Brent Bain

Brent Bain got to an early start in music as a member of the International Calgary Boys Choir. Years later he began performing original material on well known stages around the world, supporting 3 independent recordings during a 5 year period on the road. Eventually moving to Toronto to develop his career in the business of music, Brent studied Entertainment Management and received honours from Trebas Institute. Since those early days, Brent has played an increasingly active role in Canadian music. Brent’s experience includes being an Artist Manager, Agent, Promoter, Publicist and Consultant with companies including The Music Managers Forum of Canada (MMF), Six Shooter Records, Live Tour Artists, Jane Harbury Publicity, Planet 3 Communications, Sparks Music and Working Title Artists. With this diverse understanding of musicality, performance, artist development, promotion and professional practice, Brent continues to foster the Canadian Music Industry through his current position as Manager of the Submissions Department at FACTOR.