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Top 7 Best Lift Pump for Duramax Reviews: (Buyers Guide)

If you need the best fuel lift pump for duramax, you’re reading the right article, as we have provided the top 7 products currently available in the market.

Being that the responsiveness of Duramax engines is top-tier, introducing a lift pump enhancement is, of course, a great investment.

Hence, picking the suitable model is all you need to save you a lot of time.

We offer our recommendation, considering every basic detail that puts your Duramax engine one step ahead. Check out our top-quality picks.

What is the  Best Lift Pump for Chevy Duramax?

In harsh conditions, managing a sufficient flowing rate for Duramax can be very difficult, the AirDog A4SPBCO85, which provides the engine with regulated positive, positive pressure, you’re bound to experience good fuel flow in your engine.

We recommend AirDog, having considered its efficiency in getting this done among other products.

With this, and other factors, including incredible fuel-saving ability, and protective seal design, we deemed it fit to have it on the top spot of the best lift pump for Duramax.

Top 7 Best Lift Pump for Duramax Reviews

01. AirDog A4SPBCO85 – The best option for fuel economy


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Compatible with trucks only
  • Runs on diesel
  • Metallic design
  • Vehicle specific fit

The AirDog lift pump is compatible with the 2001-2010 Duramax and comes with various options to suit a buyer’s need. Moreover, the most impressive thing about the lift pump is its efficiency in saving a user a reasonable amount of fuel, with its good fuel flow feature.

The AirDog lift pump keeps your acceleration fairly constant, even while riding through rugged terrains.

It comes with a protective seal that keeps the surface wet-free at most times, protecting the motor. In addition to that, the lift pump features additional sealing from the inside for enhanced protection.

Loss of power is one thing most truck owners often get worried about. With a pump like AirDog, power loss is minimized as much as possible, encouraging better throttle response of the user’s car.

The benefit of this? Increased mileage and cost-effectiveness.


  • Installation requires no drill
  • Improved throttle response
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Excellent engine power


  • 4G motor is 1st generation

02. Pureflow AirDog lift pump – Best choice for torque output


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Metallic design
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Made in the USA

This AirDog model comes with a range of improvements in function, all tuned towards offering a buyer maximum ride satisfaction.

There is the basic function of lifting systems, and there is a Gerotor pump. It operates with a dual-feed mechanism from which it draws an excellent functioning performance.

This is one of the best lift pumps from the AirDog brand, as it provides one of the best torque outputs, helping a user’s engine reduce external power loss.

It also features a supporting shaft designed to keep the motor intact, which is a good reason why we placed it directly below the best-left pump filter for Duramax in this review.

In addition to many irrefutable reasons you should give the lift pump a try, it comes with a built-in low-Amp motor that provides the lift enough power to raise the fuel level.

Also, this pump is compatible with engines that have power between 500HP – 800HP.


  • Initiates low noise level
  • Excellent fuel suctioning
  • Great design
  • Quality design materials


  • Comes with plastic fittings

03. AirDog A6SABC413 Fuel Lift Pump – Best option for durability


Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Metallic build
  • Diesel gas type
  • Vehicle specific fit

With the AirDog A6SABC413, you can raise your engine fuel level very efficiently to hit a high-performance mechanical efficiency.

The pump comes well built with a high-efficiency motor integration that boosts a user’s engine performance.

It also impacts the engine’s throttle response with better RMP. This, of course, has a lot to contribute when it comes to driving control the user has.

It simply triggers your vehicle’s speed on even unfavorable road conditions.

The AirDog A6XABC413 was designed to aid the lifespan of the injector that comes with it, supporting the engine to function at an extended duration.

Buying this lift pump automatically offers you a range somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 miles of injection service.

There’s more to the excellent uncommon design of this lift pump – It’s excellent fitment.

Buying this, you can never go wrong with compatibility, as this is one area where the product receives a lot of positive feedback.

