverdo is also known to use the cat back aftermarket exhaust system, which is one of the three most popular types – header back, cat back and axle back.


A lot of 5.3 Silverado trucks make use of the Cat-back exhaust system. The Cat-Back exhaust is typical of featuring a muffler and a tailpipe.

They also support mid-pipe, H-pipe, X-pipe, depending on the model. 5.3 Silverado adopts this exhaust system for many reasons

  • It offers a simple modification
  • It makes exhaust gas flow freer
  • Power gains are improved
  • Enhanced engine efficiency
  • More aggressive exhaust note

Reasons why water comes out of my car exhaust pipe?

May be due to water condensation in your engine

Pollutants often form when your engine goes through its typical internal combustion process. This is nothing to worry about, as it is a normal process.

The common pollutants you get are water, carbon dioxide, vapor and nitrogen.

As the exhaust gases make their way out of the combustion chamber, water and carbon dioxide keep mixing. There is now clear visible water coming from the tailpipe.

This isn’t anything to worry about, as it often stops in just a matter of minutes.

A heating up engine

The most heat your engine generates is when you start your car. The oil in the engine requires some time to flow and lubricate the engine component, which ultimately causes them to cool.

The reality though is, while the engine is hot, the exhaust system inevitably is hot too.

If the temperature outside is cold, it will cause water vapor to form in the exhaust. This will again, cause water to leak from the exhaust.

Catalytic converter

This converter reduces the amount of toxic gases leaving the exhaust system. During the process where this is formed, little amount of water vapor is produced. This again causes droplets to leave the exhaust pipe.

Faulty pistons or ring

If your engine’s pistons are faulty, they will initiate excessive blow by. This creates blue smoke, sooty exhaust or oil residue in the tailpipe. This  causes residual condensation.

There are a number of ways you can address this when it becomes abnormally recurring.

Nonetheless, you should know this is a perfectly normal scenario except your vehicle has an underlying need for engine repair. Find out what to do here:

Fix leaking pipes

Before you do this, you have to determine the source of the issue.

Your catalytic converter plays an active role in the condensation process, hence if it comes unusual, you may have to take your vehicle to a professional to examine, and if need be, replace it.

Examine the intake gasket

To examine your gasket, you have to remove the intake manifold. If anything seems wrong or abnormal, a good advice is to have the intake gasket replaced.

Examine the cylinder head

Aluminum is the major component of the cylinder head. In situations where your engine undergoes overheating, it is common to find cracks on the aluminum.

This of course then leads to the coolant dripping. To prevent this, you have to make sure that your cylinder seals your head gasket evenly with the engine block.

How do I add horsepower to my 5.3 Silverado?

If you want more power from your 5.3L Silverdo, here a couple of things you should do. They may all not be necessary to your exhaust, but you can work through them to determine how to imporve your horsepower.

Change your stock filter

Replacing your stock filter with an aftermarket air filter allows air to move more unrestrained through the vehicle’s engine.

This enhances the firing power as there is no residue to limit the production of the air. Air filters provide engines with purer air, hence higher hp which in turn works in improving your experience.

Aftermarket computer chips

They boost your engine’s hp by stepping up the engine’s computer using a programmable ROM. Operationally, they often alter the air/fuel ratio as well as your engine’s spark timing.

Change your engine’s spark plug and wires

Performance plugs make your engine more efficient, enhancing the gaping power. This ultimately, causes quicker and more sensitive sparks, bumping up your engine’s horsepower.

Does a better exhaust system increase horsepower?

An aftermarket exhaust helps the filter to be more efficient in expelling air. Certain features in an exhaust that tend to improve horsepower are a high flow muffler and the exhaust pipe diameter.

Also, some of the features of the exhaust system should always match with the current need. For example, if there is need to conserve more energy or be ecofriendly, this would drive the choice.

On this review, there are several options that should be looked out for and then used to match your particular need. This can be used in determining the actual better option for your vehicle.

What is the loudest exhaust for a V8?

Engines when at work, are not quiet. This is where the need of a great muffler comes in. Without a good muffler in an exhaust, the sound note is often pitchy and loud and quite unpleasant.

V8 engines are notable for having high note sound outputs, so exhausts provide a medium of contained pitch which is within a bearable range.

Nonetheless, some exhausts among top products available in the market, seem to have higher notes than others. A lot of users agree that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is loud, but at a safe range.


The best exhaust for 3.5 Silverado must embody features ranging from efficiency to improved power and bearable sound output. This is exactly what the Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust offers a user. It’s simply magical!

Every other Exhaust system and muffler listed in this review are high-performance systems, which is essentially why they made the top ten of our recommendations. Check them out today.

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