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Top 7 Best Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado Review: (2022)

Locating the nerf bars for Chevy Colorado does not have to be hard. Nerf bars are better than running boards because they add functionality and aesthetics to a truck.

Many lifted trucks come with factory running boards. While these footboards function fine, they are not very stylish.

Hence, people who want to receive compliments everywhere they go with their trucks choose to install nerf bars. Nerf bars consist of lowered steps on the side of the truck body.

They increase your safety when boarding or alighting. For more information on these accessories, read our comprehensive guide below.

What is the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado?

We have picked TAC T2-04A-C502 as the best nerf bar for all Chevy Colorado truck owners.

Why is TAC T2-04A-C502 the best nerf bar for Chevy Colorado?

First, the Truck Accessories Company is one of the most recognized manufacturers in North America.

TAC’s good reputation for producing error-free truck accessories was enough for us to check on its T2-04A-C502 product.

Luckily, we found nothing disappointing in this pick because it is still one of the best-constructed nerf bars we have ever seen. If you pick it for the correct model, it will fit perfectly.

We feel that TAC T2-04A-C502 is one of the safest nerf bars available because of its non-skid step design. Installation is an easy DIY task you can do with garage tools.

01. TAC T2-04A-C502 – Best Overall


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fitment
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Non-slip step pads
  • Protective side steps
  • Stylish
  • Bolt-on installation

Of all the seven products we have reviewed here, our top choice is TAC T2-04A-C502. First, the nerf bar fits any Chevy Colorado Crew Cab or Canyon Crew Cab released between 2015 and 2022.

Also, the manufacturer claims that this nerfs bar fits over two hundred truck models. All you must do is call and find out if it can fit your vehicle.

TAC’s nerf bar features high-quality polished stainless-steel construction and takes a round, tubular shape.

Additionally, the round tube has three inches wide non-slip step pads to ensure you do not slide when getting on or off your truck.

Besides providing traction, these pads can resist UV rays and last long. Apart from being functional truck accessories, these nerf bars offer aesthetics and protection.

 “As they are a bolt-on installation component, you do not need to drill, cut, or modify the side of your truck.” 

Installation is even easier because the manufacturer provides the necessary hardware and instructions. Lastly, the CNC bending craft is immaculate, dent-free, and crease-resistant.


  • Simple installation
  • They are stylish and beautiful
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Affordable nerf bar.


  • Some people thought the lock washers were cheap.

02. Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35168 – Best Oval Tube Design


Highlighted Features

  • 3.5-inch running boards
  • Textured powder finish
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • For Crew Cab
  • Oval tube design
  • Bolt-on installation

Our next nerf bar product is Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35168. One of the crucial things about this item is fitment. If you drive a Crew Cab truck with four full-size doors, explore Tyger Auto’s product. 

Someone looking for Chevy Colorado extended cab running boards should avoid this product.

As for fitment, Tyger Auto TG-SS2C35168 fits 2015 to 2021 Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Crew Cabs. Since it has an oval tube design, its step pad surface is broader and more slide resistant.

While most round tubes offer a 3-inches step bar, this oval tube provides a 3.5-inch footstep area. Moreover, the black step pad is slip-resistant for extra protection during the rainy season.

We feel that this nerf bar is durable because of its heavy-duty alloy steel material and full-body heavy textured powder coating. Thus, it can resist dirt, rust, and water damage.

Concerning installation, this Tyger nerf bar is an easy bolt-on addition needing no drilling equipment.

Installation guidelines for this bar are available to make the process effortless. If you are searching for a nerf bar that runs from the front tire to the rear wheel, Tyger Auto’s seems good.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A wide oval tube for stability when stepping
  • Can resist water, dirt, and rust.


  • Only ideal for Crew cabs.

03. OEDRO OETESS-0056-VC01 – Most Exclusive Patented Design


Highlighted Features

  • Fits Crew Cabs
  • Adds aesthetics
  • Alloy Steel exterior
  • Durable powder coat
  • DIY Installation

Are you looking for running boards for Chevy Colorado 2022 with a unique design? We highly like the OEDRO OETESS-0056-VC01 sidebar for its exclusive patented design.

