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7 Best Towing Mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd Reviews

When towing a trailer, the need for embedding the best towing mirrors for Chevy Silverado becomes crucial to avoid any inconvenience and driving challenges.

In many cases, trailers tend to be wider than the trucks pulling them, which ultimately hinders the vision of drivers to see the rear view.

Most of the driving instances like reversing, cruising, or turning on the highway, not having better vision increases the risk of accidents.

Most towing mirrors do use screws, suction cups, or clamps to attach securely to the vehicle’s side mirror, making it a good option to get mirrors that fit with the existing setup.”

So, your quest to search for the best Chevy 2500 and 2022 Chevy 1500 tow mirrors ends here. Check out the compiled list of best products given below.

What are the best towing mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd?

Our review team recommends Sanooer Towing Mirrors as the best product in the market today, specifically for Chevy Silverado trucks.

They came to this decision after analyzing each feature of the product and comparing it with the other best performers in the market.

Sanooer managed to make it to the top due to its perfect amalgam of addressing all kinds of towing issues capabilities, plus providing ease of use and convenience to drivers.

Top 7 Best Towing Mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500 & 2500hd Reviews

01. Sanooer Towing Mirrors Chrome – Best performance of all



  •  Power-heated features
  • Aluminum material
  • Movable power glass
  • Hand Folding and Telescoping

One prime job of a good and reliable towing mirror is to provide a clear vision to drivers, and our recommended product can effectively do that all season.

Sanooer Towing Mirrors are equipped with multiple advanced features, helping vehicle owners have a safe towing experience.

Its power-heated function works by bringing a clean vision even on rainy days.

With other additional features like turn signal light, running light, and backup lamp, these towing mirrors provide better indicator lights to your truck.

Driving with such tools and features gets more convenient as they eliminate the risk of accidentally getting hit by other vehicles.

These towing mirrors are manufactured with strict quality control standards and do not vibrate or shake while driving.

Thus, it tops the list of the best towing mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd. Its base is made up of ultra-strong aluminum material, and the shell case is made up of textured durable black ABS plastic.

Even after the use of high-quality materials in its construction, the product is lightweight. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to all your towing problems, then this product is the best option.

These towing mirrors are the perfect combination of convenient and trustable products.

They not only do their best to provide a clear vision most effectively but also ensure a safer and smooth towing experience by automating most of the tasks.


  • They feature dual glass, including convex and flat glasses
  • Offer heated defrost and arrow LED Turn Signal Lights
  • Their power glass can be adjusted easily


  • Issues of dim running light on the passenger side mirror

02. SCITOO Towing Mirrors- Best designed Mirrors



  •  Dual glasses
  • Telescoping feature
  • Manually adjustable mirror
  • Compatible with both RH, and LH

SCITOO’s towing mirrors come with high-standard functionality offerings. These mirrors have a vast number of features, including their exceptional triangular stable structure base design.

They come attached with foam or plastic gasket, which further makes the towing mirror firmly mount and fit on the truck. These mirrors have proven to buffer the impulse while driving at high-speed.

You experience a significant reduction in noise and vibrations, making it one of the best Chevy 2500hd towing mirrors.

While comparing its price with other competitors, the towing mirrors are available at a much lower price.

Thus, it’s an attractive deal for customers looking for a budget-friendly product.

Some other considerable quality of this product is that it has an appreciable resistance to both low and high temperatures.

That is why it is perfect for outdoor surroundings in all weather: snowy, rainy, foggy, etc., without fading.


  • Has comparatively lower pricing point
  • The installation process is quick and easy
  • Made up of temperature-resistant ABS plastic
  • Uses convex mirror type


  • Issues of mirror distortion

“There have been a few complaints about vibration issues in specific applications. Also, some have complained about the quality of filament being poor for a particular vehicle they used it on.”

03. Silverado Sierra-Powered-Extendable-Mirrors- Best Coverage Provider



  • Amber LED Lights
  • Retractable mirrors
  • Reinforcement brackets
  • Power folding mirror function

Next on the list of best Chevy 2500hd towing mirrors are Sierra Powered Extendable Mirrors.

