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[7 Issues Solved]: Chevy Silverado Leveling Kit Problems

When it comes to full-size pickup trucks, the Chevy Silverado is amongst the top-rated. It was able to get to the top of its class, thanks to its turbocharged motor and precise handling.

Throughout its history, it has consistently met the needs of its owners. However, some users’ needs necessitate third-party upgrades such as a leveling kit.

Almost every Silverado owner is familiar with the leveling kit and its features. However, a leveling kit lifts the truck’s front end so that it no longer fits within the vehicle’s overall geometry.

But series of Chevy Silverado leveling kit issues have been reported by users lately, some of which can be very frustrating.

So, in this article, we are going to look at some of these problems and how to remedy them.

How to Tell if Silverado has a Leveling Kit?

What I’d say is that if your truck appears to be more level from the front to the back than the truck, you’d compare it to, you probably have a leveling kit installed.

Alternatively, you can check to see whether there are spacers on the strut’s higher or lower ends.

Silverado Leveling Kit Problems and Solutions:DIY Guide

To successfully prevent suspension unit damage, you need to have a piece of good knowledge about these problems and how to fix them.

Let us look at the most common leveling kit problems and their solution.

#1: Leveling Kit Alignment

After installing a leveling kit, the truck must be aligned perfectly. When adjustment is done, there will be a need to change the casts.

If the front end isn’t properly aligned, the tires will wear out quickly and your truck will start to fall apart while it’s moving.

If the casters are not adjusted, the truck will shake when the speed goes up.

Most auto shops don’t pay much attention to casters because they have nothing to do with tire wear.

Even at that, when the front of the truck is lifted, its drives will change if the casters are not changed.


Some of you might wonder what would happen if you didn’t get an adjustment and kept driving your Silverado.

Unfortunately, as soon as you start utilizing the truck, you will run into a variety of problems.

Your truck will vibrate quite a lot, which will be the first thing you notice. I’m not referring to a minor rise.

Vibrations will be felt, making daily driving unpleasant. Interior of the truck is also affected by the vibrations, as it was not meant to withstand such movement.


After putting in a leveling kit, adjust the headlights to make up for problems with the car’s height.

If you want to put on a bigger tire, keep in mind that this could hurt your steering, brakes, and the way your car handles, making it harder to control and slow down.

Before installing your leveling kit, talk to a reliable specialist or mechanic at the dealer or seller.

#2: Warranty

The problem with putting in a leveling kit comes from your truck not being able to get a warranty.

If your warranty doesn’t cover it, you don’t have to worry about it.

If your truck’s suspension is changed, even if it’s still under warranty, you won’t get any free maintenance if something goes wrong.


If you opt to enhance your truck in any way, some companies consider the warranty worthless.

Many individuals are put off by this since they would rather preserve the truck’s warranty if they may need it in the future.


Most of the time, your truck damage is less likely when your leveling kit is installed correctly and with good parts.

Leveling kits are specially designed gear that already has quality changes made to it.

Installation does not require that the length of the parts be cut down or joined together.

Most of the time, leveling kits are installed so that the vehicle can be used off-road or to push snow.

If this is the case, it won’t cause long-term damage to the truck.

If you make changes to a truck, the suspension may wear out faster, which could lower gas mileage and void the warranty.

#3 Low Fuel Efficiency

Issues with Silverado leveling kit include lower fuel efficiency, which means the Silverado can’t go as far or cover as many miles.

As the truck height goes up, the wing meets more resistance, especially in front of your truck.

Most of the time, racing cars have to stay close to the earth. When airflow and drag go up, fuel consumption goes up as well.


The space open to the wind increases whenever you install a new leveling kit. To accelerate properly, the engine will have to use more power.

This power usage comes at the expense of fuel. As a result, if your truck`s lift level is over 3 inches, the engine will spend more fuel to produce enough horsepower.


You won’t have to lower your truck’s gas mileage.

#4 Shock Problem

After putting on a leveling kit for your Silverado, you must put on new shocks. Truck vendors put shocks in them, but the ones already set up by the manufacturer at the factory should fit into the truck.

But keep in mind that they are not meant to be put in the space between the wheel alignment and the shaft.


The basic notch can be put back on, but your leveling kit can limit how much the shocks can move to absorb bumps and jolts.

Which makes the ride bumpy, particularly when the shock comes at the end of the trip.

#5 Tie-Rod Affections

Changes are made to the Silverado tie rod edge when a leveling kit is set up. Truck drivers who drive on rough terrain or dry off-road are the only ones who have this problem.

If you want to lift your truck and then put on big tires, you will probably run into this problem.

The tie poles that were put in at the production plant may break or bend when hit.


