Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson has extensive experience working with elite performers, and lectures internationally on how to maximize performance outcomes. Stuart holds both a Masters of Science degree in Performance Psychology and an Honours Physiotherapy degree, which enables him to identify physical or psychological factors that limit performance. Addressing these issues aids the performer to maximize their potential, and enhances their control of performance outcomes.

Stuart’s clients have included:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Kings of Leon
  • The Royal Ballet (London UK)
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • World Rally
  • Olympic athletes
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Ballet BC
  • several pop/rock musicians and many other elite performers in a variety of domains
  • He is the director of a performance consultancy known as MindAscend©.

“Having played in a band myself, musicians are very close to my artistic heart. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in discussion with them, and getting to know who they are from a personal and creative perspective. Spending time with them at the PEAK Performance Boot Camp, and seeing the performers in action, certainly assists what I do — helping them to maximize the quality and consistency of their performances. So naturally I’m looking forward to another amazing Boot Camp as I love to combine my passions!”