You have just the right lift pump if you’re riding a 2011- 2016 Chevy LML Duramax and a 2015 6.6L Duramax.


  • Excellent air separating method
  • Easy installation
  • Saves a user’s injector pump
  • Increased throttle response


  • Scanty product reviews
  • Lacks sump

04. Fleece Performance – Beastly horsepower-increasing pump


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Services Gm LML Duramax
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Gas type is diesel

Here is some feature-packed lift pump that features the latest OEM replacement option for users and that offers a buyer up to 800hp.

This is incredibly magnificent, as finding a lift pump that supports up to that beastly horsepower number is almost impossible.

With the PowerFlo, you get a lift pump that can provide your CP4 with positive fuel pressure, carefully minimizing the injection pump’s strain while safely forcing your engine to hit the 800hp.

Another special feature of the PowerFlo is how it essentially retains the factory fuel lines as well as its quick installation, which is typically half the installation time for most other lift pumps.

There’s more for you. It has an active fuel bucket that eliminates the need for tank sumps, extra air filtration, and draws straws.

“A user complained of air cavitation resulting from the lift pump not holding pressure as much as it should, causing fuel to leak back to the tank. There’s also the issue of the line pressure not being properly regulated to the pump.”

You also don’t have to deal with the 1/4 tank issues that many users face when seeking a higher flow lift pump.

Another awesome thing about purchasing this lift pump is for buyers who want to maximize the full features of the in-tank pump but need to use their own fuel lines or perhaps, aftermarket filters; there is nothing to worry about, as the filter is designed to be compatible with an -8 0- ring fitting.

The lift is compatible with 2011-2016 Gl LML Duramax engines.


  • Improved throttle response
  • Low tone
  • Quick installation
  • Boosts an engine’s horsepower to an incredible 800.


  • Very scanty product review

05. FASS (DMAX-7001) – Best fuel separation design


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Diesel gas type
  • Services truck alone
  • Electric lift type

One common concern most buyers have about airlift pumps is their fuel management efficiency. About this, FASS has this well sorted.

It offers users exceptional driving control, as it takes away fuel supply strain while you’re driving on uphill parts.

Another problem is low pressure. This specifically gets a lot of questions for prospective buyers, as it is one area no one wants to deal with after they’ve purchased a lift pump.

If you share this concern, well, there’s nothing to worry about, as FASS solves the problem in its design and high-performance injector.

Installing this lift pump can offer you about 700,000+ miles. FASS also features some high-end design parts and materials.

This makes the lift pump formidable against several operational rigors. It features a fuel separation design that keeps engine compartments intact.

In addition to this, the electric pump is designed not to allow fuel intrusion or other things that can cause damage.


  • Enhanced torque output
  • Simple installation
  • Smooth functionality
  • Consistent fuel pressure


  • Engine application has limitations

06. AirDog R1SBU369 fuel pump – Best pump for uphill driving


Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Metallic design
  • Weighs 10 pounds

Another product from the AirDog brand is the R1SBU369. It has a lot of options to meet a user’s Duramax engine needs.

Crafted in the US, it is one pump that can be relied on to offer a user various on-demand benefits, especially for older models of Chevy, as it services 2011-2014 Chevy Duramax.

For drivers who always have to deal with the loss of power due to having to drive uphill areas, this AirDog Airlift pump is a great solution for the power loss you experience.

It very effectively ensures that your car’s acting power is retained all through the drive. This derives from its consistent fueling power to keep your dynamic driving on.

It also has a superior suctioning ability that raises your vehicle’s fuel level. You also stand to benefit from the increased torque rate product offers you, which further enhances your driving efficiency.

Everyone used a poor-quality pump. One problem you might have to deal with is the exhaust emissions always producing bursting smoke.

This AirDog lift’s chances are greatly reduced since it features one of the most advanced technologies in the auto accessory industry.

Hence, if you’re searching for a pump that wouldn’t cause annoying noise or emission of black smoke, this is your best shot.


