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7 Best lift kits for Chevy Colorado z71 Review: (Best Chevy Colorado Upgrades-2022)

Owning a Chevy Colorado is bliss and if you plan to take it to the next level, then owning the best lift kits for Chevy Colorado z71 is essential.

One amazing feature of a lift kit is that it can be of significant use while driving through rough terrains, as these fantastic tools help your truck to have more ground clearance levels.

But most Chevy Colorado owners opt for lift kits merely to fit in big tires.

A suspension lift kit is a truck upgrade that raises the average elevation and adds a significant ground clearance.

This improves the truck’s off-road efficiency by avoiding obstructions on the road. A stiffer ascent and the ability to handle bigger wheels and tires are additional positives.

A Lift kit is a kit that includes the components required to lift a specific type of truck as well as guidelines on how to do it.

The components of the package vary depending on the vehicle; some kits just include pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere (generic hardware may be utilized to execute the lift), while others comprise a range of parts such as fresh suspension, drivetrain equipment, power shafts, and so on.

What is the best lift kit for Chevy Colorado?

While there are a lot of advanced lift kits on the market, Truxxx 403035 3” takes the number one spot amongst the best lift kits for Chevy Colorado.

Budget-friendly, easy installation, and solid durability are some of the noteworthy features of these lift kits.

As a result, Owners now show tremendous interest in these kits as they are the “Bang-for-the-Buck!”

Top 7 Best Lift Kits for Chevy Colorado z71 Reviews

01. Truxxx 403035 – 3” lift kit – Overall best lift kit


Highlighted Features

  • Front lift – 2.75 inches
  • Rear lift – 1.5 inches
  • Compatible with 275/65R18 tires
  • Works with factory struts
  • Retains OEM ride quality

Above lift kit works on all 15-20 Chevy Colorados as well as Canyons. It not only lifts the front by 3 inches, but it also effectively balances the vehicle and corrects the factory’s severe nose-down aspect.

Truxxx lift kit is more straightforward because it does not have a mechanical or sway bar lowering kit.

Front suspension studs are laser cut to suit with the USA or Canadian Mill Certified steel. Although the side lift blocks are fused, they may have been polished for greater longevity.

This Chevy Colorado lift kit 2WD is so simple to install that it should take less than three hours.

Furthermore, if your Chevy Colorado is 4WD, you must purchase a variable drop kit to compensate since raising the vehicle by more than 2 inches may affect the height at which the CV joints operate.

To summarize, the Truxxx 403035 3″ lift kit is a good option if you are on a limited budget. It is not expensive; it is compatible with all Colorado versions and does the work!


  • Fits both 4WD and 2WD
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Prone to accumulate surface rust

02. Rough Country 2.5” lift kit – Best affordable lift kit


Highlighted Features

  • Ground clearance for both on and off-road trucks
  • Item weight – 6.4 pounds
  • Maximum lifting height – 2.5”
  • Home Bolt-On installation
  • Compatible with 32” tires

Several lift kits from major companies are simply out of budget for most individuals.

Consider purchasing a Rough Country 2.5″ lift kit if you have a limited budget and do not believe you can purchase other costly lift kits.

Lift kits from Rough Country are offered for a variety of trucks including Chevy Colorado.

Browse the Rough Country 2.5″ suspension lift kits webpage for a complete list of cars with the Rough Country 2.5″ is compatible.

There are also body lift kits, balancing kits, and dropping kits available.

Rough Country is not really a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company, which suggests that they have not sought BBB Certification. Nonetheless, they have an A+ rating from the BBB.

This Chevy Colorado 2-inch lift kit is quite simple to install. Every lift kit comes with a set of guidelines. The installation period is anticipated to be a few hours, depending on the model of the lift kit and the vehicle you have!