Besides making your truck more attractive and stylish, the OEDRO nerf bar provides a safe and stable footstep.

Concerning fitment, anyone driving a Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Crew Cab designed between 2015 and 2022 can buy this stepping bar.

If you need assistance deciding if it can fit your model, call the customer care service. Besides broad compatibility, we adore this nerf bar for its sturdy structural design and construction material.

Heavy-duty steel pipes are likely to last longer and withstand a weight of up to 550lbs. Premium powder finish allows this sidebar to resist dust, water, and corrosion.

Regarding installation, this is a bolt-on product like our first two items. Therefore, you do not need to drill or cut your car body to install it unless you own a 2017 to 2022 model.

Also, you receive step bars and brackets separately to make the installation process even more fun to accomplish. Since the sidebar is a full-length surface, you can climb inside and outside the truck without straining.

Lastly, the installation of this sidestep bar does not interfere with the driving height. Instead, it boosts your driving experience by simplifying entry or exit.


  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction
  • Three-layer powder coating
  • Quick bolt-on installation
  • Ensure safety when boarding or alighting.


  • Some people thought installation guidelines were vague.

04. APS IB-3C802U– Best Dual Running Boards Design


Highlighted Features

  • For Crew Cab
  • Drop Down steps
  • Steel brackets
  • Two running boards
  • No drill-installation
  • Slip-resistant step pad

We got the opportunity to test the APS IB-3C802U as one of the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado. In the delivery box, there were two running boards, mounting brackets, installation hardware, and an instructions guide.

Hence, the assembling was a quick and easy bolt-on process we finished in minutes.

Also, the entire 6-inch running boards are slip-proof and safe. Concerning fitment, the running boards can fit dealer-installed splash guards.

If interested in running boards for Chevy Colorado 2022, this product is ideal for Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cabs made between 2015 and 2022. If you would like to learn more about fitment, feel free to contact APS.

Apart from providing a footstep for easier entry and exit, these running boards can improve your truck’s ruggedness and beauty.

External carbon steel construction material has a lovely black powder matte coat that can resist dirt, rust, and elements.


  • Provides an attractive truck look
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Unique drop-down design
  • Functional and reliable.


  • If you pack outdoors, this component might rust faster and require a new paint job.

05. DNA MOTORING STEPB-3-009-BK – Best for Model-specific Mounting Brackets


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Slip-resistant step pads
  • 3-inch diameter
  • Sturdy mounting bracket
  • 500 pounds
  • DIY installation

Fitment is the first thing to consider when purchasing Chevy Colorado nerf bars.

Hence, the DNA MOTORING STEPB-3-009-BK is only ideal if you own a Chevy Colorado (2004 to 2014), GMC Canyon (2004-2014), or an Isuzu I-Series (2006 to 2008) model.

Important to note also is that this product fits only Crew Cab models.

Those searching for Chevy Colorado Extended Cab running boards should not buy the DNA Monitoring product.

Concerning design, this nerfs bar consists of stainless-steel exteriors. These can resist rust and last long.

“A suitable nerf bar ensures your safety during entry and exit, and the DNA Monitoring 3-inch diameter steel tubing is no exception. Featuring a slip-resistant step pad, this bar is safe for the elderly, kids, and other people.” 

Installation is easy as you will fix this nerf bar where your factory one rests. With high strength mounting brackets that can bear 500lbs, you will finish installation in a few minutes.

DNA Monitoring makes this task even easier by including model-specific mounting brackets.

Apart from making your truck safer and more reliable, these Chevy Colorado nerf bars can boost its appearance.


  • Durable steel exteriors
  • Fits many Crews Cab models
  • Offers vehicle-specific mounting brackets
  • Can enhance the truck’s appearance.


  • Some users thought the new bolts can produce noise
  • Some people got the wrong thing.

