Phil Gumbley

Phil Gumbley is the Director of Operations at FACTOR where he is responsible for implementing and improving systems, procedures and policies. Phil joined the team in 2006 as a Program Administrator in the Funded Projects Department and has worked in various roles including Manager, Funded Projects and Manager, Operations.
Phil graduated from York University with an Honours BA in English and Philosophy where he enjoyed taking courses such as Sampling Culture: From T.S. Eliot to Missy Elliott and Philosophy of Mind.
Music has always played a significant role in Phil’s life. He is self-taught hobby guitarist and played with a number of bands some time ago, including instant classics such as .:paperkillsrock:., The Kindhearted Bankers and 1-800-TRICERATOPS.
In his free time, Phil cans his own salsa, skips FACTOR’s music industry curling league team and enjoys teaching his toddler niece how to play.