  • Levels both front and rear
  • Stiffer front than rear
  • Does not require drilling


  • Complicated installation and other processes

03. Supreme Suspensions – 2” Front + 2” Rear lift kit


Highlighted Features

  • 2” front and rear suspension kit
  • Compatible with 2WD and 4WD
  • Made from high-strength steel
  • Compatible to fit large custom rims
  • Easy “Bolt-on” mounting process

If you own a Colorado from 2015 to 2017, you are in luck. Supreme Suspensions, among the most famous industries, provides a well-made complete lift kit for Colorado at an affordable price.

This Supreme Suspensions Pro Series lift kit is an excellent substitute for the Truxxx lift kit mentioned above.

It is a simple kit that does not contain a mechanical drop kit, much like the Truxxx 403035, although the assemble quality is notably superior in this scenario.

High-strength carbon steel is used for both the rear strut spacers as well as the front lift shackles. They are CNC-shaped, laser-cut, and treated with a rust-resistant mat black coating.

The installment is simple, could be completed in your garage, and should take no longer than 4 hours to complete. A 2.5 inches front raise is also offered with the lift kit.

If your Chevy Colorado is a 4WD version, obtaining a split and sway rod drop kit is necessary.

A joint drop kit will return the inclination of the CV joints to factory standards, preventing premature CV component damage.

The sway rod drop kit is also advised because the lift kit enhances the pressure on the sway rod – this results in an enhancement in ride firmness, which some people like.


  • Maintains factory ride quality
  • Enhanced support to large tires
  • Overall protection from corrosion and oxidation


  • Lift kit is not compatible with 2015 Colorados

04. Rough Country 2” leveling kit – Best for leveling front suspension


Highlighted Features

  • Maximum lifting height – 2 inches
  • Supports 265/70/17 tires on factory wheels
  • Includes durable upper strut spares and pre-load spacer
  • Product dimensions – 14 x 5.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Polished exterior for enhanced look

If you have observed that the rear of your car sits noticeably narrower than the front, this is due to a rake mismatch.

It is a useful feature that is designed to ensure that your car sits properly after weight is put to the rear, but it can be unsightly.

The perfect answer is a Rough Country 2″ leveling kit.

These kits will elevate the front only of the truck, allowing you to keep your vehicle’s hauling capacity while also balancing out the appearance of the unbalance and providing more ground clearance.

You will also be able to place bigger tires on the front if you like.

When talking about the best lift kits for Chevy Colorado 2wd, the Rough Country 2” leveling kit does take a top spot as it is especially designed to aid in leveling of the front and rear suspensions.

Despite the leveling feature of this kit, it also provides a good ground clearance for the truck and enhances the vehicles smoothness over rugged terrains.


  • Truck can be returned to stock height
  • Compatible with both 2WD and 4WD, 2015-2018 Chevy colorado
  • Maintains OEM ride quality


  • Does not support ZR2 models

05. Readylift 69-3535 lift kit


Highlighted Features

  • Maximum lifting height – 3.5 inches
  • Compatible with 32. 5 x 11. 50” tires
  • Product dimensions – 28.75 x 21.25 x 7.75 inches
  • Incorporates mid-level SST lift kits
  • Built with CNC aircraft-grade billet aluminum

ReadyLift is a newcomer to the suspension business.

They began as a group of six individuals working in a mechanical workshop in California and evolved to become a respected and significant competitor in the market.

The 3.5 inches mid-lifts, or SSTs as they are known, were one of the key factors for their popularity.

ReadyLift 69-3535 is yet another SST lift kit, and it is among the most renowned kits for the 2nd gen Chevy Colorado trucks.

3.5 inches front elevation is accomplished using two CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminium head strut top hat studs, and the 1-inch rear lift is accomplished with a set of cast iron OEM type panels.

If you own a 4WD Chevy Colorado and would not want your front CV axles to split apart and damage itself, the lift kit also includes sway rod and joint drop kits.

To top everything off, this Chevy Colorado 4-inch lift kit includes a set of aftermarket cylindrical steel upper control rods that are adjustable to maintain factory height.