To fix this problem, the owner must add tie rods that were not made by the factory.

These poles are made to make up for the angle or edge difference that is made when a leveling kit is set up.

#6 Incorrect Installation

This problem is common with the Silverado Leveling kit. A leveling kit is easy to set up on your own or with the help of a professional mechanic.

Most of these kits for leveling have easy-to-understand guidelines and instructions.

But for any kind of truck, you can find self-explanatory and detailed videos on YouTube.

Even if you use a quality leveling kit, things could go badly wrong if there is an error in the installation process.

The whole load on the truck depends on the suspension, so each unit must be set up correctly.


If you can’t install the leveling kit correctly on your own, you should get help from a professional or you could damage your car.

#7 Suspension System Problem

No matter what kind of leveling kit you install on your truck, the suspension system will be put under more stress.

If you use a leveling kit that doesn’t lift your truck that much, the stress will be less.

After putting in a lift kit, Chevy Silverado owners said that their trucks’ suspension systems were broken.

This problem can only be explained by the fact that a leveling kit changes the geometry of your truck`s suspension system directly.

Wear and tear on the system goes up a lot because of the extra stress, which seems like damage to it.

The Dangers:

Unfortunately, a fractured limb is comparable to a damaged suspension. Although you may move with both legs, you run the chance of being involved in an accident.

Let’s say your suspension system fails while you’re driving. In that event, there’s a good chance that you will be involved in a serious collision.

It’s worth considering that all of this may occur simply because you are trying to save some dollars.


First, let me advise that you must get a professional to do the installation. Some of you won’t like this suggestion, but it’s the perfect way to install a leveling kit without taking any risks.

The technician will also align the car, which means you probably won’t have any problems when you drive it.

Another thing to remember is that after installing your leveling kit, you can no longer run into potholes by accident. The suspension system will be changed by such a hit.

Click this video to learn more about Silverado leveling kits problems.

Chevy 2500hd Leveling Kit Problems and Required Solutions

01. Requires New Shocks

First, after installing the leveling kit, you will need to put in new shocks. The reason is easy to understand. With an adapted leveling kit, a Chevy Silverado 2500HD’s factory shocks will not work well.

So, if you don’t have them, you’ll experience a very bumpy ride. You could also hurt the suspension of your truck.

This way, you can get your cargo where it needs to go, but you will not enjoy the trip.

When you upgrade, there won’t be enough room between the wheel and the axle. When you make changes to your Chevy truck, it’s best to purchase the right parts.

02. Consider Tie Rods

Many people who put a leveling kit in their Chevy trucks also put on bigger tires so they can go off-roading. But you must consider the tie rods when installing a leveling kit.

This has to do with the parts that came with the car. Your upgrades don’t always work with the parts that came with the car.

So, once your truck`s angle has been changed, the tie rods might break or bend. The reason was that tie rods from the factory weren’t made to handle this sought of wear & tear.

03. Realign the Front Wheels

No matter the size of your tires, when you make changes to your Chevy, you need to have the wheels aligned. If you don’t, your tires are going to wear out faster than they should.

04. The Caster Angle of a Truck

Also, you should ask your technician about the caster angle of your truck. Your truck’s caster is a little harder to understand. Especially if you change the way your truck looks.

What You experienced Silverado 2500 Leveling Kit Before and After

Learn more with this video to have an idea of the Silverado 2500 leveling kits before and after the result.

Frequently Asked Question of Chevy Silverado Leveling Kits Problems

Is it Harmful to install Leveling Kits for Towing?

They aren’t, thankfully. If you tow with your Silverado and want to upgrade your leveling kit, you don`t have to worry about anything.

A kit will not affect the truck’s towing capacity. So go ahead and grab one today and enjoy your new driving experience.

What effect has a leveling kit has on the ride quality?

A leveling kit raises the front section of your Silverado without affecting the back, thus the truck’s capacity remains the same.

They are basic and consist of strut extensions, torsion keys, and coil spacers depending on the suspension of the truck.

Is it a good idea to Level My Silverado?

It certainly is! Because you’ll have a different perspective and greater protection for the truck’s undercarriage, you’ll not only be able to drive better, but you’ll also be able to rescue the truck if you hit potholes.

You also have a significant advantage if you routinely go off-road.

Final Thoughts

After discussing some Silverado Leveling Kit problems and remedies, it is best to try to avoid them.

As a fan of Chevy trucks, I find the Silverado a popular model to be both durable and efficient.

However, these flaws have an unintended impact on the customer’s experience.

The Silverado is a highly effective and useful car, and with its distinct appearance and speed settings, crediting it wouldn’t be off-putting, which makes it a capable vehicle with worldwide appeal.

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