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7 Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado (Buyers Guide: 2022)

Are you looking for the best exhaust tip for Silverado? An exhaust tip may not be an essential component of the exhaust system, but it has a unique purpose.

As it is at the end of the tailpipe, it is the most visible part. One of the most crucial roles of an exhaust tip is to add to the exterior beauty of the truck.

We have handpicked and reviewed seven high-quality exhaust tips for you. So, read our product reviews to understand the pros and cons of each item. After that, select the best exhaust tip for your Silverado.

What is the best exhaust tip for Chevy Silverado?

We have reviewed seven different products and picked the General Motors 22799814 exhaust tip as the best choice.

Why is the General Motors 22799814 the best exhaust tip for Chevy Silverado?

All of us can agree that General Motors is one of the most renowned international automobile manufacturers. Hence, we had no problem choosing one of these exhausts tips as our best choice.

Specifically, the General Motors 22799814 is an ideal product for trucks using the 5.3L engine, including your Silverado.

Boasting a dual wall design and an angle cut edge, the GM 22799814 model offers beauty, style, and longevity.

An external chrome finish and stainless steel construction enable this tip to resist rust.

We also think it is an attention grabber that could turn many heads. Worth every penny, this exhaust tip is a must-have.

Top 7 Best Exhaust Tip for Silverado Reviews

01. General Motors 22799814 – Best Overall


Top Features I like

  • Chrome color
  • Stainless steel
  • Type: angle cut
  • Bowtie logo
  • Dual wall
  • Vehicle specific

We highly recommend the General Motors 22799814 exhaust tip for your Chevy Silverado. Perfect for vehicles using the 5.3L engine, this GM product features polished stainless steel.

As a result, it is an attractive external accessory to add to your truck. At the same time, stainless steel offers longevity because it is a sturdy metal that does not rust.

As it features a high-quality chrome finish, it may never rust. An all-weather exhaust tip, the GM 22799814 can help you show off your personalized style while performing great.

Although it is a Mexican truck accessory, this exhaust tip has American quality and an ideal weight of 2.55 pounds. Moreover, it is an angle cut, dual wall exhaust tip.

“Dual-walled tips have two layers that give an illusion of being solid, heavy, and stylish. An angled cut looks more visually attractive than a straight cut. So, it is ideal for a 4×4 vehicle”

Above all, this GM exhaust tip has a Bowtie logo and is easy to install once you receive it. No special tools or knowledge is necessary to mount it on your truck.


  • Easy to mount
  • Looks very attractive
  • Perfect craftsmanship
  • Durable construction materials and finish.


  • One user was unhappy with the product packaging.

02. Go Rhino GRT234410 – Best for enhancing sound


Top Features I like

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Torca Dura Seal Clamp
  • Quick installation
  • No discoloration

Our other exhaust tip recommendation is the Go Rhino GRT234410 model. Another Mexican product, Go Rhino product has a lovely silver color.

If aesthetics matter to you, this exhaust tip could earn you unending compliments.

Similar to our best exhaust tip, the Go Rhino GRT234410 is a stainless steel tip. Hence, it offers longevity and elegance. Stainless steel is not just sturdy but also shiny, corrosion-resistant, and stain-resistant.

Including triple nickel chrome layers, this stainless steel exhaust tip will protect neighboring parts from discoloration. However, it will do that over time.

Thanks to these characteristics, the Go Rhino exhaust tip can boost your truck’s external appearance and performance in no time.

Installation ease is a guarantee because of the provided Torca Dura Seal clamp. Besides, the manufacturer states that this is a direct clamp-on exhaust tip.

Hence, now welding work is necessary to attach this item and no extra cost on your part.

A 1.9 pounds exhaust tip, we consider it one of the most lightweight options as others are over two pounds heavy.

Although it is an aftermarket exhaust tip, it looks similar to a stock accessory. And it has the same level of quality too.

Above all, you will receive a long-lasting and lovely exhaust tip with an embossed rhino near the top edge.


  • Increases and softens the sound of the truck
  • Easy to mount
  • Boasts the best diameter and length
  • Attractive and durable.


