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Scraped Catalytic Converter: Chevy Silverado Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Suppose you want to know the Chevy scraped Catalytic price. In that case, you are at the right place because this article will explore everything you need to know about catalytic converter scrap prices.

Currently, catalytic converters are highly valuable because of the precious metal content they possess.

Catalytic converters have valuable metals, including manganese, iron, platinum, nickel, copper, cerium, palladium, and rhodium.

While some catalytic converter contains less or more metal, it contributes to their price.

If you intend to sell your catalytic converter, you must know the essential component that can be recycled.

Regrettably, most catalytic converter scrap companies do not display their Chevy Silverado catalytic converter scrap price list.

However, this write-up will unveil some prices for your catalytic converter.

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What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a mechanical device primarily found in most cars to help reduce harmful emissions in your exhaust system.

It is an essential component in your car since it works on harmful gases released by your engine when you burn fuel.

The primary function of the converter is to minimize exhaust emissions through the car’s engine exhaust TIP system.

Nowadays, a catalytic converter has several components containing palladium and platinum. These components undergo different chemical reactions.

Nevertheless, there are three types of catalytic converters for your Chevy Silverado.

How does a catalytic converter work?

Before we explore the Chevy Silverado catalytic converter scrap price list, you need to know how your catalytic converter functions inside your car.

Gases in your converter flow via a dense honeycomb construction, manufactured with ceramic and coated with different grade catalysts.

The structure makes it possible for gases to touch the converter catalyst, making it easier to convert quickly and efficiently. Two catalysts are involved during this process.

The first catalyst tackles nitrogen oxide pollution through reduction (a chemical process of removing oxygen).

This process breaks down nitrogen oxides into oxygen and nitrogen, making them harmless gases.

The second catalyst uses an opposite chemical oxidation process and converts carbon monoxide into CO2.

Furthermore, it turns any unburned hydrocarbons residual in your exhaust into carbon dioxide and water.

It performs three different chemical reactions during these processes, which is why most people call the converter a three-way catalytic converter.

How much is a catalytic converter worth?

You should understand that the worth of a catalytic converter differs from one place to another.

For instance, the selling price is different if you are in the United States compared to those in the United Kingdom.

Do you know that the value or worth of your catalytic converter is due to the presence of palladium, rhodium, and platinum?

On average, for those in the United States, your catalytic converter scrap will be worth between $350 and $1500, mainly if you sell it at a local wrecking service for a scrap.

On the other hand, your Silverado catalytic scrap price is based on the model and manufacturer.

However, your catalytic converter can be worth between £200 and £1600, depending on the car make and model, as mentioned above.

Overall, the worth of a catalytic converter can also increase based on where you are selling it.

In addition, the lifespan of the converter is another factor that can affect its worth. Therefore, you should consider these if you want to sell your catalytic converter as scrap.

Chevy Silverado catalytic converter problems?

Your catalytic converter might run into several problems. The most widespread problem you will face for a Chevy Silverado converter is not as severe as you might think. Overall, these are the major problem you can face.

  • Broken or melted catalytic converter
  • Debris building up or clogged converter
  • Bad fuel economy
  • Slipping transmission

Follow this Video to learn more about Chevy Silverado catalytic converter problems.

Chevy Catalytic Converter Scrap Price

Knowing the Chevy catalytic scrap price is critical if you want to sell your converter. However, several factors can affect the price.

Besides this, you also need to know how to determine the exact price accurately and where to find the best buyer for your scrap converter.

We will explore these and more in this section. Let us look at how you can help increase your converter price.

Factors that affect catalytic converter scrap price

Your catalytic converter scrap price will depend on the parts and metals used to transform harmful chemicals and gases into less harmful elements.

Here are the elements or components that affect the catalytic converter scrap price.


If you do not know, the gorgeous bright white metal that rings around your converter is made of platinum.

While you might not know, platinum is the first line of defense for your car against harmful gases.

When gases enter your catalytic converter through your engine, it intermingles with the platinum.

A chemical reaction separates harmful substances from your car’s emissions during this process.

When recycling, the converter is refined and reconstructed into pure metal.


Another component that determines the Chevy Silverado converter scrap price for your converter is palladium. You can see palladium as a higher version of platinum.

Nowadays, most luxurious cars have palladium in their converter that you can remove and recycle for a reasonable price.

However, the price will depend on the car and the type of converter installed in the car.


Its primary work is to synergize with palladium or platinum to clean and filter any air passing through the catalytic converter.

What boosts your platinum effectiveness is the combination of platinum and rhodium.

On the other hand, combining rhodium with palladium helps increase the palladium’s ability to eradicate any toxin in your converter.

As with platinum and palladium, you can also recycle rhodium even though it might not be as expensive and valuable as platinum or palladium.

Therefore, when you want to sell your catalytic converter scrap, scrappers or buyers will prioritize platinum and palladium before considering rhodium.

Metal Meshes and Ceramic

Another component that might affect your Silverado scraped catalytic price is the availability of ceramic and metal meshes.

Nevertheless, it is hard to recycle catalytic converter that contains ceramic. Notwithstanding, you can easily recycle a converter with metal mesh.

Notably, the mesh performs two functions – trapping contaminants and slowing down the air that passes through the converter. Manufacturers can only reuse the metal mesh inside the converter after purifying it.