  • Efficient fuel pressure
  • Great suctioning
  • Noiseless exhaust
  • Great design


  • Scanty product review

07. PureFlow AirDog II 4G – Best leak-proof pump


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 0.141 ounces
  • Electric lift type
  • Made in the USA
  • Low amperage

This pump lift comes with a three-bolt design that equally distributes clamping force around the pump’s O-ring, reducing spillage or other forms of leaks that is often a problem with other pumps.

It also features an inner-walled design that allows overflow to the heavy tank sediment. Worried about power gains?

This product supports 500HP-800HP and flows at 165 Gallons/hr.

Some other benefits of purchasing a Pureflow lift pump is its efficiency in maintaining correct injection timing while at the same time removing disruptions that arise from spray power, providing a user, high power stroke, and complete burn.

Installing this lift pump, you notice an improvement in fuel economy just after a few uses.

The power and torque output of your vehicle’s engine is so impacted.

Another juicy feature of the PureFlow lift pump is its self-aligning motor that provides a user with the needed efficiency, requiring very little maintenance.


  • Improved throttle response
  • Easy installation
  • Better engine acceleration
  • Noiseless


  • Scanty product review

Buying Guide of Best Lift Pumps for Duramax

A pump lifter simply converts the energy provided by a motor into hydraulic energy. To choose the right pump that meets your vehicle’s needs, you have to be aware of its characteristics aligned to its use.

This is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right lift pump for buyers looking at purchasing the best budget lift pump for duramax. Keep reading.


This happens to be the most important factor to consider before buying a pump. After you’ve determined your engine’s need for a lift pump, the next thing is to determine the engine system specs.

Every buyer needs to be aware that there are specifications in the mechanism, hence different support needs.

We recommend you find out about this in the manufacturer’s manual to get what model suits your car.

Flow rate

Keep this in mind, the flow rate of the pump lifter you’re using directly influences the performance of your engine.

Also, its variation hinges on pump motor action. The best way to get around this is to measure 100GPH at 8.0 – 10 psi. You can definitely find others that fit the system.


Durability is one important thing when it comes to engine support. You don’t want to buy a pump that begins to underperform after a few months of use.

The good thing about pumps is that installing a durable one tends to benefit the injector itself. To make a good purchase decision in this regard, you need to check out the materials featured in the pump to judge its characteristics.


Most buyers don’t intend to waste time getting around the mounting option of the pump they’ve purchased.

If you care about ease of installation, a good piece of advice is to avoid all tricky models with ambiguous installation instructions.

On a general note, installing a pump lift doesn’t require much; hence, keep it simple as well. Here is how you can install a Duramax lift pump:

  • Follow the guide in this video.

Fuel economy

If you have to cover long miles every day, then you must go for a pump that produces you with working mechanisms that can help you conserve fuel.

Fortunately, all the products listed in our review have minimized features to save you money.

(More FAQs) of Lift Pump for Chevy Duramax

01. What is the difference between a lift pump and a fuel pump?

In automobile accessories, several terms can be confusing among users. One of the most popularly confused and misapplied terms is the pump.

Hence, it is quite common to see buyers interchange lift and fuel pumps. To skip this puzzle, consider the differences below:

Lift pump

The simple function of a lift pump is to raise an engine’s fuel level through any given mechanism. Most commonly, suction or built pressure essentially propels the fuel to rise inside the integrated injector.

It is, however, noteworthy that this device and mechanism can be used in sewage systems as well.

Fuel pump

This is an integral part of a vehicle’s engine system. The Fuel pump works with the injector directly to move the fuel from an in-built gas tank.

The fuel reaching the burning chamber is impossible without the pump. Positive pressure is induced electrically, pushing the fuel towards the engine block.

02. What are signs my lift pump is going bad?

Your vehicle’s fuel pump can last well over 100,000 miles.