  • The lack of a drain hole made users modify it.

03. Carven Exhaust 942 – Best Deep Voice No drone Muffler


Top Features I like

  • Inlet diameter: 3 inches
  • Outlet diameter: 3 inches
  • Aggressive tone
  • Sound cancellation
  • Punched diffuser baffle

Do you need a high-quality muffler for your Chevy Silverado truck? If yes, you might want to evaluate the Carven Exhaust R-performance tip. Perhaps you could choose it as the best exhaust tip for Silverado.

Like other high-quality exhaust systems, this muffler provides the recommended inlet and outlet diameter of 3 inches.

Thus, it is easy to attach to the same spot your stock muffler is occupying right now.

Carven Exhaust 942 muffler is ideal for those looking for a high-pitched noise because it offers an aggressive tone.

But while it is louder outside, it keeps the drone manageable internally. Able to cancel sound at low pressure, this product comes with a perforated diffuser baffle.

Being a stainless steel weld-on muffler with a straight-through design, it looks great and can last longer.

A stylish product with a deeper tone, this Carven Exhaust muffler is worth every penny because it is easy to install and performs so well.

Even if you choose to use a professional, the muffler is affordable enough to allow further spending.


  • A high-performance muffler
  • Triggers a deep tone but no uncomfortable drone
  • Looks attractive and stylish.


  • Externally, it is too loud for daily drivers to bear.

04. WESDON WDCB212BOWTIESS – Most unique design


Top Features I like

  • Polished mirror finish
  • Construction: stainless steel
  • Inlet: 2.5 inches
  • 13.50 inches long
  • Ten inches wide
  • Weld-on style

If you are one of those drivers who like weld-on exhaust components, the WESDON WDCB212BOWTIESS might interest you. 

“Most of the products we have reviewed so far come with clamps, but this one needs a visit to the mechanic shop for welding assistance”.

We also have to note that this item has a narrow inlet diameter than any other we have discussed. At 2.5 inches, the WESDON exhaust tip will only fit a similar-size pipe.

Concerning outlet diameter, the tip offers 4.75 inches, which is much bigger than we have seen.

One thing that shows that this tip could last longer is the stainless steel construction material.

We all know how sturdy and classy stainless steel is. Furthermore, WESDON gives you a highly polished stainless steel exhaust tip.

Like us, many of you could not resist the polished mirror finish of this stainless steel tip.

Above all, it does not rust or break easily. If you want this exhaust tip, ensure it can fit your stock tailpipe. We have stated the inlet and outlet diameters. So, you only need to compare.

Weighing 2.95 pounds, we must say that WESDON WDCB212BOWTIESS is the heaviest product we have chosen.

But exhaust tips are for improving the beauty of your truck, so weight might be immaterial.

In addition to boosting the exterior appearance of your Chevy Silverado, the WESDON tip will give it a growling sound.


  • Improves the sound of the truck
  • Having a polished exterior makes this product gorgeous and stylish
  • A unique appearance you can hardly find in your locality.


  • Paying a mechanic for welding work is mandatory, and some of you dislike the extra expense.

05. General Motors 84240383 – Best 2019 Silverado Exhaust Tip


Top Features I like

  • Bowtie Logo
  • Exterior: Chrome
  • Compatibility: 4.3L and 5.3L
  • Clamp-on exhaust tip
  • Rust resistant
  • 2019 Chevy Silverado

Here is a vehicle-specific exhaust tip for the 2019 Chevy Silverado model. If you own this truck, investigate the General Motors 84240383 to see if it fits your needs.

Due to the metallic, stainless steel exterior, the GM exhaust tip should not rust.

As a result, we expect it to last longer while offering you the best performance.

Similar to other GM tips, the 84240383 model consists of a beautiful Bowtie logo that others could love.

Ideal for the 4.3L or 5.3L engine, this exhaust tip is the most versatile we have reviewed so far.

Others are for the trucks using the 5.3L engine but this one is ideal for 4.3-liter engine also.

Unlike weld-on exhaust tips, this model has a clamp-on design. Once you clamp it on top of the factory pipe, you will be good to go.