The ReadyLift 69-3535 SST can accommodate tires up to 285/70-17 with an inclination of +18, which is acceptable.


  • Perfect for generation 2 Chevy Colorados
  • Maintains factory suspension geometry
  • Designed especially for front suspensions


  • Prone to rub against the sway bar and wheel well

06. Rough Country 4” lift kit


Highlighted Features

  • Maximum lifting height – 4 inches
  • Lifted knuckles to complement OEM geometry
  • Comprises of premium N3 struts and shock absorbers
  • Comparatively higher ground clearance levels
  • Fast-cooling 54mm shock body

If you are an off-road adventurer or seeking to update your everyday driver so that you can take it off road on vacations, you will want to properly equip your truck for whatever emerges your way.

A Rough Country 4-inch lift kit is the ideal answer for climbing steep ascents, improving tire traction in circumstances such as muddy or snow surfaces, or just having a more hardline attitude.

You will benefit from improved ground clearance with a raise kit, which will enhance your truck’s articulation and shield the exterior from dirt thrown up by the wheels.

Your truck’s look will reflect its robust capability with a dramatic rise in elevation. Every kit includes anything you require to get started!

It fits 33×12.50 wheels and is simple to mount. Rough Country improves drive line inclinations by utilizing a transmission case dropping kit in conjunction with fixed height lower control rods.

Lower control rods with Clevite brand factory type rubber bearings are supplied.

Rough Country shock absorbers are tuned to the OEM spring stiffness for a boost with stock ride characteristics.

Rough Country’s superior N3 shocks are also included in this package. With 10-stage customizable valving, the twin-tube nitrogen-charged N3 absorbers give a smooth performance.


  • No wielding or disassembly of strut is required
  • Eye-catchy metallic silver paint
  • Natural rubber bushings


  • Minor cutting and drilling are mandatory

07. Supreme suspensions – Front leveling kit


Highlighted Features

  • Maximum lifting height – 2 inches
  • Item dimensions – 7.09 x 7.09 x 6.81 inches
  • Can install customized large tires and rims
  • Incorporates high-strength steel struts
  • CNC formed, welded and laser cut

Supreme Suspensions is well-known for being one of the leading producers of car leveling and lifting equipment.

The firm takes pleasure in supplying items that do not alter the factory ride quality of your automobiles, as it is devoted to revolutionary product innovation and advancement.

Expertly tested and built, the firm also takes extra precautions to ensure the safety of its customers.

Supreme suspensions front leveling kit is compatible with the 2015-2020 Chevy Colorados and are especially, designed to support the front suspension of the truck.


  • Simple 1-2 hours installation
  • Enhanced front elevation
  • Off-road handling support


  • Minute mounting details could be tricky

How to Choose Lift Kits For Chevy Colorado

Now that we have analyzed some of the best lift kits for Chevy Colorado z71, it is also essential that we look at a few buying considerations to make the process even more straightforward.

When you decide to purchase automotive lift kits, you may feel a bit overwhelmed due to the abundance of alternatives on the market.

So, fortunately for you, here are some pointers for purchasing a lift kit. Continue reading to learn more.

01. Understanding the types of lift kits

Before we go into the essentials of buying considerations, let us look at the different varieties. Lift kits of several types are put on various vehicle types. Some versions are only functional with certain models.

Suspension lift kit:

Their job is to raise the truck to provide for better visibility. The coil arms from the front and rear parts are elevated by 4 to 6 inches throughout configuration.

Their application may be challenging, necessitating the services of an expert.

Leveling lift kit:

An inclined suspension in which the rear suspension is elevated further than the front. Such lift kits are more functional than fashionable. They will not increase the sharpness, but they are inexpensive.

Body lift kits:

These are also quite widespread in this industry, although they produce a much higher rise than suspension kits.

Their primary advantage is the stability and balance they provide to huge wheels. They include bumpers and strap hooks for aesthetics, and they add around three inches of height.


