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Review of Best Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado 1500

When searching for the upper control arms for lifted Silverado 1500, there’s a lot of information you can find online. This might appear confusing, but we have saved you time by compiling the top control arms for your vehicle.

Control arms give more movement allowance to a vehicle’s suspension by holding the spindles, axles, and knuckles down.

They all come in different forms, but regardless, they are used to hold these components in position.

Upper control arms are essential parts of the suspension, so it’s necessary to install one whenever yours is faulty, or your truck has been lifted.

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What is the Best Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado 1500

The best upper control arm for lifted Silverado is the Kryptonite Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Kit.

The impressive kit is compatible with all Silverado vehicles from 2007 to 2018 and offers high quality and durability for your car.

At a Glance Best Upper Control Arms for Chevy Silverado

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Why is Kryptonite the Best Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado?

We chose the Kryptonite Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Kit because of the focus-to-detail design and high-quality construction.

The control arms are the perfect fit for your Silverado and will increase your vehicle’s stock height and stance. We were also impressed by the cost-efficiency, as it offers more value for your money.

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Top 10 Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado 1500

Here are the top 10 upper control arms for lifted Silverado on our list.

01. Kryptonite Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Kit: Overall Best



  • Upper control arm for vehicles with factory forged steel.
  • Laser-cut to create a sound boxed design.
  • Upgrades stock height.
  • Made in the USA.

At the top of our list is the Kryptonite Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Kit, which is ideal for factory forged steel in the vehicle.

If your Chevy Silverado is between the 2007 and 2018 model years, with two- or four-wheel drive, these are the best upper control arms for lifted Silverado 1500 for you.

These upper control arms are precisely cut and welded into a sturdy, boxed design.

They are perfect for enhancing your lifted truck and would also upgrade the stock height truck. It is designed for durability and long-term use.

It is installed with ball joints that fit your vehicle; plus, the kit comes with everything you need to install it into your truck.

While the upper control arm is of high quality, some customers have complained about poor customer service from the company in terms of the warranty.


  • Compatible with a wide range of Silverado trucks.
  • Made with precision for high quality.
  • Enhance the lifted Silverado.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • Unreliable customer support from Kryptonite.

02. ReadyLift 44-3100 Upper Control Arms: Best for Easy Installation



  • Upper control arms for 2011 and upward Silverados.
  • Right ball joint pivot angle for lifted vehicles.
  • New spring on ball joint for durability.
  • Requires no modification to install.

Next on our list is the ReadyLift 44-3100, which would impress you with its extreme-duty construction. The control arms would fit perfectly into your Silverados from the 2011 model year.

The highlight is the easy installation, as anyone can fit this in their car without making any modifications.

Offering more value for your money, the ReadyLift upper control arms come with the right ball joint pivot angle for your lifted truck.

Not only has this, but the ball joint featured a heavy-duty spring for durability and maximum use, which you can’t find on previous models.

But, you might need to powder coat this before installing it in your car, as customers have complained that it is not resistant to rusting or corrosion.


  • Easy to install with no modifications required.
  • Extreme duty construction.
  • Perfect ball joint pivot angle included.
  • The ball joint is fitted with a heavy-duty spring for durability.


  • Not rust or corrosion-resistant.

03. ACDelco Professional Front Upper Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint: Best Budget Upper Control Arms



  • Professional aftermarket product.
  • Perfect replacement for the original control arm.
  • Provides durability and top performance.

You’ll do well with the ACDelco Professional Upper Control Arm if you’re working with a budget. Although it is cheaper than other items on our list, it still provides leading quality and durability.

The aftermarket product is designed for the front passenger side of your Silverado and is similar to the factory product.

In terms of installation, the ACDelco upper control arms are easy to fit in your vehicle, taking about thirty minutes to an hour.

It comes preloaded with grease and grease fittings and other nuts, bolts, and devices, making it easier to install in your car. There is no worry about quality or poor fittings as it’s the exact OEM equipment.

Always cross-check the installation or ask a professional to do it, as the boot can slip out of its fitting after a month.