These are the powered adjustment mirrors that are equipped for both remote and manual horizontal and vertical mirror adjustments.

while seated this feature offers suitable coverage helping drivers to differ distances easily. Another attractive addition to these mirrors is their heating element.

They can heat the mirror glasses electrically, which also includes an electrochromic dimming.

There is a significant reduction in the glare effect from the headlamps on the drivers of their respective vehicles due to this. Its LED turn signal lights are designed in a way to make them more visible and noticeable by fellow pedestrians and vehicle drivers on the side.

Other vehicles behind and side of your Chevy Silverado in the blind zone get the proper signaling.

Due to this, the risk of accidents that generally happens because of paralleling is reduced significantly.

One more quality addition to this fantastic product that enhances its functionality is the manual telescoping.

With this feature, drivers get the convenience of having an extensible reversing benchmark.

Also, they can maneuver in congested spaces where visibility to the back road is usually poor.


  • They come in a camper-style mirror assembly
  • Use of reinforcement brackets to prevent vibration and shakes at the time of driving
  • Easier monitoring of rear side view of camper or trailer is made possible


  • Mirrors don’t fold quickly

04. AUTOSAVER88 Tow Mirrors- Best User Convenience



  •  Adjustable lower mirror
  • Turn signal
  • Frost removing effect
  • Fit with multiple vehicle models

These towing mirrors are known for their perfect fit and ease of installation. They work perfectly in improving the vision of drivers to the sides and rear remarkably without causing vibration at higher speeds.

Its lower mirror is adjustable, which can be a great help while you try to get a better view of the rear tire.

With such a clear vision, you can judge the accurate distance between the lines when backing your Chevy Silverado into a parking space.

These mirrors can be extended as per requirement, allowing drivers to get a view of the trailer’s back end without any issue.

Make sure to be careful while removing the door panel to avoid breaking any of its clips. Adjusting these mirrors is simple through the given power toggle at the top mirror.

There’s also a manual adjustment setting given at the bottom mirror, use as per your preference and convenience.


  • Allows direct replacement
  • Has a high-quality aluminum base
  • Comes with puddle and back turn signal lights
  • Embedded air temperature sensor


  • Mirrors might not fit firmly

“Some customers have complained that its power mirrors tend to hit the mirror’s frame, preventing it from getting a range of motion. Users might need to adjust the position of the mirrors a few times as they do not sit in place perfectly.”

05. Snap & Zap Custom Fit Towing Mirror set -_ Best custom-fit mirrors



  • Factory fit capability
  • Fit snug tight
  • Custom-fit mirrors
  • OE mirror glass

A custom-fit set of towing mirrors is specifically designed to serve Chevy Silverado 1500. Installing these mirrors does not require any extra hardware or external tools.

They are simple to clip on both sides of the vehicle. Its appearance matches best with the vehicles’ designs.

Moreover, the facilitated extension does not cause any interference with OE mirror glass.

You can fold the mirrors without needing to detach the extensions.

Its complete package comes with side mirror extensions for both passenger and driver sides, along with a storage bag.

To adjust the mirror glass, you have to move them manually to get the preferred angle. Also, they do not come with heating capabilities and turn signals.

These are only sold in pairs and are molded to set perfect like factory mirrors as well as retain the usage of factory puddle lamps.

If you are looking for a durable towing mirror set, then these can be a good choice as their black plastic housing gives a clean exterior free from corrosion and rust.


  • Tool-free and simple installation process
  • Matches fitting of factory mirrors
  • Comes with a storage bag to keep extensions safe


  • Only manual setup can be inconvenient to some users

06. YITAMOTOR Towing Mirrors- Best Extensibility and Flexibility



  •  Effortless extension
  • Telescoping tow mirrors
  • 5-inch power heated side mirror
  • Turning signal LED light

These towing mirrors can effortlessly extend outward even further compared to the standard truck mirrors.