Metal shielding

Lastly, another component that might lightly affect your scrap price is the metal shield surrounding and protecting your catalytic converter. Typically, it is not highly valuable; however, it comprises stainless steel. Although you might not get a reasonable price when selling, sheet metal comprises 80% of the converter.

How to find catalytic converter scrap buyers?

You need to find a buyer before thinking of your Chevy Silverado catalytic converter scrap price.

In most situations, you can sell your scrap catalytic converter to either an auto wrecker or a local auto parts store.

Nevertheless, converter recycling requires specialty tools that most car owners cannot have.

Because of this, the best option you’ve to sell to an auto parts store or wrecker who will resell to another specialty service provider.

Since you cannot get the exact value, contacting specialty recycling services is the next option.

While many people find it stressful cutting the intermediaries to get the best out of their catalytic converter, the process can be daunting.

You can make the process seamless by searching for these companies online using a simple Google search.

Remember that using a local buyer and a specialty service provider has advantages and disadvantages.

How to determine the exact price of your Chevy Silverado Catalytic Converter?

It is hard to ascertain the exact price unless you have more than 120 converters of the same model category and vehicle.

In addition, these converters must have the same material and analysis done through a trusted buyer; you cannot know the number of precious metals in the converter.

Here is where you need catalytic buyers and scrap yards. These exist to buy the converter at a fair market rate as they ship whatever they sell to downstream processors and vendors for more profit.

Most buyers’ converter value per piece is derived from evaluating catalytic converters of the same types. With this, they can know the number of precious metals to recover.

In addition, they also use a pre-derived formula based on the current market price of rhodium, platinum, and palladium to generate their price list.

Follow this YouTube Video to learn more about converter scrap price.

Examples of how much to recover from a converter

To get an accurate percentage and worth of a converter, you need to collect more than a thousand converters and assay them.

However, let us give an example of how to know the exact value of your converter.

For instance, the current market price of platinum is $200 per ounce (it can be worth more than this, and we want to make things easier using a round number).

Assuming you refined your converter, and nothing is missing inside the honeycomb.

If you got 0.8 ounces of platinum from the converter, to get the exact price, you need to multiply with the current marketplace (in this case, $200 is the current price).

Therefore, your converter scrap price will be $200 multiplied by 0.8, which will be $160.

While you think you will be going home with $160, that is not the case because you must consider who you are selling to, as the dealer will want to profit.

Overall, you can pocket at least $120 after considering the recovery process, buyer profits, and other factors.

Know everything about your converter

catalytic converter diagram
Vector illustration of the Car Catalytic Converter.


Another critical thing that can help ascertain the exact value of your converter is knowing your vehicle’s make and model.

In addition, you need to know the manufacturing year as it will be easier to sell when you have this information.

If you are selling through a phone, your dealer will ask for these to provide a comparative quote. You can get a reasonable price or estimate for your converter with this.

Chevy 6.0 catalytic converter scrap price

Chevy 6.0 catalytic converter price for car model from 2001 to 2013. Note that these prices are subject to changes.

Part Number Scrap Price
12568994  $    76.00
12573926  $    74.00
25362147  $    59.00
12573730  $    58.00
12580906  $    52.00
12580906  $    46.00
12570477  $    38.00
25317923  $ 232.00
25328019  $ 225.00
25328025  $ 182.00
25328022  $ 121.00


Price for Small Flow

Part Number Scrap Price
93429561  $    24.00
25339082  $    36.00
25319109  $    24.00
25318379  $    36.00
25318376  $    72.00
25312626  $    72.00
25180199  $    72.00
25179829  $    36.00
25177735  $    72.00
12570786  $    36.00


Chevy Colorado catalytic converter scrap price

Scrap price for your Chevy Colorado catalytic converter might vary based on the engine size and model year.

However, as a rule, these converters are expensive. Nowadays, they are among the most highly stolen items in cars.

Chevy Colorado converter scrap Type Price Range
Scrap price $90 to $250


[Related FAQs] On Current Scrap Price of Chevy Catalytic Converter

How long does a Chevy Silverado Catalytic converter last?

When you change the converter, it can fetch you some cash, depending on its lifespan. Most catalytic converters can averagely last 200,000 miles after installation.

Remember, converters installed in your vehicle when your car was purchased from the manufacturer will be more expensive than those bought after use since they do not wear fast.

What part of the converter gives more value?

Catalytic converters contain several parts that can increase their value. However, if your converter has palladium, platinum, and rhodium, you can get better value during the sale.

Besides this, the worth can increase slightly if it has metal shielding, ceramic, and metal meshes.

When do you need to change your converter?

A converter often fails when it clogs, overheats, and experiences physical damage. Another reason to consider changing your converter is because of oil contamination.

It is hard to determine when it is the best time to change the converter, but once you experience a decrease in power and a foul smell, it is advisable to look for a replacement.


Presently, catalytic converters are highly valuable in the metal recycling industry due to the presence of precious metals. Chevy converters contain platinum, palladium, iron, nickel, cerium, and copper.

If you want to sell your converter, knowing the scraped catalytic converter price can help you give you a clue of its value.

However, the value of your converter depends on several factors, as indicated in this article.

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