  • Highly affordable.
  • OEM designed for perfect fitting.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with grease fittings.


  • Customer complaints of boot slipping out of camp after a month.

04. Freedom Offroad Front Upper Control Arms: Best 4-Inch Lift



  • Upper control arm for 2 to 4 inches lift.
  • Ideal for four and rear-wheel drives.
  • Cap protection for grease fitting and ball joint.
  • Sold as a pair.

Drivers planning to lift their Silverado as high as four inches would benefit from the Freedom Offroad Front Upper Control Arms.

The control arms support between 2 and 4 inches lift for Silverado vehicles between 1999 and 2006. It is designed to improve your driving experience, especially on the highway.

Compatible with four- and rear-wheel-drive, the 4-inch upper control arms feature a correct ball joint angle for perfect fitting.

It is also straightforward to install, and the ball joints are protected by a cap for durability and long-lastingness and keep the grease fitting in place. It is made with high-quality materials and is easy to service.

Although, customers have complained about the ball joint bolt being too short; and this makes the installation a bit tricky. So keep this in mind when buying.


  • Supports up to 4 inches lift.
  • Improves highway driving experience.
  • Correct ball joint angle offered.
  • Ball joints are serviceable and protected by a cap.


  • The ball joint bolt is too short.

05. Cognito Boxed Upper Control Arm Kit: Best for Droop Travel



  • Boxed upper control arm.
  • Perfect fit for Silverado vehicle.
  • Designed for better driving quality.
  • Includes complete installation kit.

The Cognito is highly recommended if you’ve been thinking about replacing your worn-out upper control arm.

Its unique boxed design is well-known for making the driving experience on a lifted Silverado as good as new.

It gives you better droop travel especially, with smoother driving on and off the road.

Made with high-quality materials, the Cognito Boxed Upper Control Arm Kit comes with all you need to install it in your car. The kit is a perfect fit for your Silverado truck and provides good value for your money.

Keep in mind that it’s one of the expensive products on our list, so you should check your budget before purchasing.


  • Unique boxed design.
  • Improves driving quality and droop travel.
  • Easy to install with the kit.
  • Made with high-quality products.


  • On the expensive side.

06. Readylift 67-3500 Tubular Upper Control Arm Kit: Best for Durability



  • Made with alloyed steel.
  • Heavy-duty tube steel construction.
  • 1-ton spring-loaded ball joints.
  • Included new free float bushings with built-in washers.

Drivers of 2017 and 2018 Silverado vehicles would prefer the Readylift Tubular Upper Control Arm Kit, which offers you the entire installation kit and control arm.

The upper control arm is alloyed steel for high quality and features heavy-duty construction with a reinforced cup.

You would also see a heavy-duty 1-ton spring-loaded with the ball joints for durability and sturdiness in the kit.

The highlight is the free float bushings, which are non-bonded and self-lubricating. Requiring no maintenance, the bushings are integrated with side biter built-in washers.

Although this is a durable product, keep in mind that the stem spins within the nut while installing, making it difficult to tighten the ball joint nut. You might need an alignment to get the nut adequately fitted.


  • Made with heavy-duty alloyed steel.
  • Spring-loaded ball joints for maximum performance.
  • Comes with self-lubricating, no maintenance-free float bushings.
  • Includes complete installation kit.


  • Challenging to tighten the ball joint nut.

07. Rough Country Forged Upper Control Arms: Best for OEM Fit



  • Constructed with forged solid steel.
  • POM ball joints for wide motion range.
  • OEM style rubber bushings.
  • No weak spots in welding construction.

Constructed with forged solid steel, the Rough Country Forged Upper Control Arms are made perfectly for your Silverado vehicle.

The Chevy extended upper control arms have no weak spots but impress customers with their strength and durability.

The ball joints are designed with the right angle for lifted Silverado and provide a wide range of motion and low chances of friction for better driving.

They are also easy to install with the complete kit. The rubber bushings are also OEM style with a fully greaseable design for easy maintenance.