06. KYX KY8CEN032 – Best for Aesthetics


Highlighted Features

  • Fitment: easy
  • 1-hour assembly work
  • Patented design
  • 500 pounds
  • Slip-resistant
  • Rust-resistant

If you need highly compatible Chevy Colorado nerf bars, you might want to explore the KYX KY8CEN032.

Designed for 2015 to 2022 Crew Cabs, this nerfs bar fits perfectly only if you own a Chevy Colorado or a GMC Canyon model. 

Another excellent point about it is the ease of installation. With your simple garage tools and the provided hardware, you can assemble this nerf bar in an hour.

Some people buy nerf bars just because they look nice. Luckily, the KYX brand has a patent design that will boost the truck’s appearance, make entry, and exit more convenient.

Moreover, this sidesteps bar can bear up to 500lbs because of the high-grade steel used for construction. 

According to the manufacturer, the seamless welding of a high-grade steel bar can last longer due to the powder coating.

It has a non-slip step design that ensures stability and safety when boarding or alighting.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • High-grade steel construction
  • An anti-slip step bar


  • Some thought the instructions were not good enough

07. ARIES 204051 – Best Non-Skid Step Rails


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon steel
  • Semi-gloss black
  • Custom-bent
  • Non-skid step rails
  • Rust resistant
  • No-drill installation

If you are looking for running boards for Chevy Colorado 2022 with custom contours, the ARIES 204051product might suit you.

A tubular bar with a three-inch diameter, this item has custom-bent contours that conform to any truck body style.

We also love the non-skid step rails as they can prevent slips and falls during the rainy seasons. Due to rigid tubing, this nerfs bar has dependable strength.

Since it has a black powder coating, this nerf bar is lovely and does not rust. The ARIES nerf bar is so easy to install at home.

There is no need to cut or drill holes because it will fit where your stock running board is right now.


  • Perfect for Chevy Colorado and GM canyon models
  • Provides mounting brackets
  • Multiple finishes are available.


  • Some people received their packages late
  • Mounting hardware is not very sturdy.

How to Choose Best Nerf Bars

Choosing the perfect chevy Colorado nerf bars is easy if you know what to consider. We highly recommend focusing on the following factors:


As you may have realized when reading our product reviews, most nerf bars have a diameter of six inches utmost.

Concerning their lengths, you will select between cab-length and wheel-to-wheel options. See the explanation in the above video.

Weight-bearing capacity

From our discussion above, you can deduce that the maximum weight capacity for the nerf bar is 500pounds.

Nevertheless, only carbon steel or stainless steel nerf bars can bear this much weight. Other types can manage around 300lbs.

Construction materials

If you do not mind spending money on high-quality, heavy-duty nerf bars, choose those made of stainless steel, steel alloy, or carbon steel.

Plastic and aluminum ones are cheaper options for those who do not have enough money. They are lightweight and less durable than steel nerf bars.

Furthermore, plastic and aluminum nerf bars cannot handle as much weight as their steel counterparts.

Installation ease

Installing any of our seven products above is easy. No wonder we chose them for you. All you must do is to remove the factory running boards and attach your new nerf bar to the same place.

Drilling holes or trimming your car components to ensure proper fit is unnecessary in most cases.

Reading other customers’ reviews can help you gauge a product’s installation ease. We have summarized the steps in the YouTube video shown below.

  • Remove your installation hardware from the box
  • Gather your tools, including pliers, rachet, socket, and screwdriver
  • Remove nuts to clear the first, second, and forth mounting holes
  • Attach the new nerf bars as shown in the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do running boards affect gas mileage?

Yes, they can increase fuel consumption:

  • Unless you install the retractable running boards, any other type will increase your gas mileage.
  • They increase fuel consumption because they are not aerodynamic.

 02. Running boards vs side steps

Running boards and side steps are different in the following ways:

  • Running boards are rectangular steps with a flat appearance. They may run from wheel to wheel or the entire passenger cabin area. Running boards provide a wider surface area for your foot and are the safest around.
  • Side steps are small steps at the car door, and it is easy to miss them and hurt your foot. They are not the best choice if you want to avoid foot injuries.

