Warne Liversey

Warne Livesey is a multi-platinum award winning music producer and mix engineer with over 25 years experience. In that time he has worked with artists all over the globe. Although originally from the UK he now lives in Toronto.

Livesey is noted for his ability to capture the true essence of the artist and work with them to push the boundaries of their creativity and commercial appeal. Being a musician, arranger and co-writer as well as an engineer, he strives to craft music that has cohesion and moves people on a deep level. His work to date has spanned multiple genres from Industrial, through Alternative and Indie Rock, Singer Songwriter and R&B pop. His career is highlighted with artists who have chosen to work with him multiple time including: Midnight Oil, The The, 54.40 and Matthew Good. Other credits include: Jesus Jones, Deacon Blue, House of Love and Mark Hollis.

Livesey says, ” I am as excited today about making music as I was when I first started. Its an amazing experience to make your living like this and even more rewarding to share that experience with others who have the same passion”.

Recently Warne has been producing and mixing multi-talented Australian Kim Churchill, Vancouver based singer songwriter Dominique Fricot and the Blue/Rock powerhouse No Sinner, the debut LP by Montreal’s Kandle and also working in Nashville with new Alt. Rock band The Graysmiths.