  • Boasts one of the most flexible exhaust tip designs
  • A simple clamp-on installation
  • Fits perfectly and looks nice.


  • Contains the fewest purchases and user reviews, so it is hard to gauge its performance.

06. Autosaver88 TSET-0008 – Best chrome-plated exhaust tip


Top Features I like

  • Inlet diameter – 3 inches
  • Outlet diameter – 4 inches
  • 12 inches long
  • Thicker inner wall
  • Easy bolt-on design
  • Stainless steel
  • Professional installation

We love the benefits that the Autosaver88 TSET-0008 provides. First, it can protect your tailpipe from direct sunlight and rain.

Thus, it can keep the exhaust system from rusting or losing its shape.

We love its sleek appearance due to chrome plating on the exterior side. In addition to making the tip shiny and bright, chrome-plating prevents rust and discoloration.

One notification from the manufacturer concerns measuring the size of your exhaust pipe. Ensure that the inlet diameter is three inches and the outlet diameter is four inches.

When it comes to installation, the manufacturer has clear instructions. After clearing dust and debris from the tailpipe with penetrating oil, unfasten the screws.

Then, insert the exhaust tip into the tailpipe and use some grease if this gets harder. Next, cover the tip with a towel and hit it with a rubber mallet to secure it into place.

Now fasten the exhaust tip screws and clamps and you are done. As you can see, mounting this exhaust tip takes a few minutes of your time.


  • Instructions make installation easier
  • Durable material and finish
  • Fits tight and looks attractive
  • Perfect inlet and outlet diameters for sound improvement.


  • Some users might have to modify their tailpipes before fitting the exhaust tip.

07. General Motors 22799814 – Most Lightweight Exhaust Tip


Key Features I like

  • Bowtie logo
  • Type: Angle Cut
  • Polished and sleek
  • T-304 stainless steel
  • Dual Wall
  • Single wall
  • Straight cut

Another General Motors high-quality exhaust tip is the 22799814 model. Perfect for GM trucks and Chevrolet trucks, this exhaust tip model has a stylish design.

We feel it can last longer due to the T-304 stainless steel construction, one of the best grades.

One thing it can resist is rust even if exposed to moisture. Also, anyone can fall in love with its highly polished finish due to its sheen and beauty.

If aesthetics matter to you, here is an exhaust tip you might want to buy.

We like the flexibility when choosing GM exhaust tips. If you do not want an angle cut, you can select a Straight Cut design.

Again, you can choose a single wall or a dual wall design based on what your stock tip looks like.

Either way, you will receive a high-quality exhaust tip. Like our other top products on this list, this GM product has a Bowtie logo.

An easy bolt-on clamp and installation instructions simplify the mounting work.


  • Lightweight since it weighs only one pound
  • Ideal for improving the appearance of your car
  • Uses a bolt-on clamp that is easy to install
  • Heavy-duty, rust-resistant, and long-lasting.


  • No performance improvement with this exhaust tip.

More [FAQs] On Best Chevy Silverado Exhaust Tips

01. Does an exhaust tip make a difference?

As you search for the best exhaust system for Silverado, you might wonder if it makes any difference. Our answer is yes, and here is why:


An exhaust tip’s most crucial job is to boost the external appearance of any vehicle. If you select a tip with a dual wall and an angle cut, you will be sure to get compliments.

Tailpipe protection

Once you attach an exhaust tip to the end of the tailpipe, you can protect it from the rain, direct sunlight, and elements. Hence, you can prevent rust and premature exhaust damage.


Some exhaust tips can improve exhaust sound.

02. What does an exhaust tip do?

An exhaust tip is not the most vital part of your exhaust system. However, there are good reasons why car manufacturers install it. Here are some of the reasons:

  • An exhaust tip is an attention-grabbing accessory that can lure anyone to purchase a modern truck
  • Aftermarket exhaust tips are a clever way to customize your ride without spending a lot of money
  • As most tips fit easily over the stock tailpipe, most people use them to embellish their trucks. After all, one can choose an easy clamp-on design if they do not want to hire a welder.
  • Exhaust tips include several shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence, you can select the one that suits your car’s make, model, and year.