03. Do trucks look better without running boards?

No, there is no difference in appearance and here are the reasons why:

  • Running boards or footboards are safety truck accessories. If you are concerned about the truck’s aesthetics, do not install running boards for that purpose.
  • With or without running boards, your truck will look the same. But if you want to give your truck a quick makeover and make a statement wherever you go, buy nerf bars instead of running boards.

04. What length should I consider when selecting my nerf bar?

Whether you want Chevy Colorado nerf bars, or GM Canyon nerf bars, you will find only two lengths. These are cab-length and wheel-to-wheel lengths.

  • Cab-length refers to a bar that covers the whole passer cabin. Thus, it stretches from the front wheel to the end of the cabin doors. You will require cab-length nerf bars or running boards if you have a full-size SUV.
  • Wheel-to-wheel options run from the passengers’ cab to the rear wheel. Therefore, they can simplify work when accessing the truck bed or carrier from the side.

05. Why does oval nerf bars better than rounded ones?

First, you need to note that standard nerf bars have a tubular shape. They look like a rod. However, this rod can have oval ends or round ends.

So, why are oval ends better off?

  • They provide a wider surface area for your foot than rounded ones. They are neither round nor flat, which makes them safe and comfortable.

06. Are there different running board types?

Yes, we have three types, and they include:

  • Lighted running boards – They are running boards that have built-in LED lights to provide illumination when alighting or boarding a truck in dull places. Also, this LED light illuminates the step itself and the area beneath it to prevent foot injuries.
  • Retractable running boards (power running boards) – They are steps that extend and retract from the truck body. They use electric door sensors or motors at each bracket’s end. Due to their custom contours, retractable running boards can conform to any truck’s curves.

07. What is the most popular finish for nerf bars?

As you search for the best nerf bars for Chevy Colorado, you will notice this:

  • Black powder E-coating is the standard finish for most products. A few products might have a polished finish with a reflective sheen. Either coat is good enough to prevent corrosion.

08. Why should I buy nerf bars and what benefits can I expect?

If you drive a tall truck, getting inside or outside of it is a chore. While your truck has good ground clearance, it is not easy to use without a nerf bar. Advantages of installing it include:

  • When you install this bar, you can step on it when getting inside or outside your truck and prevent foot injuries.
  • Also, a properly coated bar traps all the dirt to ensure you do not take it inside the vehicle. As the rail extends from wheel to wheel, it keeps the side of the truck safe from debris and elements.
  • Most people install nerf bars to add to the truck’s beauty. A vehicle without this bar does not look as as one that has it. Besides, you can always pick the product that goes well with the vehicle’s features.

09. What are the differences between running boards and nerf bars? 

Although running boards and nerf bars are similar in many ways, they have some differences.


  • Shape – First, they have different shapes. While nerf bars are tubular with round or oval ends, running boards are rectangular, wider, flatter bars.
  • Mounting style – Running boards mount against the body while nerf bars leave a gap in between them and the body.
  • Traction – As nerfs are narrow and rounded, they include a non-skid step pad to increase grip. In contrast, a rounded bar offers a wide footstep and may not use a non-skid pad.
  • Size – When measuring the size of running boards, we consider the length in inches. On the other hand, we measure the diameter of nerf bars in inches to determine their size.

10. What are the disadvantages of running boards? 

Although running boards are very safe to use, they have some disadvantages:

  • First, they can trap more dirt and snow over their flat and wide surface area.
  • Because of their structure, they are more prone to damage than nerfing bars.
  • If you need them for off-roading, you might be disappointed.
  • Running boards are more functional than they are beautiful.

Conclusion of Nerf Bars for Chevy Colorado

Here comes the end of our guide on the nerf bars for Chevy Colorado users. After thoroughly reviewing each of our top seven products, we hope you have found your match.

Make sure you follow our FAQ and buying Considerations sections when picking the right nerf bar for your car. Choose an item that can fit your Chevy Colorado model and budget.

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