Privacy Policy

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FTC-Required Disclosure

Based on the new FTC standards, we have updated our customers’ testimonials and product reviews rules and guidelines. This is part of our commitment to obey the rules and regulations given by government authorities. Here is our disclosure of statements below to communicate the new guidelines.

  • We created this site to put together and present information that is usually hard to find for customers. Our focus is to gather essential information on different products and services and compile them in one place so that our customers can properly understand the said product or service before they purchase.
  • We should also emphasize that this site earns additional income from providing necessary information. The sources of income can be in front of commission from third-party vendors and merchants after we help them sell their products or services.

Customer Testimonials

We reemphasize that we have never compelled, convinced, or forced and would never do so to any individual to approve and recommend any of the services and products on our site.

As a responsible affiliate marketer, we display accountability in our approach and dealings to interacting with customers and vendors.

All the testimonials on this site, whether positive, negative, or neutral, are unique and real from real customers who have tested the product or service at a particular time.

The customers willingly submitted their testimonials as an attempt to let others know what they felt about the product or service.

We do not ask for or receive any compensation for recommending any products or services on our site, but we choose them purely based on merit. Also, we are not planning on changing this practice in the future.

Testimonials From Other Sites

We might also post testimonials from other sites, including top online retailers like Amazon and eBay, for certain products and services.

It’s important to note that we don’t post these testimonials without permission from the retailer.

Privacy Policy

This section will explain how we use all personal details collected on this website. Before you provide your personal information, you should read this privacy policy and ensure that you agree.

As you use the site and engage with the available content, we automatically take this as a sign that you understand and accept the privacy policy provisions.

Remember that the provisions listed in the privacy policy are not final but can and might be amended whenever the need arises.

Whenever we amend or alter the details in the privacy policy, we will announce this on the site. Also, the changes would be implemented going forward and would not affect the information you provided previously or any other past activities.

It’s advisable to check the privacy policy whenever you check the site and keep yourself updated with the information. This way, you have complete and vivid knowledge of using all your personal information.

Please Note: You should keep in mind that the privacy policy provisions are restricted to this site alone and not with any other similar site you visit.

It would be a mistake to think that our site shares the same policy with others, and so you should check the privacy policy of any other site you visit and avoid making assumptions.

Information Collection

Visitors at our site might be requested to submit their details. These details are information we consider relevant, including the names, emails, and postal addresses of the visitors. Keep in mind that providing and submitting your data is not compulsory; instead, visitors can choose whether they want to provide them or not.

Whenever you provide your information at this site, we personalize your experience and give desirable responses whenever you submit a request. The personal details can be used for different purposes, including having you on our mailing list.

We won’t add you to the mailing list without your permission to make things clear. Once you approve, we will add you to the list.

Cookies and Tracking Technology

Considering the setup of this website, there might be a need to use tracking technology and cookies. These are used to collect essential details from site visitors, including the type of browser used to open the site, the number of visitors, the operating system, and how visitors navigate the site.

Also, cookies make sure that the site is personalized based on the needs and requirements of the visitors. Your details cannot be accessed whenever the site uses cookies and other tracking technology.

If you submitted personal details to the site before we activated the cookies, then there’s a high chance the cookies would have access to those details. The compiled cookies and tracking information can also be given to third parties if found necessary.

How We Use the Collected Information

As a responsible affiliate marketing company, we don’t commiserate any fraud forms, so we are highly transparent with how we use the collected information.

We might have to give out essential details to government institutions, websites, and agencies that we partner with. This is essential to stop fraudulent activities or investigate any ones that might have already taken place.

Here are the situations where we might have to provide your information to agencies that deal with fighting against fraudulent activities:

  • Details that are allowed to be shared with third-party.
  • Details that are required by law to be shared with agencies.
  • If fraudulent activity is suspected of having happened, an investigation is needed.
  • If fraudulent activity is about to happen and it needs to be prevented.

Please Note: The personal information details are not used for marketing purposes or target marketing in any way. They are only used for security purposes.

Safety for Children Online

It’s essential to prevent children’s information from being provided online because they are very delicate. We don’t take any personal information or request information from children aged 13 years and younger to prevent this belief.

Based on this, we advise parents to monitor their children and their online activities, especially those younger than 13 years, to protect their identity and personal information.

We have made our belief and focus on children’s information evident, and we believe that parents should understand this. If you think, by any chance, that we have the personal data of your child on our site, who is 13 years and younger, you can reach out to us. We will partner with you to permanently remove the information from the database quickly.

Data Security Obligations

We take our obligation to data security very seriously, so you can rest assured that your details and identity are safe with us. We restrict access to personal information to our employees, contractors, and agents.

They also have to agree to protect your identity and keep it all confidential before allowing them to access your personal information.

If you are no longer interested in being on our mailing list, you can easily unsubscribe to that.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, issues, or clarifications regarding the privacy policy, you can quickly contact us. We are always eager to hear from you.

For emphasis, the privacy policy can be amended and altered whenever the need is, and when this happens, we will communicate it.