Bobby Kimberley

Bobby began throwing music festivals at age 17 in Lindsay, Ontario as a way to get his really bad, 3-chord pop punk band shows when nobody else would book them. 10 years later, he’s run the gamut of the Canadian music and marketing biz. He jumped at the chance as programmer of events at the University of Ottawa as a surefire way to throw concerts with other people’s money. Since graduating with a B.A. Communications degree in 2006, Bobby’s worked as national promotions coordinator for Ogilvy & Mather, in lifestyle marketing for Sony BMG Music Canada , been hired as social media consultant for a variety of businesses, and managed quirky indie pop bands under the moniker of Global Recess Records, a Toronto-based artist management/ booking company he created.  In 2008, Bobby took his roster and joined North American music marketing agency The MuseBox as Director of Marketing & Accounts, heading up the Canadian office in Toronto, and everyone has lived happily ever after.