The ball joints are not very good quality, so you might have to replace them regularly. There are also complaints of the control arm rubbing against the tires, so check your installation before hitting the road.


  • High-quality control arms with maximum durability.
  • Ball joints provide a low coefficient of friction and a broad motion range.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rubber bushings are greaseable.


  • Ball joints get worn out quickly.

08. KSP Tubular Upper Control Arm: Best for Long Service Life



  • The idea for Silverado with 2- or 4-wheel drive.
  • Dust Cover and PU bushing included.
  • Aggressive red texture.
  • Made with DOM tubing and TIG welding.

The KSP Tubular Upper Control Arm is a perfect fit for 2007 to 2018 Silverado vehicles with two- or four-wheel drive and 6-lug wheels.

It is designed with PU bushing for improving your driving experience on and off the road.

As it’s an upgraded version, it also offers a longer service life with a high-quality dust cover. It is also CNC machined and has an aggressive red color for a new look.

You can rest assured of safety while using this upper control arm, as it is carefully welded with TIG welding. It is made with 1.25-inch DOM tubing for strength and sturdy construction.

While it’s pretty impressive that KSP offers free replacement parts with their upper control arm, you can’t fit the product with any other parts.


  • Improves your driving experience.
  • Long service life.
  • Gives your vehicle an aggressive look.
  • Welded with TIG method for durability.


  • Limited options for replacement parts.

09. Detroit Axle 8-Lug Front Upper Control Arms: Best Value



  • 8-Lug front upper control arms and lower ball joint.
  • Designed to match the vehicle’s rigorous needs.
  • Perfect fit for Silverado.

Another reliable upper control arm is the Detroit Axle 8-Lug Front Upper Control Arms.

Made as the perfect replacement for your Chevy Silverado, the kit comes with two front upper control arms plus ball joint assemblies and two front lower ball joints.

So, you can replace the upper and lower parts.

The Detroit Axle upper control arms are made with top quality to match the rigorous needs of Silverado vehicles and your driving style. It also fits perfectly in your car and is easy to install.

On the downside, it might be discouraging that there isn’t a grease fitting on the ball joint, making it hard to maintain over time.


  • Perfect replacement.
  • Comes with lower ball joints.
  • Durable to meet driving needs.
  • Easy to install.


  • No grease fitting on the ball joint.

10. ECCPP Upper Control Arms with Standard Bushings: Best for Improved Ride Quality



  • Comes with two upper control arms, ball joints, and standard bushing.
  • OEM design.
  • Stabilizes cars and provides wheel freedom.

Not the least on our list, the ECCPP Upper Control Arms come designed for a wide range of vehicles, including the Chevy Silverado and Silverado classic.

The ball joint comes with standard bushings, which give you a smooth driving experience while making your car stable as you drive.

It would also provide freedom to each of your wheels, making it easy to corner and drive on rough terrains.

If you notice your vehicle isn’t riding well, you can depend on these easy to install control arms.

Although the installation takes a while, it provides high quality and looks very similar to the factory arms in the car. It is also pretty cheap to purchase.

While these OEM-style upper control arms stand out with their high quality, installation can be tricky, so consider seeking professional help.


  • Improves driving experience.
  • OEM-style design.
  • Come with standard bushings for car stability.
  • High quality and affordable.


  • Installation takes a while.

What is Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado?

Upper control arms are located in the independent front suspension of your lifted Silverado and connect the top of the spindle to the frame.

It isn’t a load-bearing component, but it moves the spindle in a pre-determined pattern as your suspension goes up and down.

Your driving experience, mainly when maneuvering and off-roading, depends on the quality of your upper control arms. And if they are worn out, it’s always best to purchase a new one.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Upper Control Arms

As there is a wide range of upper control arms for Lifted Silverado out there, it’s essential to assess them based on specific factors before choosing one.

This buying guide section will help determine the best control arm for your lifted truck.

Strength and Durability

One of the critical factors to consider is how solid and durable the upper control arms are. Always go for those made with steel and offer sturdy construction to last after installation.

Other important factors like rust resistance and corrosion resistance are also important in choosing your control arms.

