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Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs Crew Cab:(Understanding Double Cab vs Crew Cab)

Truck cab styles are so varied that it is sometimes difficult to find you out of the comparison of Chevy Silverado double cab vs crew cab. Even more options open when you include different bed lengths and other trim levels, such as long, short, and regular, in addition to the several trim levels already available.

In this article, we are going to look at the differences between double cab and crew cab in Chevy Silverado. We are going to be focusing on a Chevy Silverado 1500 in this guide due to its popularity and effectiveness.

What Does Double Cab Mean Chevy Silverado?

According to online research, double cab and extended cab are interchangeable, but Chevy Silverado is not one of them.

Double cabs are a mix of crew cabs and extended cabs, providing additional space in a smaller body.

You may observe that the extended cab is employed for the Chevy Colorado instead of the double cab. You will not have any trouble telling the two apart if you only want a new Silverado.

How Do I know If My Truck is a Crew Cab or Double Cab?

Chevy Silverado extended, or double cab is normally designed to accommodate up to five passengers, whilst a crew cab is often designed to accommodate up to six passengers.

Nevertheless, this second-row offers drivers the space they require to conveniently seat passengers, regardless of whether they are loading up their family or their staff.

Chevy Silverado Double Cab & crew Cab Overview

Among all the other cab options, the Chevy crew cab boasts the greatest passenger space. All front passenger compartments of both the double and crew cab are identical.

In comparison to other cab models. The rear passenger compartment is where the Chevy crew cab shines.

Chevy crew cab is what you need to choose if you ever need a lot more room for the passengers or a lot of extra storage in the cab.

With Chevy Silverado crew cab, you may choose between a short or regular bed length, and your Chevy truck can accommodate up to six people depending on your options.

While the extended cab and double cab trucks are in the same class as the Colorado and Silverado. Both can seat six people front and back, but a crew cab has more rear seats. Silverado 1500 double cabs have the standard bed length.

The Chevy Silverado Regular Cab

Trucks with a regular cab or a single cab do not have back seats for passengers. They often used on commercial or work trucks since it makes the bed length if possible.

Such cab style only comes with a long bed, and based on how well the truck is equipped, it can seat up to three people. Often, it is also the least expensive choice.

Looking at the body of the regular cab, it is sleek and chiseled altogether and is complimented with vertical headlights on both sides, dramatic double grills, as well as a contoured bumper.

All Chevy Silverado regular cabs feature three (3) models:

  • The small box.
  • The standard box.
  • And the long box.

Each one of these models comes with six trims, a basic 1WT, and a top-of-the-line LTZ Z71. Chevy Silverado Regular is equally stacked with fascinating engines such as: LT, LT Z71, 1WT, and 2WT, which all come with a 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V6 standard with an automatic transmission of 6-speed and 305 lb/ft of engine torque. Both the LTZ Z71 and the LTZ also come with a 5.3-liter EcoTec3 V8 standard, which is also found with the other trims.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab vs Crew Cab

Many consumers are concerned about the different truck types and terminology before buying their next pickup.

And Chevy Silverado has different cab layouts, and you may not know what each one means. Cab type is just one consideration when comparing Chevy Silverado trim levels.

Let us compare the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab and double cab.

01. Interior Capacity

Specifically, Chevy Silverado’s regular cab only has room for three people in a single row, but the second row may be removed in the double- and crew-cab models to accommodate six passengers.

In terms of seating capacity, both have the same number of seats, but the difference is in the amount of room each has. But it is in the second row of seats that the difference is noticeable.

Rear headroom and legroom for double-cab passengers measure 39.88 inches and 35.24 inches, respectively. Most adults will be able to fit comfortably in that space.

Meanwhile the rear headroom and legroom are both 40.12 and 43.40 inches in a crew cab, which is designed for the “full crew.”

Silverado’s crew cab easily accommodates six people of average height and weight, and the gap between the front and rear seats is negligible.

You could also use the extra room in the back of the vehicle to carry additional luggage.

There is also a High-Country trim which is only available in crew cab configuration, so keep that in mind if you are looking for the best Silverado.

02. External Dimensions

When it comes to exterior proportions, Chevy Silverado offers several choices, thanks to the various possible cab styles. You will have a 7.89-inch ground clearance if you opt for a double cab with a regular bed.

To put this in context, a crew cab short bed version has a braking distance of 10.88 inches.

In terms of off-roading, there is a little more ground clearance, which makes it easier to drive over small pebbles and trees without having to worry about damaging your vehicle.

Overall, the length of a truck with a crew cab and a short bed will be 231.70 inches, making it easier for drivers to maneuver through tight spaces.

Compared to a crew cab’s regular bed, which measures 241.21 inches in total length. When it comes to maneuverability, a crew cab`s short or double cab`s standard bed is the best option.

03. Engines Performance

If you are planning on towing or driving off-road, engine power is critical, and Chevy Silverado has a variety of engine options to choose from.