02. Deciding on the perfect kit 


The variety you wish to put on your truck is an important consideration. The information provided above is merely a summary of what lift kits may achieve for you.

However, you must examine the actions you want to do with the automobile.

Driving on slopes and railroads is not the same as riding on paved highways. Both have different environments in that their exposure to rocky terrain is not comparable.

As a result, a simple leveling jeep renegade lift kit may be all that is required.

There are other suspension kit components such as straps, bumpers, winches, and carriers. Such possibilities are ideal if you are interested in extensive reading or writing.

03. Fixing the budget


Money is at the heart of everything. The price of anything may have a significant impact on whether you buy it.

This collection includes a variety of kits ranging in price from 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars.

As a result, you can only buy what you can afford. Make a financial plan for the full year.

Make sure you account for the cost of purchasing and installing the equipment, as well as periodic inspections to ensure proper operation.

Many of these upgrades will necessitate the purchase of new tires and other accessories for them to blend in.

You do not want your automobile to seem strange since it is not leveled properly and has unneeded items.

04. Preparing the installation

The configuration is the most important aspect of choosing a raise kit. Addition of these kits alters the truck’s structure, physique, and look.

But might only get better after that. Trucks must have a minimal center of gravity according to physics. This implies that the automobile must be nearer to the ground to stabilize.

This ensures a secure and safe drive, with no twisting, tilting, or unwanted injuries and mishaps.

Increasing inches for truck lift kit setup may be risky, not to mention potentially nullifying the truck’s warranty.

As a result, it is critical to utilize a stabilizer on the tires and the automobile in general. This is to prevent it from rolling over on you while riding.

[More Related FAQs] On Best lift kits for Chevy Colorado

01. Should you change the shocks when attaching a new lift kit? 

Lift kits do not necessitate new shocks since they are not affected during the lift. Here are the reasons why:

  • Lift kits will offer your tires extra space while preserving the original suspension geometry
  • adjustment for those that want to go “off road.”

02. Does adding lift kits affect the mpg of the vehicle?

A raise kit may reduce fuel economy in a number of ways. Here are some of the added benefits:

  • The first is additional load. If your car weighs heavier after adding a raise package, your mileage will suffer.
  • Second benefit is improved wind resistance.

03. How much does a lift kit costs? 


The two basic kits offered are excellent for executing a truck lift, however their prices vary widely due to their differing purposes and needed dimensions.

Lift kits are often more expensive than leveling kits because they may raise all body sections on a vehicle.

  • Smaller scale lift systems may elevate a vehicle by 2 to 5 inches and cost around $400 and $12,000.
  • Larger scale lift systems may elevate a truck by 6 inches or more and often cost $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Levelling up kits are normally priced between $200 and $1,000.

04. Does lift kit affect the suspension of the truck? 

General design of the truck will be altered by a leveling system, resulting in additional excessive wear on the suspension component.

The best part is that skilled installation and frequent maintenance can help you avoid these issues.

Reason: Since the suspension bears the whole weight of the truck, if the kit is not properly mounted, the suspension will wear out faster than usual.

In conjunction to the leveling system, drivers should replace their shocks and get their vehicles aligned.

05. What is the difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit? 

Most basic distinction among a lift kit and a leveling kit is how much it lifts your truck.

Leveling kit:

When you initially buy a truck, the back end is usually a few inches taller than the front. A leveling kit effectively levels the front of the car to match the standard height of the back, with a potential front lift of two inches.

Lift kit:

A lift kit raises the vehicle significantly higher into the air, but it takes much more time and effort to install what is a new suspension unit.

My Final Words

And there you have it! The ultimate guide for buying the best lift kits for Chevy Colorado z71that are currently available in the market.

Though there are some initial drawbacks that comes along while incorporating a lift kit on your truck, most of the reviews from owners stay over the positive edge.

It is always recommended to have complete research on the type of vehicle that you have before deciding the lift kit or leveling kit for the same.

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