Thus, they increase the rearward vision helping in providing a safe and smooth towing experience. They consist of extendable telescope towing mirrors that increase visibility.

You will also get to enjoy both power-adjustable and manual mirror capabilities.

These come with the heating feature that removes the mist and frost accumulating over the glasses to give a clear vision.

LED lights that sync to the turn signals are another feature of these mirrors. However, these features would work with compatible vehicles only.

ABS plastics, aluminum material, and black shell are their main components contributing to a stable construction.


  •  Made using high-quality and ultra-strong material
  • They are lightweight
  • Automated handling of mirrors
  • Contains dual convex glass


  •  Do not provide adequate mirror range

07. Longview Towing Mirrors- Best Choice for All-Weather Conditions



  • Longview adjustable tow mirrors
  • Universal Fit
  • Vehicle Specific Fit
  • One handle

These mirrors serve as slip-on extended towing mirrors. They have custom-engineered towing mirrors that can slide on the passenger and driver-side mirrors.

These are available for more than 100 vehicles, including Chevy Silverado, Dodge, Ford, and Jeep, to name a few.

A set of manually adjustable Longview Towing Mirrors gives the correct view beyond and down the trailer in the back.

One best thing about these towing mirrors is that they do not interfere with existing vehicle mirrors.

In addition, the product is capable of withstanding all-weather conditions providing more apparent towing vision capabilities even on rainy and snowy days.

Its aerodynamic structure halts wind drags and decreases vibration while also extending your mirror view.


  •  Durable ABS plastic is used to make installation knobs
  • The mirrors face contains scratch-resistant glass
  • Fits a good number of vehicle ranges than any other custom towing mirror model
  • Suitable choice for commerce and recreational use at all levels


  •  Mirrors might get loosened after a few months of use

How We Picked Best Towing Mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500 & 2500hd

There is an extensive range of mirrors to choose from in the market.

These mirrors are not simply another accessory to your vehicle, but they provide significant safety to your and other vehicles while towing.

That is why choosing the right-towing mirrors is of utmost importance. Follow the given buying consideration to get the best towing mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd:


Before exploring the Chevy 2500hd towing mirrors options, you need to be clear about the budget you’re willing to spend whether you are ok with spending a bit more to get a better product.

Past reviews

Every manufacturer says that their product is the best; Thus, the best way to ensure you are investing in a genuine product is to skim through the reviews by previous buyers.

If possible, you can directly connect with other drivers who bought the same products from the customer details provided on the seller’s website.

Installation process(Video)

Towing mirrors attach to a vehicle’s existing side mirror to act as an extension. In general, the process of installation of towing mirrors is an easy and quick task.

However, some products take longer to fit due to issues with size or the addition of wiring. Some might need you to buy extra tools or services to get the towing mirror extensions fixed on your vehicle.

Viewing angle

A reliable towing mirror will be able to show the road behind and beside the trailer or caravan and parts of the wheel arch.

Ideally, it must also show the roof of the trailer.

Before you buy, make sure to take a dummy test to check whether towing mirrors are capable of providing a right-angle view of the back of your vehicle.

Features and qualities

There is a vast number of options for towing mirrors available, from standard mirrors to highly advanced ones. Some options can fit the unique needs of every buyer.

However, the more features and quality you look for, the more expensive a product will be. So, ensure whether you need additional features in your Chevy 2500hd towing mirrors.

FAQs of Towing Mirrors for Chevy Silverado

01. What is the importance of towing mirrors?

Towing mirrors are a need for Chevy Silverado due to the following reasons:

  • They provide better visibility of the rear road
  • Towing mirrors do reduce blind spots
  • Better visibility to the sides of the trailer
  • Helps in detecting whether your Chevy Silverado is swaying
  • If any of the cargo is not appropriately secured, towing mirrors can help detect it.

02. Do you need to have towing mirrors on either side of your vehicle?

Yes, it is recommended to attach towing mirrors on your vehicle on both sides due to the following reasons:

  • When the caravan is broader than your towing vehicle, then the back road view is restricted. Attaching a towing mirror on both sides gives a clear view of even the back of the caravan.
  • These mirrors provide a good view towards the side of the trailer or caravan helping to see other vehicles approaching your truck.