A 4.3 Litter EcoTec3 V6 engine with 285 hp and 305 p-ft of torque is standard on this vehicle. If what you want is more power, you can upgrade to the 5.3 Litter EcoTec3 V8 engine, which is also an option.

With up to 355 hp and a torque of 383 lb-ft, this powertrain is made to pull heavy loads. With the optional 6.2 Litters EcoTec3 V8 engine on some top trim levels, you can get even more power.

This monster produces 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. With all that power, you will be able to handle some very hefty cargo with ease.

When it comes to being able to pull things behind the truck, the cab alternatives are important. With the 4 Litters engine and standard bed on the double cab, you can pull up to 7,600 pounds.

With a crew cab`s standard bed layout and the same engine, you can tow a total of 7,400 pounds. If you use the 6.2 Litters engine, you will be able to pull even more.

When you use the double cab with the standard bed, then you will be able to pull up to 13,300 pounds. With the standard bed and crew cab, you can tow a total of 11,900 pounds.

04. Transmission System

When it comes to transmission, the transmission in this truck gives you a lot of power, which is a big reason.

Start with an automatic transmission with six speeds, which makes it easy to speed up because you have so many gears to choose from.

But if you want more speed and performance, you can get a 10-speed automatic transmission that will give you more ability to tow.

Chevy Silverado transmission has four extra gears so that you can maintain your RPM low while towing on the highway.

If you want an additional and practical understanding of the differences, click this and follow this video

Shopping Factors Between Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs Crew Cab

01. Price

In general, double cabs are less expensive than crew cabs. Why? Keep in mind that crew cabs are bigger than double cabs.

When it comes to trucks, you will naturally pay more now for greater space when you start looking. When you are considering Silverado models.

02. Passengers’ Capacity

You will need a larger cab size if you plan to carry over two passengers in your vehicle. Silverado’s double cab, as well as a crew cab, can both comfortably seat five to six (6) people.

Both crew and double cabs are outstanding for those who desire a family truck or a work truck in this regard.

03. Trim levels

Some trim levels are designed with certain attributes in mind, such as the cab and bed sizes. As a result, the one you select will have an impact on which trims you can access.

Let us say you have set your sights on a double cab`s standard bed. The WT, the Custom, the Custom Trail Boss, the LT, and the RST are the trim levels available with this combination.

Meanwhile, the LT, WT, Custom, RST, LTZ, LT Trail Boss, and High-Country trim levels are available should you choose a crew cab`s extended bed.

If you are looking for a truck with a specific cab and bed size, you will need to figure out which type you want. So that you will be able to search for available trims depending on these characteristics.

04. Space for Cargo

When deciding between a double cab and a crew cab, the passenger capacity is not the only item that differs.

Because crew cabs have a larger cabin and can accommodate more passengers, you can store significantly more in your area than you could in a double cab.

However, there is one thing you must consider: the size of the bed. In most cases, the bed size is determined by the cab type, but irrespective of whether you want a crew cab or a double cab Silverado, you have several options.

Chevy Silverado (2022 model), HD 2500-3500, for example, offers extended and regular beds across trim levels, as well as double and crew cab options.

We may say the same for Chevy Silverado 1500 in 2022. With this model, you have a short bed option as well as a standard bed and a long bed.

Whatever you intend to do with your truck, you will want to think about cargo space and how it will affect your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cab size should i get?

If you want to move and pull more equipment than people, a double cab may be the best option. A crew cab truck can be a better option if you would like a truck that could also serve as a family car.

Which is Bigger, Crew or Double Cab?

Normal Chevy Silverado cab seats three, but the crew and double-cab variants seat six. And the second-row space in each, seats the same number of passengers.

Six full-size adults can fit in the Silverado crew cab without noticing the difference between the back and front seats. You may also bring additional cargo in the backseat.

If you want the greatest Silverado, choose a crew cab High Country, because the Silverado crew cab in this case is the biggest.

Is a double cab required?

Trucks with double cabs have pushed the popularity of trucks to new heights. You may comfortably carpool with coworkers to work sites thanks to the second row of seats and four doors.

Double cabs, like crew cabs, can accommodate six passengers. However, the back legroom will be tighter than in a crew cab.

A double cab is ideal for transporting tiny persons, children, or gear that requires a second row. A crew cab will be more comfortable if you often transport five full-size adults.

How can I decide between the double and the crew cab?

There is another alternative if you cannot decide between the extended and crew cab. A double cab truck is larger than a crew cab but smaller than an extended cab.

Double cab trucks, like crew cab trucks, have normal doors that open in the front and two rows of seating.

Their seats and doors, on the other hand, are a little smaller and more suggestive of the extended cab pickup. Chevrolet Silverado pickup is available in a double cab configuration.


I believe your doubts about Chevy Silverado double cab vs crew cab has come to an end.

If that is the case, then you are one step closer to choosing that perfect Chevy Silverado pickup truck that you have always dreamed about.

While you do that, pay attention to the above tips.

They will help you find the ideal truck with the correct fit and feel, with the normal extended, crew, or double options, whichever one you desire.

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