Fuel pumps, in most conditions, seem pretty durable and happen to be one of the automobile accessories that lasts for a long time, so most users never have to change their fuel pumps occasionally.

However, a faulty lift pump creates a lot of problems in the engine’s internal parts, as they are an essential device. These are common signs you should look out for:


If the lift pump of your vehicle is unable to get gas from the tank to the engine, there will be difficulty in starting your car. Your vehicle will struggle to pick up and maintain acceleration.

This is because the pump cannot push sufficient gas through. Worn-out pumps lose their pressure and keep the engine starved.

Occasional power loss

If you’ve experienced your vehicle losing power as it attempts to accelerate through steep inclines, your lift pump could cause this.

As typical of faster speeds, the vehicle engine needs more gas to operate under stress. You’ll notice frequent power loss if your pump is dysfunctional.

Low fuel efficiency

Fuel pumps pushing more fuel than needed into the engine will burn gas unnecessarily. This means a user has to frequent the gas stations more than normal to fuel the vehicle.

If you can track your car’s mileage when you fill the tank and notice a drop, your lift pump could be faulty.

Fuel tank noise

One of the most easily noticeable signs of a bad pump is a loud, whining sound that emanates from your gas tank.

Your pump may also make this noise if your tank is contaminated or when you’re running low on fuel.

The normal noise is a low hum. It could be a pointer to a serious pump issue if you notice a loud whining.

03. What are the Benefits of the Duramax Lift pump?

There are a lot of benefits that come with using the lift pump for Duramax diesel.

Extra HP

You stand to gain extra horsepower. This can be attributed to the diesel Duramax engine mechanism of the lift pump. Most of the lift pumps featured here have a horsepower range of between 500-800.

The functionality of an engine with improved power is limitless. It puts you on a pedestal of an unusual drive efficiency.

Higher flow rate

A higher flow rate makes it possible for sufficient pressure to carry the moving fuel through.

This is one of the most important features of a Duramax lift pump. It is also a perfect determinant of how effectively your engine will perform.

Assistance with infiltration

Lift pumps propel fuel and serve as filters to block out particles that can harm the vehicle’s engine.

During refilling, some particles inevitably get into the fuel tank, of which some may accumulate over time to cause mild to serious damage to the engine.

Your vehicle’s engine is in good hands if you’ve got a Duramax lift pump.

Improved water separation

This is one of the most important benefits of a Duramax lift pump. Your engine goes through improved water separation, which helps to adjust and retain the fuel supply pressure.

04. What Duramax lift pump pressure should I expect?

The exact pressure of a lift pump varies with the Duramax versions. However, the standard pressure varies somewhere between 8-10 psi in its idle state. But for a WOT( Wide Open Throttle), it’s 1-2 psi.

05. What kind of lift pumps are available?

There are many styles and brands available for Duramax lift pumps.

The simplest designs just have a fuel propelling function, while more advanced ones have additional features like filtration, external regulators, or water separators.

If you’re a novice in the diesel scene, telling the differences can be a bit difficult, but each pump has its unique place.

The most basic pump typically has the duty of moving fuel from the tank to the engine. They are also very easy to install.

They usually have a regulator built into the top of the pump. This regulator ensures that the fuel pressure is kept right, at about 15 psi.

Stock Duramax filters

They seem to be more expensive and have to be changed after a little or more than 100,000 miles to keep them from clogging up.

In the diesel world, it’s common to upgrade your engine to fuel filters that are more readily available from heavy equipment. They also have a larger capacity and a finer filtration rating compared to stock Duramax filters.

Conclusion of Duramax Lift Pump

The goal of every vehicle owner is to have his vehicle perform optimally. One thing is certain, at some point, Duramax or not, the necessity of a lift pump will certainly hit you.

To keep the efficiency of your engine at such times, you’ll need the cheapest lift pump for duramax you can find.

To skip all the worthless choices, we have provided you with a list of 7 of the most impressive products you can find at the moment. Happy driving!

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