03. How do you use a towing mirror?

Below are given a few tips for using a towing mirror:

  • Make sure mirrors are adequately cleaned. They should not have dust, dirt, or mud as it will drastically reduce visibility. They might increase the risk of accidents during backing up, turning it into changing lanes.


  • Get the required sized mirror. On average, every 3 meters of a vehicle’s overall length, a mirror of 1-inch diameter is needed. To prevent mirrors from getting hit on squeezed tracks, use folding mirrors.

04. What are the different types of towing mirrors?

Two types of towing mirrors are available in the market. They are:

Clip-On Mirrors:

These are mirror-mounted towing mirrors. They are known to be fundamental secondary mirrors that can be installed on either side of your original factory side mirrors.

Once these mirrors are placed, you can get a broader view of the rear area of your vehicle.

Door Mounted Mirrors:

These mirrors are usually mounted to the door of the vehicle. They tend to have sturdier brackets and bigger straps to provide additional stability.

Manual Tow Mirrors

These are the most basic and affordable tow mirrors available. These do not have any wiring and are quick to install.

Power Tow Mirrors

These towing mirrors consist of electronic components and electrical wires. The attached wires can connect to the power mirror switch in the door of the vehicle. These are also pretty easy to install.

05. What are the benefits of using tow mirrors?

There are many amazing benefits of using towing mirrors in your vehicle. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • You get complete visibility of both sides of the trailers, making it easier to see your vehicle’s rear conditions.
  • They provide essential viewing angles to remove dangerous blind spots while towing.
  • Properly installed towing mirrors can save you from being penalized in some regions. When driving with a trailer, having towing mirrors is a legal requirement.


  • Depending on the type, they can even provide you with features similar to power mirrors by connecting to your vehicle’s electrics. These features include automatic anti-glare, motorized adjustments, defogging and heating, etc.

06. Which is best: convex or flat towing mirrors?

Let us see some pros and cons of both flat and convex towing mirrors to know which one could be the best choice.

Convex mirror:

  • Pro: You can get a wider view of the surroundings.
  • Con: Depth of vision is quite distorted.

Flat mirror:

  • Pro: The viewing angle is comparatively less.
  • Con: Depth of vision quality is both excellent and accurate.

Thus, it depends on the preference and needs of the driver to choose whether a flat or convex towing mirror is better.

07. What is the speed limit to follow when towing?

There are some general speed limit rules that must be followed while towing your vehicle. Such as:

  • Ensure to always adhere to the region-specific speed limits. In general, vehicles towing trailers should drive at 30 mph across all tracks with street lighting.
  • Do not exceed a speed limit of 90 mph at maximum while towing a trailer.


  • Maintain an average speed of 50-55 mph while on less congested roads to avoid issues caused by driving at fast speeds. For example, alignment disturbance and swaying trailers can be dangerous for other passengers and drivers.

 08. What are the laws one should follow regarding towing mirrors and extenders?

 There are specific rules drivers must adhere to while using 1500, 2500, and 2021 Silverado mirror extensions and towing mirrors.

They are:

  • You should never drive around with attached towing mirrors or mirror extensions when you are not towing anything, this is considered an offense.


  • Ensure the mirror extensions are not exceeding in length beyond 25 cm of either side of the trailer or caravan that is being towed. For older vehicles, i.e., pre-2007 models, this limit is reduced to 20 cm.


  • Having at least 4 m of clear field view out from the vehicle’s side you are towing is recommended. Again, this could result in a legal offense if you don’t follow it.


  • At last, make sure you can view around 20 m back from your seating position at the time of driving.


Towing a trailer can be done with all the safety measures by having the best towing mirrors for Chevy Silverado 1500/2500hd.

The list mentioned above contains in-depth details of each product to help you determine the best option for your chevy Silverado.

Also, ensure to follow the tips given in the buying consideration section to narrow down the suitable products.

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