Clearance and Lift Support

Whether you need upper control arms for 6 inch lift or a 4-inch lift, you should consider this when you’re selecting one.

The good thing about aftermarket control arms is that they raise your suspension, so you don’t have to worry about limited clearance. Also, ensure the upper control arms won’t clash with the suspension components.


It is also essential to know how easy installing your upper control arms into the lifted Silverado is.

You should look out for those with a complete kit of installation devices like the bolts and nuts needed. It’s even better when it requires no modification to your vehicle or professional help.

Contribution to Driving Experience

The new upper control arm should enhance your driving experience by improving droop travel, making cornering easier, and providing off-road support.

Without the proper control arms, they would make loud noises in your truck and give you an uncomfortable ride, especially when driving over bumps or rough terrains.

Alignment Correction and Adjustability

Since lifting your vehicle leads to a different angle for your control arms, it’s essential to choose one that is adjustable and provides alignment correction once you install it.

They can shift the position of the ball joint and alter the geometry of the spindle so you can drive smoothly.

Other Fittings

Asides from the factors listed below, it also helps to consider other fittings like having bushings in your upper control arm for better driving.

Grease components are also helpful to your control arm, as it makes it easy to install and maintain.

Some other practical fittings include having cap protection on your ball joint or spring-loaded ball joints, as these improve the durability and functionality of the control arms.

How Do You Know That You Need Upper Control Arm Replacement?

Although you might need to replace your upper control arm in your lifted Silverado if the factory model is worn out, there are other reasons why you might need a control arm replacement.

For instance, you might need to replace them if you’re making any changes to the suspension at all.

The primary purpose of a control arm is to enhance your wheel function when lifting your vehicle. If you raise your Silverado, you might need a new control arm compatible with its new height.

So if you’re lifting your truck, you should assess the situation and consider installing a new upper control arm. You can also ask your mechanic after lifting your vehicle.

What Style of Upper Control Arm is best for Lifted Silverado?

There are two main types of upper control arms. The first one is ball joint arms, which are fitted with ball joint boots at the spindle mount and bushings at the frame mount.

On the other hand, one has a uni-ball bearing at the spindle malt and helps joints at the frame mount.

If you choose an upper control arm for a lifted Silverado truck, it’s always best to go for the former.

The ball joint components are pretty famous for one, so it would be easier to find one that fits perfectly in your truck without any modifications required.

Not only this, but they are easily greaseable and booted, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions and road debris while driving.

Ball joint arms are also easy to adjust and install if the manufacturer provides a detailed installation kit.

Since the frame mount is fitted with bushings, it dampens vibration whenever you drive, offering a smooth experience without any discomfort over bumps and rough terrains.

Some of the top ball joint control arms today, like those on our list, are also identified with durability and strength. As long as they’re well-maintained, they are highly resistant to failure.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading Your Upper Control Arms

While there are a lot of benefits that come with getting better control arms after lifting your vehicle, you might also have to look out for a few downsides.


  • Usually Stronger than Factory Arms

Aftermarket control arms are usually much stronger, durable, and resistant than the factory models. Thus, it is a perfect fit when you’ve lifted your truck. You can get those with tubular arms, boxed designs, or made with forged steel. Regardless of how they are made, they are usually a massive upgrade from the original.

  • Better Ride Quality

Since the upper control arms are designed for a lifted vehicle, they almost always improve your ride quality. It becomes even better when they weigh less than the OEM control arms because this reduces the suspension weight and makes it easy to drive on rough roads. Depending on the shocks in your vehicle, they also reduce the impact of bumps.

  • Higher Suspension

Most control arms increase your suspension travel, allowing for broader angle correction and coil-over fitness. Since the control arm angle changes when you lift your vehicle, it becomes essential to get a new one that corrects the angle and puts your ball joints back where they’re supposed to be.


  • Expensive

The cost of replacing your upper control arms is usually a problem for many car owners. Although there are some affordable options, most of the control arms are expensive and require professional installation. Hiring professional installation also increases the overall cost. But in most cases, the upgraded control arms are worth the price.