03. Long vs short exhaust tips

If you need a new exhaust tip, consider inlet and outlet diameters more than the length. Unlike length, the diameter can affect the muffler’s sound. Here is what a tip diameter does:

  • A wider tip allows more fumes to get out of the car fast. Additionally, it produces that deep, throaty tone that most drivers cannot have enough of.
  • In contrast, a narrow exhaust tip produces a drone that many drivers would gladly avoid.

Whether an exhaust tip is long or short, consider its diameters and elegance first.

04. Why does water drip from the exhaust under the car?

Internal combustion

As the engine burns the fuel, it releases water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. These three pollutants exit the car via the exhaust pipe.

And as they travel down the tailpipe, carbon dioxide and water vapor mix. As the engine continues to cool, it causes the vapor to condense in the exhaust system.

Then, water droplets start to drip from under the car’s exhaust.

These droplets should disappear when you turn on the car and the engine begins to heat up. So, there is no need to worry unless the water does not dry up.

Catalytic converter action

A catalytic converter is the component that neutralizes the exhaust fumes to be less toxic as they exit the car.

During the neutralization process, a catalytic conversion causes the formation of water vapor.

They may appear as water droplets all over the exhaust pipe. These are not a problem unless they linger around.

Faulty head gasket

 If water forms under the truck’s exhaust due to a faulty head gasket, you must act fast. Unless you replace the blown gasket, the water droplets on the tailpipe will not go away.

If you have a blown gasket, there will be white smoke exiting the tailpipe.

Moreover, you might notice bubbles in the coolant reservoir and the engine might begin to overheat. So, you must install a new head gasket to solve the matter.

Damaged piston rings

If there is water under the tailpipe, one cause could be a damaged head gasket. If your gasket is worn out, it could trigger damage to the piston or piston rings.

If not, there might be condensed vapor lingering in the system.

When the piston or piston rings are faulty, you might notice more soot, bluish smoke, or greasy remains around the exhaust.

Once you confirm damage to any of these parts, replace them.

05. What Sound produce a Leak Exhaust System(Video)

06. Do we have different exhaust tip types?

Yes, you can choose among various exhaust tips depending on what your stock version looks like. Below are the tips you can find in your local dealership or online.

Straight cut

They are straight and spacious exhaust tips. If you need a more traditional-looking tip, a straight one should do. 

Angle Cut

Most of the best exhaust tips in this guide have an angle cut or a straight one. An angle cut tends to fit the rugged and aggressive 4×4 trucks. Angle cuts are brawny, well-built, and visually attractive.


These have an encased supplementary tube and a fat shape. Intercooled exhaust tips can boost engine performance. 

Rolled edge

They curve inwards and have a rolled edge with a smooth finish. Hence, rolled edge tips are the best options when looking to have a larger tailpipe.

Dual wall

As the name suggests, these exhaust tips have two walls. They are thick-walled and durable.

Single wall

They consist of only one metal layer and are not as catchy as their dual wall counterparts. Luckily, they are the cheaper option. 

07. What is the best construction material for an exhaust tip?

If you want your exhaust tip to last long and offer consistently good performance, do the following:

  • Opt for a stainless steel construction material. Stainless steel has its grades, so focus on the highest grade to save money and time.
  • Although stainless steel hardly rusts, it can last much longer if it features an exterior coat. Ensure that you select chrome-plated exhaust tips.

08. Can I use an Exhaust tip to change the sound of my car?

Yes, you can do that even with some of the best exhaust tips we have selected for you. But how does it change the sound?

  • If you want an exhaust tip to alter the sound of your truck, focus on inlet and outlet diameters. As we earlier explained, a wider tip is the best pick if you want a deep and aggressive sound quality.


Now you know what to do if you are searching for the best exhaust tip for Silverado. We have discussed the winner among our seven selections.

If you like it, then choose it. If you dislike it, we have given you six more choices.

As these exhaust tips consist of stainless steel and chrome finish, they can resist rust and last longer. Also, most come with clamps to simplify installation.

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