FAQ of Best Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado

Do I need upper control arms for a lift kit?

If you lift your Silverado vehicle, you need an adjustable upper control arm. As mentioned earlier, lift kits alter your vehicle’s geometry, and the aftermarket control arm would correct the alignment. It would also fix any clearance issues that might come up from lifting the car.

So, if you lift your Silverado by two inches or higher, you need aftermarket control arms to correct the alignment.

You might hit bump stops while you drive and have an uncomfortable driving experience without doing this. It might also be challenging to control your vehicle while driving.

Should I replace the upper and lower control arms?

Just because you’re replacing the upper control arm on your Silverado doesn’t mean you should replace the lower one.

If you lift your vehicle, it’s only essential to upgrade the upper arms. But, if one control arm is bad, you should only replace that one.

Keep in mind that if one is bad and the other one seems worn out, you can then replace both control arms simultaneously.

It also ensures that you do the wheel alignment only once. Usually, upper and lower control arms wear out at the same mileage, so if you get them simultaneously, expect to replace them together.

Are tubular control arms good for lifted Silverado?

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting upper control arm for your lifted Silverado, you can do well with those that feature a tubular design.

Tubular control arms are usually highly durable and provide improved geometry for a better driving experience.

They also come with bushings and high-quality ball joints that would last for a long time.

Plus, they are usually powder coated for rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Since they are visually attractive, they give your vehicle a new look while improving its performance.

What are the signs of a faulty upper control arm?

You know when it’s time to replace your upper control arm when your vehicle shows particular symptoms.

In cases like this, you might not have even lifted your Silverado again. If your steering wheel is vibrating or wandering while you drive, it’s a sign that you need new upper control arms.

You might also be hearing clunking sounds from the car while you drive, which is caused by wear and tear in the ball joints or bushings.

When they become loose, they knock into the walls as you drive on rough terrains. It’s crucial to replace it immediately to prevent accidents, especially steering wheel wandering.

How long does an aftermarket upper control arm last?

If you’re purchasing a high-quality upper control arm for your lifted Silverado, you can expect to use it for between 90,000 and 100,000 miles. It can last for much longer if properly installed and maintained in your vehicle.

On the other hand, it can also last for much less if you drive on rough terrains and go off-roading often. Or, if you’re involved in a car accident, the control arms can become faulty and require replacement.

Is alignment required after replacing upper control arms?

If you do any major work on your vehicle’s suspension, like using a lift kit, you need to align the car after replacing the upper control arms. Although you might feel like the aftermarket control arms are the same as the factory, they are not exact.

The new one would provide more durability and functionality than the factory control arms, with less deflection and wear and tear. It would also place the alignment in the correct position.

How much does it cost to install the upper control arm?

After lifting their Chevy Silverado, car owners who aren’t handy with tools and working on their cars might need to hire a professional to install the new upper control arm.

Control arm replacements for lifted Silverado usually cost between $110 and $300 for labor costs. As for the cost of the upper control arm, you can spend as low as $80 or as high as $500.

But, it’s usually not difficult to replace your upper control arm. So, if you’re confident, you can follow the instructions and get to work.

What is the best upper control arm for lifted Silverado?

This depends on your needs and how high you are raising your vehicle. To choose the best upper control arm for yourself, you can check out our buying guide and use the factors there to select one from our top 10 options.

Or, you can go for the Kryptonite Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Kit, which we consider our overall best.

Final thoughts of -Best Upper Control Arms for Lifted Silverado 1500

Now that you know the ten best upper control arms for lifted Silverado, it should be much easier to navigate the market and purchase one for a better driving experience.

If you’re still not sure, keep in mind that it’s essential to get new upper control arms if you’re lifting your Silverado so that you retain the driving experience.

Also, if your upper control arms are damaged or faulty, it’s compulsory to replace them before you get back on the road. They are usually easy to install and help you enjoy driving without any safety problems.

Whether you’re working with a budget or looking for long-lastingness, we’ve got an upper control arm kit for you on our list.

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